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  1. Lynx's top 5 least favorite wrestlers currently

    Inspired by AWrestlingGod's thread on current 5 faves in WWE, I decided to give my 5 least favorites. These are my opinions only. Just because you may like these 5, doesn't mean I have to. Also, if you think your favorite won't make this list... then I'm afraid I've got some BAD NEWS for you. Anyway, let's begin in no particular order...

    #1 - Dolph Ziggler - This dude sucks! I know I've ...
  2. How to book Sting mania 30-mania 32.part 1 The Arrival

    John Cena is in the ring The night after His fight with Bray Wyatt at WM30, He is presenting a promo on how Bray brought him to the limit and showed him he can go to that Dark place in order to reach his goals, Cena says he has one more Goal. He says he wants to make a challenge to a superstar that has dominated and defeated the best of the best.
    Just as he is about to announce his ambitions ...
  3. How WWE Lost Its Fans

    First, Let’s look at the past year that Daniel Bryan has had.

    -He was a one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. That team, Hell No, was more over with the crowd than any team currently on the roster.
    -After the Shield’s debut, Daniel Bryan was the first superstar to claim a win against them when Bryan made Rollins tap
    -Daniel Bryan’s popularity had risen even more ...
  4. Punk's major Work?

    Is it just me or is this Punk situation fishy?

    I've had this suspicions ever since it was reported to be Punk vs. HHH on WM30. No matter how I see it on TV, it doesn't look to be leading to a match between them. It's more likely Daniel Bryan vs. HHH than Punk.

    And then Austin, who really didn't appear on any WWE TV since Tough Enough, all of a sudden is one of the stars featured ...
  5. How The WWE Is The HEEL Working US. Bryan/Punk WrestleMania XXX Speculation.

    Let's take a second to think about how angry we were that Daniel Bryan wasn't in the Royal Rumble.

    Let's take a second to think about how angry we were when Batista won the Royal Rumble.

    Now let's take a second to think about how upset we are that the voice of the voiceless, CM Punk, appears to be leaving the WWE because of his displeasure with the company's direction. ...
  6. Elimination Chamber / Wrestlemania 30...

    Like many, I was fairly disappointed at the 2014 Royal Rumble.
    Here is how I, personally, would handle the Elimination Chamber PPV and lead-up to the Granddaddy of them all.

    First and foremost, have Batista demand his Title shot happen not at Wrestlemania, but at Elimination Chamber instead (hear me out).
    The main event for EC then becomes Orton vs. Batista for the WWE World ...
  7. Worlds Biggest Complainer

    So the news is out. CM Punk has quit the WWE. I'm going to cut right to the chase. I respect CM Punk but I think hes become the most selfish wrestler.

    Since his debut in 2006 he has accomplished being the ECW champion once, tag team champion once, intercontinental champion once, world heavyweight champion 3 times, and the wwe champion 2 times. He is the 19th wrestler to be a wwe ...
  8. Top 5 best and worst Royal Rumble victories of all-time!

    I know the Royal Rumble is over for 2014. Everyone including myself is angry over the ppv results including Batista Royal Rumble victory which is one of the worst of all-time. LOL! So I thought, why not talk about the best and worst Royal Rumble victories of all-time! Excluding Batista to give more love and hate to the history of the Royal Rumble match. What is the definition of best and worst in ...
  9. Why The Elimination Chamber MUST be an amazing PPV

    Night of Champions, Battleground, Hell in a Cell, All ended with controversy. People looking for refunds because matches were overturned on Raw, or interference, or no winner. Then, and lets be honest, Survivor Series was underwhelming. The heel won TLC, and we all just witnessed the Royal Rumble be hijacked by angry fans. There hasn't been a legitimatly good PPV since Money in the Bank. With the ...
  10. Genesis 2014 - Did TNA deliver?

    So the other night I finished watching part 2 of TNA's Genesis TV show.

    Part 1

    The twelve man tag to kick off the show was a great way to start things off. It was fast paced and didn't drag on like some of the other standard tag team matches we've seen recently. Would have liked to have seen a finisher-fest at the end, but regardless it was an entertaining way to start the ...
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