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  1. The Perfect WrestleMania 30 Match Card

    Please bare with me as the spacing on this article is horrible and i have trouble with it. Anyone can help me with that? Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship (Iron Man Match) Winner: Dolph Ziggler John Cena vs The Undertaker: The Face vs The Streak Winner: The Undertaker The Shield vs The Wyatt Family: Losing Team Disbands Winners: The Wyatts The Rock vs Brock Lesnar: ...

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  2. Wrestling in a Lull?

    I recently went to a TNA event for the first time. I actually haven't watched wrestling since around 2004 all the way back through the WCW vs WWF era. I was hardcore fan at the time with dire interest in backstage happenings and really voiced my opinion on how the companies should move and thought original ECW was the best, etc. So when TNA Impact came into town, I decided to just go for the heck ...

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  3. 15 Amazing Facts and Weird Crap

    During research for my last blog, I came across a lot of interesting facts and figures that I was not able to utilize. I really didn’t want to discard the info, so I decided to parlay it into a new blog.

    Anyways, I have produced for your viewing pleasure a list of 15 random, strange, and interesting facts about pro wrestling that I think you will find very amusing. These are mainly ...

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  4. Top 10 moments: Kurt Angle's career

    As many of you may know, Kurt Angle is going into the Hall of Fame in October. It is time to hype this up with blog posts dedicating this top 10 and the next one to 1 of the great in ring performers the wrestling business has ever seen. The first 1 is top 10 moments which will give me time to look back at old tapes and do some research before the next top 10. The next top 10 will be the 10 best matches ...
  5. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Feuds that I would like to see happen/happen again in WWE

    Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am back and this time, I would like to share with you a requested topic on the feuds that I would like to see in WWE. They could be new feuds or feuds that have already happened before. I hope you all enjoy.


    [B]John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam[/B]
    Cena and RVD were battling each other in 2004 while Cena was the ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. Lost Glory: Men Who Never Won the Big One

    (Excuse the top 20 heading that I can't seem to ever remove)

    The following is a list of the top 15 wrestlers that never won a world title in WWE, WCW, or NWA in their entire careers. This isn’t the first or last time that you will come across a list of this nature, but I find it necessary to pay tribute to those who spent their lives entertaining us. Many of these men failed to win ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. Greatest Matches of the 21st Century Qualifier Part 1 of 2

    Welcome to Wrestling is Bischoff!!! On my last blog I did the ever controversial top 10 blog. One reader commented that there should be a way for us to vote and make a top 10 for the people! So as Big Johnny would say "I'm all about People Power"! In this blog I'm going to put 50 matches, all in different categories. I ask that you either comment the category and numbers you think were the ...
  8. WWE Move On

    Now I have been watching the latest blunder by the WWE as are most of you. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton started off as a great storyline and had the ingredients to make a solid feud carry over for a couple of months. However, they are just repeating the same mundane stale manner in which Bryan gets jobbed. I fully get how the want to continue to build him up as the new face and by having him continue ...
  9. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Thoughts on WWE's Current Storylines

    Hey everyone. Welcome to Double O! I am Ozfan and I am back with another opinion of mine. This time however, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the current storylines in WWE. These will include:
    - Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, The Shield, The McMahons and Triple H
    - Big Show being 'broke'
    - Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio
    - CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel and ...
  10. Top 10 Matches of the 21st Century

    Welcome back to Wrestling is Bischoff!!!! Today we are discussing a topic everybody has an opinion on. We all have different ones and most vary from generation to generation. So each one I will List the match and show it was at, Along with a brief description why it made the list.

    10:Shawn Micheals vs JBL
    No Way Out 2009
    All or Nothing
    A Really shocking moment that I'm ...

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