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  1. Dubs picks it: Favorite ring attire and it's imortance

    Ever had a favorite wrestling attire where you thought were cool and went outside the box rather than being the generic, usual wrestling attire? Well today, I would like to talk about favorite ring attire in pro wrestling from past and present and it's importance for making a larger than life superstar. I'm not going to do a count-down or anything. I'm just going to randomly pick out some attires ...

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  2. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    What is up guys? Time for another edition of Uncooked! I'll get right into the stuff your here to read!

    The Good
    *CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
    *Sandow assaulting Clay
    *Ziggler vs Riley
    *Bryan vs Cena

    Ok, to start the night of good ...
  3. Santino Needs to Drop the U.S. Title Immediately

    Here are my issues with Santino Marella as the United States Champion.
    First of all he’s not a credible wrestler let alone a credible United States Champion.

    It’s impossible to take him serious.

    His mic skills are okay but it’s all for comedic relief.

    His move set is completely lame. He has a hip toss, the saluting head butt, and the cobra. Those
  4. Top 10 Superstars of today that I'll remember 25 years from now (WWE)

    Hello Guys and Gals. This is the first blog from me but don't worry They'll be plenty more! My first blog leading into my second is about the superstars who have left a good enough legacy today that I will remember 25 years from now for one reason or another. The top 10 so I've started with WWE. TNA will come later today. Here we go!

    1. Christian- Theme song
    2. Randy Orton- Mic ...
  5. What Should Be Happening With Champions And Their Titles.

    Hello, This is my first blog so forgive me for any mistakes and any comments will be much appreciated.

    First with the wwe championship. why should CM Punk be champ hes hasn't face some greats and will get a big shock when it comes to royal rumble. i think he should lose the title to big show at summerslam and then put him on the united states title run.

    World ...
  6. The Barrett Barrage Returns

    Hey guys Knox here. Man, I don't know about everyone else but I'm a huge Wade Barrett fan. When I saw his return hype up video on Raw I got very excited. I just wanna talk about how to book him and the upsides of this guy. WWE has a serious talent on their hands and I truly believe they won't screw it up.

    Here's the video package if anyone missed it.

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    The difference between a face and a heel when you’re an older fan is often the opposite of what the WWE considers to be its ‘universe’ sees as a face and a heel, and tonight was a prime example of the audience being split between who the bad guy really was.

    Back when I was a kid the heel was the guy whose ideals I didn’t agree with, or the guy who decided to take a dislike to somebody ...
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  8. Dubs review: Fully Loaded 2000

    Hello guys. Today, I'm going to be reviewing a WWE old school PPV called WWF Fully Loaded 200. I've heared a lot of praising from this PPV and decided to give my thoughts on it. I'm not going to be too biased and I'm going to call things like I see it. How I rate the matches is simple. If the match is horrible, I'll rate it as bad, if the match is average, I'll rate it as mediocre, if the match is ...

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  9. Book the Return of Evan Bourne and Joe Hennig

    Hey Guys. Longtime fan of the site, first time blogger. I have really enjoyed reading the blogs pertaining to reinventing the tag-team division in the WWE as of late. I thought I would do some armchair booking of my own about how things can get spiced up in the tag-team division when Evan Bourne and Michael McGillicuty return.
    For starters, Truth and Kofi must drop the belts to the PTPs at an ...

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  10. Up/Down: Jobbers and Low Carders

    What is up guys! In the last addition of this blogg, I looked at the midcard of the WWE and talked about Kofi, Truth, and Ziggler to name just a few. On this edition, I am goingg to focus on the lower tier of the WWE. The jobbers and low card talent. Let's dive right into it!

    Alex Riley

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