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  1. WWE prove me wrong

    Now, WWE is a lucrative enterprise and does what it wants with booking and promoting superstars. They used to be really good at creating stars or taking some and making them more popular. For example, Bret Hart, HBK, The Rock, SCSA, Kurt Angle, Christ Benoit, Eddie Guerro, John Cena are stars who benefited from the WWE creative process. There are many more to list but I won't. WWE has the chance ...
  2. Wrestlemania XXX Card My Second Attempt

    Pre-Show WWE Tag Team Championship
    Miz & Kofi Kingston vs The Real Americans vs New Age Outlaws vs The Uso's
    A very energetic high pulsed elimination tag team match for pre-show would make for every entertaining way to Kick off the 30th aniversary of WM and Get the crowd hyped for the Event.

    Match #1 Loser Leaves WWE
    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust 'Sibling Rivalry'
  3. DWO: Wrestlemania 30 realistic dream card

    My ideal WM30 card:

    Randy Orton (c) vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Heavyweight Championship

    *DB enters the Rumble in the last minute and wins, faces orton

    John Cena vs The Undertaker

    *Cena has done everything but beat the streak, can he cement himself as the most successful star ever?

    Brock Lesnar vs Batista

    *Simply put, The Animal ...

    Updated 01-26-2014 at 12:13 PM by DWO

  4. Wrestling Fan's Predictions- Royal Rumble 2014

    Hi there, the last time I write one of these posts was last year for SummerSlam 2013. I was pretty good at predicting the results for the event so I'll have a stab at it tonight.

    For me, I am really excited for tonight's Royal Rumble event. I think it has the potential to be one of the greatest Royal Rumble events of all tonight. Every match has the potential to be great and what is

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