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  1. Impact wrestling: Finally some total nonstop action


    The main storyline thread throughout IMPACT WRESTLING was Bobby Roode and co’s attempt to take out Bully Ray. However the gangs assault failed, Bully Ray got back to his feet and went after revenge on his attackers. Later, Bully attacked Zema Ion and The BroMans in the locker room, which led to one of my favourite quotes while watching wrestling: ...
  2. Superstar Batista: "Wondering if WrestleMania XXX is worth $10"

    No superstar in the WWE is more loved than Daniel Bryan. We can agree with that can't we? I'd argue no superstar is more hated right now in the WWE then Batista!! People are actually online debating on who in 2014 should main event Wrestlemania 30 with them being the 2 superstars? Who woulda thought in 2006 that in 2014 we may actually get to see this Mania main event in 2014. Good thing I'm not a ...

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  3. The Road to WM just plain sucks

    Usually the build to WM is well planned and creates lots of interest into the biggest PPV of the year. However, the past couple of months have done nothing to build the PPV for a number of reasons. Bad booking, lack of pushes and stale gimmicks are diminishing what normally is a stellar build.

    Punk quitting has hurt the WWE as one of its biggest draws no longer is on TV (still a top ...
  4. R. T. & O.: Episode 1 - Triple H; seperating the executive from the wrestler.

    Hello Reader,

    So for my first proper crack at this I thought I'd take on something that I've pondered a lot; namely why does Triple H the wrestler receive the same hate as Triple H the executive/backstage politician? As will be usual for this blog; I urge you to read what I have to say then take part in the conversation.

    I'm going to lay my cards on the table here;
  5. Random thoughts and opinions: Episode 0 - An introduction

    Hello reader,

    I've been a fan of Pro-Wrestling as long as I can remember; I have vague memories of being plonked in front of the old I.T.V. World of Sport wrestling as a toddler. But my true fascination with this art form (& it is an art form) came when we got Sky television for the first time and had access to the latter end of W.W.E.'s original Hulkamania driven boom
  6. Top 10: Worst Main Events in WrestleMania history!

    Wrestlings Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, the biggest event yearly since 1985. Every show has a main event to end a show. We all know that is the last match which is the match everyone wants to see. This year we have WM30, which looks to be a bad main event which got me thinking. Is it the worst Wrestlemania main event of all-time? Which got me looking back at the main events of the biggest show, Wrestlemania ...
  7. The Biggest Snubs of WrestleMania XXX (So Far)

    It is the biggest WWE pay-per-view of 2014, WrestleMania XXX, which emanates from the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday, April 6th, 2014.

    WWE Creative will hopefully try to get as much of the talent on the card in the coming weeks, which will no doubt be very difficult as so far two matches have already been announced: Randy Orton versus Batista for the WWE Championship ...
  8. With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!

    With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!!
    Daniel Bryan is without a doubt the greatest talent WWE has currently, he is by far the most “over” on the entire roster and don’t tell me that when he walks through the curtain you don’t through your hands in the air and chant “yes,yes,YES!” just like everyone else.
    While Daniel is awesome no doubt, he is nothing without his great heels ...
  9. Inevitable Culmination - Crowd Hijackings

    A wrestling audience's ability to be vocal is one of its greatest strengths. There are few other instances where a crowd of several thousand will unanimously chant for or against a wrestler. If someone cuts a promo and seems to take long pauses between each sentence, they almost have to expect a "WHAT?!" response. In recent years, though, the audience has become more vocal, but in a different ...

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