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  1. If WWE Wrestlers were MLB Franchises

    Major League Baseball's spring season is in full swing, and I'm really bored, so I've decided to assign each WWE Wrestler (no Divas) to a MLB Franchise. The criteria are probably pretty vague and there might be times where I don't have much reasoning (gut calls). Without further ado:

    American League

    New York Yankees -- John Cena
    Reasoning: I don't get why I have ...
    Tags: mlb, romanflare, wwe
  2. Thoughts on Santino Marella

    What's up blog readers! As usual, I'm going to give my honest opinions on today's current wrestlers. Today, I'm going to talk about WWE's most popular comedic relief, Santino Marella!

    Santino Marella is the best comedic relief WWE has today. Hes funny and

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  3. Possible Diva matches at Wrestlemania 28

    Hello, just a look at what could possibly be happening for the divas at Wrestlemania

    1) Beth Phoenix vs Natalya
    Of course, there has been lots of talks about this match. As of last friday on SmackDown it looks as if there is a chance that Natalya may be turning face again, so this could lead to a feud and match at Wrestlemania. However, this may not happen due to the fact that ...
  4. Why Make Excuses for The Rock?

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. It seems as of late my opinions are not the popular opinion but that's the way it is sometimes. I'm a vocal fan of Cena but I'm also not biased. When Cena was totally bland and shoved down our throats as WWE Champ, I had countless blogs criticizing his gimmick. Fan or not I try to be unbiased.

    The Excuses for The Rock?

    For the life ...
  5. 5 Things that WILL HAPPEN during 2012 in the WWE

    Kid Contra here! I am getting very impatient on this long road to WRESTLEMANIA (In the voice of Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon,) so I decided to take some of that energy and put it to good use by writing this blog. Though this blog would have been better served at the start of 2012 I didn't think of a till just now so (LAY OFF ME- Chris Farley SNL...... I decided ...
  6. Austin Aries next World Champ?

    Can Austin Aries be a genuine Main Eventer in Impact Wrestling?

    OK so the twitter bug bit again. And this time, as it does ever so rarely, worked out for the better.


    When Sting posted the kayfabe driven tweet; “I’m done” Aries quite brilliantly in the eyes of many true wrestling fans replied; "I guess "I'm done" is code for ...
  7. Blog Wars 15: Top Breakout Stars for 2012

    Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars. Last time in a very close match, RatedATB ended knox's reign by just one vote. This week akbar will attempt to do the same thing. Here is the list

    Top 5 Breakout Stars of 2012

    Basically, they will name the 5 guys who they think are finally going to have their year in 2012. Any organization is allowed so the possibilities ...
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  8. Vanity Blog: Twitter and Wrestling

    Oh! Hello. How're yo--Wait! Is that...Is that a title for my blogs?! Aww yeah! people, 11 months into EWN I finally thought of a name.

    Speaking of EWN. I'd just like to point out that EWN is about to hit 500 blogs. Congrats to EWN for hitting a grand achievement, I feel this calls for a badass blog!

    So what topic will we discuss today? The upcoming battle of generations ...

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  9. STATE OF THE 'E: My Favorite Wrestlemania Matches (Part. 02)

    I'm continuing right where I left off. I'm definitely going to have space to talk about my favorite "WrestleMania Moments" and to give some honorable mentions. So, without further space wasting...


    This is the first match I was really excited for. I ...

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  10. STATE OF THE 'E: My Favorite WrestleMania Matches (Part. 01)

    Welcome to yet ANOTHER edition of SOT'E in blog form! As per usual, its OFTEN imitated and NEVER duplicated! Always remember that! Now, today I'd like to discuss something very near and dear to my heart. With us only a few weeks away from WrestleMania I figured I'd give you guys a look into my private personal favorite WrestleMania matches of all time.

    Yes, I understand a lot of ...

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