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  1. My Years Booking For Justin Gabriel

    This blog is mainly because i saw that no blogs have been updated recently so i thought start them off. So this blog is how i would book Justin Gabriel (Who i have kept any secrets is my favourite) and what i know is wishful thinking but this is my dream year.

    Extreme Rules - Have Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel on the main card in a No-DQ match for the Intercontinental Championship to ...
  2. The Splash: Mimicking the Gimmicks

    Hey Splashers it’s been awhile but I've been busy with my Facebook page & radio show: Hardcore Wrestling Radio. This past week I had the honor of interviewing an ECW Original: Jason Knight! Jason has worked with the likes of Mikey Whipwreck, The Sandman, Mick Foley, The Undertaker, and more! If you want to listen to that exclusive interview head on over to ...

    Updated 04-27-2013 at 12:58 PM by Rick Starr

  3. Top 10 moments in history of Extreme Rules!!

    It is time to take the top 10 moments to the Extreme!! When thinking about doing this blog, I was thinking about moments from One Night Stand post ECWs of course. Not realizing Extreme Rules really has only had 4 total ppvs at a time. So I'll try to do my best with what I have regardless. Keep it strictly Extreme Rules here. So what are the top 10 moments in the history of Extreme Rules? I thought ...
  4. Midget Wrestling Match With Armor-Clad Video Game CEO Ends in Stink Face.

    Wrestlers from the TV show Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW) recently tore down the boundary between video games and wrestling. The MCW wrestlers became characters in the video game AdventureQuest Worlds, and the game’s armored creator found himself battling his lifelong arch-rival in a “Stink-Face Match” inside a real-life wrestling ring. (Albeit, it was a ring meant for little ...
  5. Why Tag-Team Wrestling is Slowly Evaporating

    I think that it is a safe assumption that most of us that regularly visit this site have been watching wrestling for quite a few years. I will be 30 in a few months and started watching wrestling in the early 1990's when the tag-team division was dominated by the likes of Demolition, the Hart Foundation, the Rockers, the Legion of Doom, the Nasty Boys and the Steiners. I vaguely remember the Freebirds, ...
  6. Blade's Experience: Where Do We Go From Here?

    Hello. Welcome to another blogisde of Blade's Experience. Before I start, I have one question for people viewing by blogs currently. I am the new moderator for the Prediction contest. How would most participants like 100 points for participation. This help towards the goal of being #1 in the charts and getting respect throughout the IWC community. In all my blogs, Grammar Nazi are allowed with either ...
  7. What is a champion?

    I’ve been an avid wrestling fan since my childhood. I’venever seen titles change hands as much as I’ve seen within this month. Alsosince when does a champion lose on a frequent basis?
    My focus is going to be on the WWE and no disrespect to ROHand TNA championships I’m also a fan of them also.
    Do the WWE titles have history and prestige? Haven’tlegends held these belts and defended ...
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  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review - London 2013

    It’s been one year since I first wrote this blog, and this time last year I had just returned from my second visit to The O2 in London to see Raw. That night was a decent show considering it was a part of their European tour and WWE often uses their talent sparingly on such occasions, but tonight I literally felt the ground beneath me shaking.

    Entrance H, Level 2 was where I was sat ...
  9. My Extreme Rules

    this blog is all about what i would like to see at Extreme Rules.

    1) Pre-Show - US Title - Kofi Kingston vs Fandango - It has been reported that Kingston is holding the title for fandango for when his fued with jericho is over but with Jericho with his band he wont be on very much, this should leave Fandango to go to work at champ. Winner = Fandango

    2) Tag Team Titles - Team ...
  10. The Men who were never world champion

    Alternative Universe 11

    It’s a strange thing when you list the titles and championships won by a wrestler. Strange in the way that the reason they won them was not because they necessary were stronger, faster or better than their predecessor, but rather that somebody scripted it for them to win.

    Maybe a better comparison to being world champion is like winning

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