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  1. News From Japan: NJPW looking for English announcers.

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    New Japan Pro Wrestling are currently looking for an English announce team to commentate a new show that will be airing in Singapore. At this time there's no word if the iPPV"s will be available in English as well.

    ***I doubt this means we'll be seeing NJPW on North American TV anytime soon, but I gotta think this will broaden their ...
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  2. Results from Japan: AJPW 41st Anniversery Show. The return of the Funk Brothers!!

    ( Source: Wrestling Observer)

    10/27, Sumo Hall, Tokyo. 2563 in attendance.

    1. Kenso pinned Mr. 450 (who wrestled as Mr. 450 Hammett in Puerto Rico and Chicago indies) in 3:43.

    2. Masao Inoue & Hikaru Sato (Pancrase) beat Kazushi Miyamoto (Tenryu Project) & Nobutaka Araya (just coming out of retirement) in 10:06 when Inoue pinned Araya.

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  3. The Benoit Family Tragedy - A Serious & Unbiased Explanation.

    I want to begin by saying that this tragedy is, quite possibly, the most controversial and damaging event to ever occur in the wrestling industry.

    You don't find many talking about what happened, and a lot of hatred still consumes those fans who either don't want to read up on the evidence, or they know the evidence, and still wish to direct their ...

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