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  1. Problems with the WWE

    These are the Problems I see in the WWEs current product. They many Problems but ill get to some and some solutions I think might help them.

    I'm Not one of those guys who get on here and complain about John Cenas title wins or how Randy Orton and John Cena are killing wrestling and holding everyone back..... Its only Logical the WWEs most over guys would be atop ...

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  2. Random Hell In A Cell Thoughts...

    We are but a very short week and half removed from Night of Champions, and in just a few days we all face that dreaded question, “Do I really want to spend $50, when I just did two weeks ago.” Well my answer is no, I won't be spending the money to buy this PPV, and there's good reason for it. Why would I want to drop half a bill for matches that have no build up whatsoever. The only match that ...

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  3. David Otunga & Vickie Guererro's New Stable

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well. I'm blogging today about the makings of this stable and the possibilities that could come of this. This stable consists of Vickie Guerrero as the voice, David Otunga as the leader (believe it or not), Dolph Ziggler (U.S. Champ), Cody Rhodes (I.C. Champ), Christian and Jack Swagger.

    Personally, I'm very intrigued by this stable because everyone ...

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  4. Indies on the Rise

    I know we all remember the day with a bittersweet taste in our mouth. We remember flipping back and forth between channels until both shows became one. We remember seeing wrestling change forever. We remember the death of WCW. After nearly a decade and a half of this Turner juggernaut being on top of the wrestling world, we were left to question "what's next?" when it came to wrestling ...
  5. The 5 Rockiest Relationships in Wrestling History.. Part 2

    1. The Undertaker and Kane.
    The most famouse brothers in Wrestling history, Also had the Strangest Relationship that Dr Phil or Dr Drew wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pool.....
    These Men have set each other fire, Burried each other, Put each other in comas, Cost each ...

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  6. The 5 Rockiest Relationships in Wrestling History.. Part 1

    This Blog is dedicated to unstable relationships between wrestling personailtys, This isnt counting outside the ring, this is for on air characters that is part of the storyline... Relationships that are constantly changing from Love to Hate, Family to foe, Friend to enemie...... Wrestling is a werid world where a person could have a blood feud with someone and even commit attempted murder on each ...

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  7. Top 50 OMG Review

    First I’ll say this DVD is pretty good but had some moments that never should have been on the list and moments that should have been thought of immediately for the list. I always find it so odd that people forget about these moments that I will list below and I wonder how these guys chose their list. However it is still a great DVD and I am very happy Stone Cold was on the list countless times. ...
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  8. Top 5 Technical Wrestelrs Active in WWE

    Its Very rare to see a Great Technical Wrestler in wrestling today. Matches are too Short, Crowds Attention span is much shorter..... It seems that in the last 5 years, there has been a drastic Drop in technical wrestlers..... This Blog will concentrate on Todays WWE roster, and look at the Top 5 Technical Wrestlers in WWEs active Wrestling scene. 5 Men who are still keeping this amazing craft alive ...

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  9. My Kansas City RAW Overview From The Seats.

    Driving back from Kansas City, MO last night gave me time to reflect on the show I had just witnessed. It was, by my estimation, a really good show. I was seated 3 rows back and diagonal from Michael Cole. So I could hear most of the announcing...once I moved to behind the announce table. HeHe.

    The open was pretty good. HHH "asserts" his "authority" by fining Mark ...

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  10. Top 5 Non Wrestler Wrestling Personalities in History

    This list is for the Top 5 non Wrestler, Wrestling personalities in Wrestling history.... This is a List of men who made a Huge impact in Prowrestling, but not as wrestlers.

    There is Men Who stepped out of the spot light of being a in ring performer and Contributed to Wrestling as a Color commentator or a Manger.
    There is managers who worked harder outside the ring to make a ...

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