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  1. Gratton’s World of Wrestling: Underused Talent

    To kick off this new blog, I thought it would be appropriate to start with one of the IWC’s (Internet Wrestling Community) favourite subjects – underused talent.

    Hands down, the absolute number one underused talent in the whole of wrestling right now is a Scotsman by the name of Andrew Galloway – more commonly known as Drew McIntyre. McIntyre has it all; the look, in-ring ability, mic ...
  2. The Politics of Wrestling

    Can't we alljust get along?

    With the elections fast approaching, I see a country divided. People vehemently arguing their cause, fighting so desperately to prove why their side is right and the other side is wrong. Never before have I seen a population so divided. Wait, yes I have, I'm a wrestling fan.

    For years the wrestling world has been greatly divided, but why? Why ...
  3. What If: Cenation

    Hey guys, StratZ- here, I've posted a few blogs before, but I want to start getting more into it, so I'm gonna start a series called the "What If"

    For debut series, I'm going to be focusing on John Cena. What if he wasn't in WWE? What if he was in TNA?

    I believe that Cena is a HUGE part of the WWE. From the attitude era-pg era.

    Currency: ...
  4. Top Ten Finishers and Why

    This is Mikey A and my first blog will be about what I look forward to the most: finishers. A finisher can make or break the superstar. IMO Santino was a good wretler up until the cobra. Christian before the frog splash. Sin cara before the Swanton Bomb. So without further ado, lets just jump right into it.

    10. Ryback's Shock Drop-Ryback has shown that he can become the biggest powerhouse ...
  5. Last Night's Raw: Thoughts and Prayers with Jerry Lawler

    Hey fans. Savior here. The tone of this blog is going to be a little down, for obvious reasons. I will start by saying that I think New Jack needs to get out of his mom's basement and grow the hell up. Jerry Lawler is a legendary figure in wrestling, a little respect is in order. I'm sure everyone is with me when I say our thoughts and prayers are with Jerry Lawler.

    Now, I watched the ...
  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    Before I proceed onto tonight’s blog, I want to do two things.

    I want to applaud Michael Cole on his professionalism, firstly. If I were in his situation tonight I would have left with Jerry Lawler, and for Cole to stay behind the desk (albeit silently) in order to bring us fans prompt updates on Lawler’s situation had to be extremely difficult.

    I would also like to extend ...
  7. 'The End Of The World As You Know It Has Arrived' - Chris Jericho

    ‘The end of the world as you know it has arrived’

    In this blog I'll be reviewing the whole of Chris Jericho's return from when the vignettes started to air to his match vs Dolph Ziggler. I'll explain what happened in that time and then give my opinion in bold ...

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  8. Dubs review: TNA No Surrender 2012

    Since TNA's No Surrender PPV looks pretty promising and this is the final PPV before Bound For Glory 2012, I thought I'd give it a review. The card is pretty solid and I can't wait to see who will win the Bound For Glory series. I'm writing this as the show progresses so I'm ...

    Updated 09-09-2012 at 10:01 PM by Dubs

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  9. Break It Down: No Surrender, Wade Barrett, and a Farewell

    Ok guys, just going to get right into it this week!

    1. What are your thoughts on the revelation of Paul Heyman as the driver for CM Punk on the end of Raw?

    DK- I honestly don't know how I feel about Paul Heyman being involved with CM Punk. Maybe if there was some sort of build to it, but I just fail to see the motive here. Punk doesn't need him. What is Heyman's problem ...
  10. Feuds I would like to see in TNA

    I was thinking to myself today wouldn't it be cool to see this feud or that feud in TNA. I though of a whole load of feud I would like to see. So I am going to list then for you today on this blog. Tell me which ones you like and some you would like to see.

    Tag teams

    ​ OK so let's do this in divisions where better to start than the Tag Team division. I only thought of one ...
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