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  1. TNA Impact Review 3/7/13

    Got bored of not seeing an Impact review on here recently so I'm deciding to write one of my own! If only I had gotten to the name Sudden Impact first...

    How was the go home show to Lockdown and the Impact Zone's swan song? Let's get to it.

    The Crowd 5/5
    The crowd was rocking tonight and it got me pumped to watch.

    Austin Aries promo and Aries vs. Hardy ...
  2. Sudden Impact: Coming Home to Lockdown

    Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. We're three days away from Lockdown, where TNA is expecting their biggest US crowd in company history. This is a huge step for the company and Lockdown needs to really kill it. So, I'm going to breakdown this week's edition of Impact briefly, then I'm going to do how I would book Lockdown, just for kicks and see ...
  3. What bothers me about Wrestlemania 17?

    I know many are going to ask when they read the title, why discuss this topic now? Well it is WM season and this happens to be a WM topic that isn't going to be repeated by others. That and I have just had a blog on here for a year. Been wanting to do it for some time, but waited for WM season to do so. In any case, what really bothers me about WM 17 is the fact most consider it the best Mania of ...
  4. How the US and IC Titles can save the WWE

    If the non fan watched WWE programming for one week, they would leave with the notion that there are two titles and they have no difference. The average fan knows that there are multiple titles, The World Heavyweight Championship is quite important, and the WWE title is king.

    These are observations that have been thrust upon fans as this era of wrestling has taken shape. When WWE ...
  5. Old School Raw, Same New School WWE

    WWE missed the opportunity to really get WM going into full gear. The Old School theme was great and the theme music, the ring was an awesome throwback hommage. Then they went and screwed everything up as they are compentently doing these days.

    First off, Punk's promo was very good and giving him a reason to wrestle and end the streak. His streak was ended because the fans wanted the ...
  6. Looking at what should've been Wrestlemania 29

    In this blog I'm going to look at what I believe should've been this years Wrestlemania card. Let me know what you think.

    Main Event #1
    Undertaker vs Cena

    Now this match's build up would be simple it's The Streak vs Super Cena. As we all know Cena is almost unbeatable and the Undertaker has never lost a Wrestlemania match. This would be the match where people would ...

    Updated 03-05-2013 at 02:12 PM by PhiltheEgg

    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. Uncooked: The Good, Bad, & Indifferent

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and wrestling fans, it is the one, it is the only, it is, Uncooked! For those of you who are unfamiliar, this is a blog I use to do with each Raw. My first one was back on January 10th, and my last one before I stepped away from blogging for a while was on October ...
  8. Wrestlemania Fun Facts

    Keeping with the theme of my Wrestlemania Blogs, Today I'm doing some facts and tidbits about the last 28 Wrestlemanias. So lets get started.

    Most Matches at a Wrestlemania PPV

    Wrestlemania 4 has produced the most matches in Wrestlemania history with 16 matches. The One day Single ...

    Updated 03-04-2013 at 12:28 AM by THE_CRIPPLER

  9. A Blog about whatever you want...

    Whenever I think about writing a blog to share with you, my fellow wrestling fans, I’m always drawn to rant and rave like a lunatic on many particular subjects. That in itself is an issue. The fact that there are so many things that I could write about suggests to me that there are too many problems in today’s WWE. So, I thought I’d leave it up to you. You, the eWrestlingnews universe, please ...
  10. Wrestlemania DREAM MATCHES

    I usually prefer just to read everyones blogs as i enjoy reading everyones difference of opinion from the love hate of Cena or The Rock beating Punk TWICE!

    I do not watch as much as i did and thats because i have lost interest as of late. So i thought with the Twice in a life time match at wrestlemania What would everyone choose as there dream top 5 matches that would sell out a wrestlemania ...

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