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  1. Mock Storyline Leading Up To WM30

    Mock WM30 Storylines:

    Storyline One (Main event):

    Cena and Orton wrestle to a stalemate at the Rumble. Lesnar beats Big Show but in a shady way. And Batista wins the rumble by last eliminating Daniel Bryan. This leads to Lesnar still claiming to be the number one contender, but Cena also saying he deserves
  2. My view: Who should face Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX?

    After each opponent every year, you think who should face the Deadman at Wrestlemania next? Let us be honest, Undertaker isn't going to be at WM 40 competing nor do I believe he will be doing so at WM 35. Rumors every year of who will face the Deadman. I decided to make a top 5 list of opponents I'd like to see face the Undertaker at WM30. Sorry to the fans who would like to see a rematch with the ...
  3. How to Handle Sin Cara

    Sin Cara has been misused. It seems as though the WWE doesn't know how to handle him. Here's what I would do. Sin Cara is backstage and showing some moves to Rey Mysterio. He is proclaiming himself as "The Best Luchador Ever!" Rey is just laughing. Behind them Hunter and Stephanie approach and Hunter is sipping a cup of coffee. When performing one of them he spills Triple H's coffee all ...
  4. A Closer Look at the Highest-Rated Show in the WWE History: WWF Raw 05/10/1999

    WWF Raw 05/10/1999

    WWF Monday Night Raw May 10, 1999. Even though you need to watch several prior Raw shows, this show is ultimately entertaining. I delayed watching the episode several years without an acceptable reason, and I regret all this time from my heart. Nothing at our meantime in this decade can get even close to the amount

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  5. Machester United's January Transfer Window: A Window of Opportunity?

    To my knowledge, this is the first sports blog to be posted on this site. Hopefully, it'll be the first of many, as this blog section should be used for more than just wrestling related stuff.
    This is also my first official blog on this site. I've participated in a few 'Blog Wars' in the past, but those weren't posted by me.
    So here goes.

    Moyes has been told that he'll get ...
  6. Superstar Brock Lesnar: "Brock vs Batista for the prize....I'll endorse it."

    I was going to do a blog on Batista return, but with so many Batista blogs, the average reader won't read it. So I go with "The Next Big Thing", Brock Lesnar!! Another superstar who just returned looking to challenge the WWE world heavyweight champion no matter who it is after the Royal Rumble. In this blog, gonna talk about Brock's first run, departure, return, and dream matches of course!! ...
  7. Batista Vs Brock???

    This is my first time doing this, but I cannot help but wonder what peoples opinions are on this matter. It seems as though everyone is pandering for a Batista vs Brock match, and it certainly seems as though it is going to happen, but my question is "why??" I mean looking at this logically sure it could be a draw, keyword there, "could" looking at their pasts, I don't what all ...
  8. TNA Wrestling's 2013 Performance

    This post will be my own opinions of what I have seen in TNA in 2013, before I start I just want to clarify a few things that I WILL NOT be mentioning.

    1. I will not be talking about the 4 sided ring vs the 6 sided ring
    2. I will not be talking about the rumour that TNA is being sold.
    3. I will not be talking about TNA's financial situation

    This post will be solely ...
  9. Why Daniel Bryan Joining The Wyatt Family Can Create GOOD TV!

    Before we begin, I want readers to know I've also made a vlog of this very subject. If you prefer to watch the video, it is down below at the end of this paragraph. If you prefer to read, then feel free to continue reading onward. Regardless, let's talk about the shocking news of Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family on the last RAW of 2013.

    I'm not going to lie. I love this new development. ...

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  10. WWE and TNA should end their rivalry

    I am not saying that there is anything wrong with good competition; I'm saying that everything has gone too far. There used to be a time in which Bob Backlund defended the WWE title in champion vs champion matches against other promotion's champions. There used to be a time when wrestlers could switch promotions and keep the same name and gimmick. There was a,time that Ric Flair's world heavyweight ...

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