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  1. Jason's Thoughts: Hell In A Cell review

    Hey everyone, first blog here on this series i will give my thoughts and opinions on wrestlers,shows,news and rumors, please give me feedback on this. And now that the introduction is over lets get started on the review!

    Preshow: John Cena segment
    At first this segment was pretty bland and boring, typical cena stuff until John Cena called out Dolph and then......vickie came out. ...

    Updated 10-28-2012 at 10:37 PM by Jaydash

    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. The Royal Ramble: Top Ten Wrestlers To Never Win The WWE Championship!

    FOLLOW ME @The_RoyalRamble on TWITTER! Awesome announcement coming on my next blog!

    In the world of the WWE, you can accomplish many things. For some, getting a spot on the show is an accomplishment. But, you're main accomplishment in the WWE should be winning the big one and that's the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship. In this day and age in the WWE, the people that deserve ...
  3. TCB: Vol.1 Tag Team

    What's up guys it's Heavy here, this is my second blog ever and thought whynot make my own series?? anyway well for the first volume of TCB(Takin' Care of Business) i wanted to talk about a few matches that i would love to see happen in the tag team division. now i know some (if not most of you,) won't agree with me on these but there just ideas so here i go!...


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