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  1. Flash From The Past: Wrestlemania 24-27

    What is up everyone? As i was getting ready to write FFTP WM 24, I realized i only had today, tomorrow, and sunday left to write the 4 remaining blogs. Instead of bombarding the blog section with 4 blogs, I figured I'd condense the 4 into one. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

    Wrestlemania 24

    Match of The Night
    World Heavyweight Championship
    The Undertaker vs Edge(c)
  2. WWE: The Reality Era and how Attitude is crippling it

    (This may be my most polarizing blog yet, but I'm sticking with it.)

    The Attitude Era's faux revival is crippling the WWE's bottom line.

    It was observed last year that CM Punk's Shoot marked the end of the PG-Era and the rise of the "Reality Era" as some dubbed it came with it. Since I was always a fan of the name, I'm going to continue to use that term until I'm ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. The Pushed, The Future Pushed, And The Used To Be Pushed

    Hey people,my name's Mike. This is my first blog so i'm not really good at this stuff yet. This blog will contain 3 lists: the people in WWE that need to be pushed, the people that got pushed for no reason and should be pulled back down, and the top 5 people that currently are pushed.
    So let's get started
  4. Why the PG Era is Underperforming vs. The Attitude Era, Pt 2

    In part one, I talked mainly about how I think The Rock vs. Cena match is not creating the type of buzz it should be because of them not acting like the characters that made them great. Now I want to talk about the WWE in a broader sense in another hotly debated topic on the merits of the PG Era vs. The Attitude Era.

    Neither of these eras has an exact start date but we know what they ...
  5. Classic Matches #1: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit vs Edge & Rey Mysterio

    Hey guys, Mr.Turtle here again after a long while. Schools been a bit time consuming and i'm in my final year of exams. But I've managed to find time to come up with a new concept. This concept is fairly basic, I review a popular match from past years and describe the follow up, aftermath and give an opinion on it (as well as a video/s of the match for your own pleasure). This is a trial run so your ...

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  6. Building CM Punk's Legacy

    Hi everyone, it's me deadly here again. I want to talk about CM Punk and how he can improve and whats next for him.

    Jericho/Punk Feud
    What ever happens at Wrestlemania WWE say the Punk and Jericho feud will continue. Now that WWE have said this, many possibilities can happen at Wrestlemania and I'm going to go to say what I feel are the most likely.

    Jericho Wins ...

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  7. Why The The Rock vs. Cena Match Is Underperforming, Pt.1

    Lately a lot of blogs have been put up trying to explain why The Rock vs. John Cena match at Wrestlemania lacks that spark that it should have. Some have argued that it's because it has not included anything real to give it depth like the CM Punk alcoholic father storyline or that the two have not had any physical confrontations or even that The Rock isn't trying. While I think those things might ...

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  8. What WWE Should Do With The Funkasaurus!

    Whats up wrestling fans? After reading so many blogs about the same sh!t, (Wrestlemania, Cena, Rock, etc....) I thought it would be a bright idea to switch it up and write about something WWE has been ignoring. And That's Pasadena's own Brodus "The Funkasaurus" Clay. After months of feeding us promos of Brodus Clay being a bad ass heel they drop the Funkasaurus ball on us. Who I enjoy most ...

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  9. Wrestling News and Views

    Hey Everyone, Im not in the mood to write my usual top 5 list so I thought I discuss some of the News going on in Prowrestling, its been kinda slow so it wont be incredible interesting.

    Its Been Reported by many Prowrestling sites that Former WWE/UFC star Brock Lesnar would be interested in a match at Wrestlemania 29. ...
  10. The Abdonimal Stretch: More on WM, and Post WM Thoughts

    Hey Everybody. The Saviour here for this week's addition of The Abdominal Stretch. While I'm going to format this blog as I usually do, I will not be bringing new and fresh perspectives like I usually do...simply because, we're coming down the home stretch for Wrestlemania and that's basically The Event that's going on in the wrestling world. I'm also going to go into a few things post-WM, but obviously ...

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