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  1. Realistic Possible Tag Teams

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well. I wanna blog once again on some possible tag teams. I've done a blog like this once or twice before but I feel like the time has come to make another one. Let me first of all thank everyone who enjoys my blog whether they love them or not. I also wanna thank Frank for approving my blogs all the time.

    Qualifications of a good Tag Team:
  2. The Abdominal Stretch: The Bumpy Road to Wrestlemania

    Good Day Fanatics of the wrestling world. Welcome to being locked into the Abdominal Stretch, bringing you fresh opinions and perspectives in what's happening in wrestling. I didn't do a Raw post this week because frankly, it sucked and there's not much to say about it. The Miz is buried completely. There's still no real build for Sheamus and Daniel Bryan. The focus seems to be on the top 3 WM matches, ...
  3. Top ten TNA wrestlers ever

    Every one makes these for WWE but I haven't seen any TNA one so here are the candidates....

    Tag teams

    Beer money, MCMG and 3D....why well they all have been the biggest tag teams in TNA except from maybe LAX or 3 live crew but whats the difference..the first three teams have had successful single carers (maybe not devon) and where as I think x Division success is not the limit for ...
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  4. The biggest heel in WWE

    Hey guys! I Haven't written any blogs in a while so hopefully I'm not too rusty. Today I wish to discuss a subject I've read alot about and felt like giving my 2 cents on and that subject is the biggest heel in WWE. In order to do this I think a brief history lesson is in order.

    As many of us know the Attitude Era was considered a great era in wrestling history, one that is truly missed ...
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  5. WWE Could Be a lot Worse

    The title says it all. It could be worse. I would consider myself an optimistic. I try to look at things with a positive stand point. There are a lot of people on this site though to me, who are pessimist. That is their choice to be that way though. The point of this blog though is that I feel like people are complaining over stuff they should be complaining about. It is one thing to complain about

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  6. Looking Ahead To The 2012 WWE Draft

    As WrestleMania 28 draws closer and closer with John Cena vs. The rock and Triple H vs. The Undertaker headlining the show, it also means that the 2012 WWE Draft is coming up as we look at which Superstars and Divas will be changing brands on a very special three-hour Monday Night RAW on Monday, April 23 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan (home of my favorite NHL team the Detroit Red Wings). ...
  7. Top 10 Most Disappointing Wrestlemania Matches

    What's poppin folks! RatedATB back at it again with the latest installment of my Wrestlemania mini series. Last week I touched upon my top 10 favorite matches in Wrestlemania history. This week however, we look at the matches that had great hype and interest, but just didn't live up to expectation. I would like to point out to the people that had disagreements with last weeks list. Those matches were ...

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  8. Real Contenders for the U.S. title

    Santino won the United States title. I get it, he is super over with the fans, Swagger draws no heat, and Swagger was a place holder. But that doesn't mean I (I REPEAT, I) have to like Santino. I have always considered Jack a pure, skilled, fresh wrestler (for those of you who didn't read my first blog), I loved the moment he won the title. But week after week, he did nothing.Nothing. Nothing. Lost ...
  9. Booking Eve title run, Kharma/Phoenix, and so much more.

    This Divas championship run will be different because she will be a heel this go round.

    How can she beat Beth Phoenix without damaging Beth in the process remaining a dominant champion? Possibly have a triple threat, 4 way or a 6 pack challenge. She pins someone to win the women's title at Wrestlemania.

    Next ppv rematch that ends in a DQ because of Maxine getting involved ...

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  10. If WWE Wrestlers were MLB Franchises

    Major League Baseball's spring season is in full swing, and I'm really bored, so I've decided to assign each WWE Wrestler (no Divas) to a MLB Franchise. The criteria are probably pretty vague and there might be times where I don't have much reasoning (gut calls). Without further ado:

    American League

    New York Yankees -- John Cena
    Reasoning: I don't get why I have ...
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