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  1. The Shield

    hey everyone, it's me Lord Cookie and this Blog is basically about The shields next opponent(s). I know many of you moan that my Blogs are crap. And you know what? They probably are. If you don't like my Blogs, don't read them. And once again, i'm sorry if my grammar is wrong. I'm trying too improve my english since i'm German.

    New Age Outlaws & Triple H
    I would love this. Just
  2. Be the Booker: Money in the Bank 2013

    Welcome to my PPV prediction blog. I did one of these for Extreme Rules but I totally forgot about doing it for Payback. Now that the blog is back...and with a new name...let's get down to business.


    Curtis Axel vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship: Now they obviously have to have a pre-show match, but it's sad to see Axel being apart of it since it seemed ...

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  3. Coffee Talk: The Impact of Wyatt Family's Debut

    Hey wrestling fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. I've been away a few weeks. There hasn't been much to talk about. I don't think a whole lot of the, what many people call the double-turn with ADR and Ziggy. The Shield now loses back to back 3 on 3 matches. Them being a dominant force is slowly dwindling. Daniel Bryan is still regarded by many as being the most over ...
  4. My view: Why King of the Ring should return!!

    Now days, we call the "The Big 4" aka 4 best or biggest ppvs of the year Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Summerslam, and Wrestlemania. However, it used to be "The Big 5" with the King of the Ring as the 5th. Why isn't that ppv still around? Memorable moments(check out top 10 I did recently), name recognition, and a tournament surrounding the ppv. Not only that, but it was a platform ...

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  5. My Wrestlemania Card (Somewhat of a Wishful Thinking Card)

    This is my card. Winners are Bolded.

    Ladder Match - Intercontinental Championship

    Evan Bourne vs RVD (C) vs Daniel Bryan

    Now I don't see Daniel Bryan staying in the WWE Championship picture for very long. I presume that he will win the Championship maybe hold it a while and then lose it @ Royal Rumble or TLC. I can see him then mixing it up with RVD which

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  6. Blade's Experience: We Need Some Heels In EWN! + Meme of the day & PPV of the day

    Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. In my last blog, I thoroughly went through the EWN Championship. We have some great names such as TheGreatOne, Cabers, Jellie1809, and more entertaining the readers. In this blog, I continue my rant on what should change in the EWN website; I spoiled my next blog. Don't you miss those IWC smarks that think there they are the best and rant about it ...
  7. Tyson Kidd will win World Heavyweight Championship

    Hey it's mr.onemanband here and today I will be starting a new blog trend cause my last one didn't go over to well. So here we go, my blog is*

    ** * * * * Mr.onemanband's bold prediction*

    Alright so for my first bold prediction is this.
    Drum roll please.....

    Tyson Kidd will win the World Heavyweight Championship at least once in his career. ...
  8. My Believable Wrestlemania 30 Card

    Now I know it is well off from Wreatlemania 30 and I know people will probably shake their head at another made up card. But here goes!

    John Cena vs The Undertaker
    Being the anniversary of the inaugural event, it is fitting that this would Headline the event. The biggest and most decorated superstar and face of the company vs the man who is undefeated on the grandest stage of them ...

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  9. How They Can Change : Drew McIntyre

    I'm a new face to this site, but I've been lurking. I decided, like so many before me, to start my own 'blog post series' and have some fun.

    So, this series I call "How They Can Change" and will center around certain superstars, particularly ones who are so far in the dark or in jobber-land they're forgotten. This is my 'creative thoughts' on how they can become more relevant, ...
  10. Lees mitb 2013 predictions


    My first Post on here and couldn't think of a better way to start than predictions for the upcoming MITB 2013 PPV - 16 days to go ....

    Jericho vs Cryback
    Winner - Y2J - Walls of Jericho

    Really cant stand Ryback and honestly think AND hope he fails in the WWE! Just another green guy who is boring as paint drying! Jericho will win after being beaten ...

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