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  1. #2 WWE: Did you smell what The Rock was cooking?

    I did. Gold. Pure gold.

    Yesterday I posted my first blog here touching on the subject of TNA/Impact Wrestling and my opinion on the product as a whole and I don't think it's fair to write about TNA (which I've only just scratched the surface of what I really wanted to talk about) without comparing it to WWE. TNA after all, are a wrestling company, something they try to mark on every ...
  2. The Importance of Being a Mid-Carder

    One of the things I missed about the attitude era is the fact that no matter where you were on the card, you still had as much of a chance to get over with the audience as any of the main eventers. Anyone that is a wrestling fan knows all about people like:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Tazz, Sabu, RVD, Kane, DDP, Randy Savage, Sting, Ted Dibiaise, The Rock, Ultimate ...

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  3. Fans Should Buy Money In The Bank and Destination X in 2011

    Alright. Time for another blog by Wrestling_Deluxe_08. All I ask is that you leave your comments down below after reading.

    Time for a dose of reality. It seems to me that a huge majority of the fans here in the IWC/YWC do nothing but constantly bitch, moan, and complain about what they see on WWE and TNA. They cry about TNA (Impact Wrestling) not showcasing the X-division anymore ...

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  4. Breaking The Streak - CM Punk vs. Undertaker?

    I used to think that the Streak should never be broken. It's that one untouchable legacy in the WWE today... or at least it was.

    CM Punk is poised for a push of epic proportions. This current angle is one of the best things that I've ever seen on a TV screen and clearly a lot of people agree. They can't even keep his merchandise in stock. If they carry out this angle properly, CM Punk ...

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  5. Was Cm Punk's return too soon?

    Hey guys, I'm blogging on whether Cm Punk returned soon or not. I love blogging on topics that I'm on the fence about because it leaves a great discussion open. Now personally I feel both ways about the subject.

    Reasons why his return was too early:

    1. Killed the storyline
    I think this made the original promo he cut at Vegas a waste. I think what made this storyline ...

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  6. The WWE Is Currently At A Crossroads

    WWE TV as of lately has been quite interesting. While the shows may not have been pleasing to watch, as a fan I have been given numerous reasons to tune in every week. WWE has capitalized on their social media resources and managed to keep fans (even internet smarks) guessing and interested. How do you that? Create questions, and don't answer them. Only bring up the question weekly to remind fans ...

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  7. 10 Most Pointless WWE Title Reigns of 2011

    Hey guys! You might have seen me on the forums and this is my first blog so I will try. This year, we have had alot of pointless title reigns but here are my top ten.

    10. Kofi Kingston - United States Championship:

    This just got in, but when he won the title from Sheamus, I was pissed. We knew that Sheamus was going to Smackdown, but Kofi? Really? He just got off the ...

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  8. Is Daniel Bryan Ready To Be A World Champion?

    Amongst the huge discussion with John Cena and his possible heel turn, I've decided to throw another topic of discussion into the mix. I'll probably be doing more of these blogs focusing on one wrestler, depending on how they are received. So let's kick things off with my current favorite wrestler in WWE, Daniel Bryan.

    One question I see going around the IWC is "Mr. ...

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  9. WWE Future Endeavors: Three Wrestlers Who Could Have Entertain Us

    Ladies and Jaborni's, my name is CenationRules1087. I want to approach a different topic instead of The Undertaker Streak Match and Wrestlemania Dream Cards. Today, I want to bring up Future Endeavors. These superstars who I am about to mention are superstars that could have led Wwe to a different direction. I was very interested in seeing these superstars in action, apparently Johnny Ace just called ...

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  10. WWE can't make a tag team, A tag team has to make WWE

    Ladies & Jabroni's, CenationRules1087 here. I want to talk about the tag team division and how Wwe can make the tag team division come alive again. Back in 2000's tag teams were awesome. Wwe had teams such as The Dudleyz, The Hardyz, and E&C. This were amazing teams to watch and all these teams put on amazing matches such as one of my favorites, the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. ...

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