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  1. TCB: Vol. 2 The Great Comparison

    What's up everyone it's Heavy here bringing you volume 2 of TCB(Takin' Care of Business) now in the first edition of this series i talked about tag team matches that i personally would love to see.However in this blog i will be talking about something that really has been bothering me as of late, which is comparison of wrestlers.

    Goldberg and Ryback
    Now of course ...
  2. My WWE - Booking Punk vs Rock

    Hello again wrestling fans. It’s been awhile, but I thought I would come up with another post to ponder.
    Last night I watched the Punk DVD (and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Punk or any other off these vids) and got to thinking about the run he’s had with the title. After holding on to the title after HITC and being put in a traditional survivor series match (something I would love to ...

    Updated 11-05-2012 at 10:57 AM by Frank

  3. STATE OF THE 'E: Annual WrestleMania Dream Card

    It's that time of year again my wrestling friends. It's five months away from WRESTLEMANIA and we all know I count down for that like I do Santamas. And next year is so important because "The Grand Daddy Of Them All" is only a couple hours away right here in NJ!!! And trust and believe... I'll be there.

    But, as many of you know... this is the time I make my "Fantasy List" ...

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