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  1. No Contest at Payback WWE Title

    After seeing Daniel Bryan on Raw carry Ryback to an awesome match.

    How about this, On Payback, lets say Ryback was putting John Cena inside the Ambulance for the third stage of the hell, out comes Bryan and blindsides Ryback beats the crap out of him and sends Ryback inside the Ambulance along with John Cena, causing a apparent No contest. All of this to prove he's not a weak link by ...
  2. Curtis Axel - Hit or Miss?

    I know he debuted a month ago but thought id see how his push panned out before putting an opinion out there so lets get down too it.

    Now we all know he debuted originally on nxt as Michael Mcgillicutty and showed some promise which lead to being put into the nexus back in 2010.
    He held the tag team championships for a period of time then was sent to redevelopment. Now i am abit ...

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