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  1. WWE Impact Superstars of the year: 1993

    Hello fellow internet dwellers, my name is Earthquake (or David lol) and I am going to (try) get a little blof published on Breakthrough Superstars of the year from 1990 until present day. So that is 23 years of personal opinion that I don't think most people will be able to argue with but of course if you read this put forward your opinions cause this is a blog and it really feeds on your ...

    Updated 01-16-2013 at 12:21 AM by Earthquake

  2. 10 Bold Predictions for the WWE in 2013

    Hello, Nitro here and I am going to bring you 10 Bold Predictions for this year. Will they happen? Who knows! While reading this, none of them are in order, all are the same level.

    1. Wade Barrett will not win a world championship this year

    This might make some mad, but every year it is predicted so I will predict it again. I believe 2014 will be the strike of gold for him ...
  3. What really grinds my gears? The Death of WCW.

    "Remember that wrestling company back in the day? What was its name, WCW? Yes that was it. WCW seems to be a faded memory now, and a lot of wrestling fans, or should I say 'Marks', seem to think they knew what killed it off. It was David Arquette! No... wait, it was Kevin Nash! It was Vince Russo and Bischoff! It was Hogan! It was all the celebrities! It was

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  4. My Wrestlemania Card and Results.

    I've been wanting to post one for awhile, some matches you might not agree with, but hey that's why its called "My Wrestlemania Card".

    Wrestlemania 29

    Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H - Last Man Standing Match

    John Cena Vs CM Punk Vs The Rock - Triple Threat Elimination Match WWE Championship

    Kane Vs Daniel ...

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