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  1. Top 10 Current Theme Songs

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well folks. I'm bored so I decided to blog on the top themes in WWE & TNA right now. Now I will try not to include the themes that been around for over 10 years for example Triple H's or Jericho's Break the Walls down. This should be fun guys.

    Top 10 Current Theme Songs:

    10. The Miz - I Came to Play
    I love theme's that start off ...

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  2. More Things That Bug Me about the WWE

    Hey guys hope your having a good day. This is Cross here with blog number 2. In my last blog I talked about things that bugged me about the WWE. This is pretty much more added to it.

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    This happens in almost every tag team match. It just takes way the realism of the WWE. Plus opponents should know when John Cena runs into you with his shoulder to not get back up or he will ...

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  3. Top 5 Burying the Hatchet moments in wrestling

    Wrestling is a weird world. Its a place where two men could have such strong hate for each other that not only do they beat each other with chairs, Throw each other off Ladders and 20 foot cages, Steal each others wives and Family but they even attempt to murder or embalm each other then a few months later all is forgotten and these two men are tagging together or even alias like nothing has ever ...

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  4. Why Undertaker is Not Needed at WM 28

    WrestleMania is coming up very soon and inevitably talk will include the return of The Undertaker. In the last few years around WrestleMania time, a big part of the buzz for the show has been about The Undertaker's streak. It is the only thing in wrestling that is currently legendary. Sure legendary character's still remain like Ric Flair, Stong and Triple H, but the have all far gone past ...

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  5. My Take on the Warrior Nash Video Responce

    In the childish on going war of words on Twitter and Youtube between Nash and The Warrior, The Warrior made a recent video responce to Kevin Nash's Stupid MMA challenges.

    Ok Heres what I dont get, Warrior has alot of Points but Really how does the Warrior have the nerve to say HHH and Kevin Nash hold ...

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  6. John Cena Does Not Suck!

    Ladies and Jabroni's I will get a lot of heat for this topic. How can you say that John Cena sucks! I hear fans all around the Wwe universe chanting Cena Sucks or Let's Go Cena. Originally, I did not mind much about this chant. After a few weeks looming the chants started increasing with Cena Sucks. Are you kidding me. For the past nearly decade that John Cena has been with the 'E he has been called ...
  7. Top 5 Reasons for Jericho's Return:

    Welcome back Splashers! Well the New Year secret is out! It was Chris Jericho all along. I had a few doubts, but my initial thought was Jericho. But now the plot is going to thicken, there is still another person in the promo that has yet to be announced, and Jericho is not talking…at all! ...

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  8. TNA Genesis Predictions!

    TNA Genesis Predictions!

    Hey guys, Shaz11 here, I'll be writing about my predictions for TNA Genisis!

    Gail Kim (c) vs Mickie James - TNA Knockouts Champion match
    After Bound for Glory, the Knockouts division has really been enjoyable to watch! I'm still abit pissed off how Gail Kim returned to TNA and defeated Velvet Sky to win the belt though! Well they ...

    Updated 01-28-2012 at 08:36 AM by Shaz11

  9. Does the Attitude Era get more credit than what it’s due?

    Don’t get me wrong, the Attitude Era was a defining era in pro wrestling history, it was the cause of the classic Monday Night Wars but do fans excessively talk about it too much? Does the Attitude Era get more credit than what it was worth? Fans dub it as ‘‘greatest era in wrestling history”. There is no question it gave us the best out of the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold whom made their mark ...
  10. Ideas for the WWE Network: Talk Show, Reality, More

    I don't know about you lots but I’m Excited about the wwe network, I'm curious to see how it’s going to look and how the scheduling will be.
    Anyways I'm going to be giving out some example of programmes they can have to make it enjoyable.


    In terms of wrestling shows I want to see maybe wwe superstars and nxt on that channel, I think making a new wrestling show just

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