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  1. My Top 10 WWE Superstars (Current and Retired)

    10. Kane
    I think that WWE should include Kane a little more in the shows, like they used to. He's a great wrestler and deserves to get title shots and be in main event matches. He used to be unstoppable, but now WWE has pushed him aside. He still has matches, but not the kind he should.

    9. Shawn Michaels
    Shawn, also known as "Mr. Wrestlemania" has also been around ...
  2. Gimmick Transitions: Better or Worse part 1

    I read in the forum about putting Drew McIntyre back in his Chosen one gimmick and I stopped and thought of all the horrible and amazing transitions that either broke the character or helped the character. In this blog I will talk about the ones I can remember. Ones like Mark Henry, Kane, Drew McIntyre and others.

    Drew McIntyre
    Most people remember this guy "debuting" ...

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