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  1. 5 Greatest Heel Turns Ever

    Hey wrestling fans, here's a list of my 5 favourite heel turns. These are instant and surprising heel turns you didn't see coming, and they made the character into a mega heel and major player. This is not about how the heel turn turned out, this is about the moment of revealing.

    5 Rikishi admits he ran down Stone Cold

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  2. Wrestlemaina 28 card reality/hope

    Hi everyone, like manyrecently on here I am a long time reader and first time blogger. I have beenwatching wrestling since just before Wrestlemania 9, to be honest over the pastyear or so have not watched as much due to the birth of my son but over thelast few weeks have been getting back into it.
    Anyway on with what I thinkwould make a good Wrestlemania with the talent available and the way ...
  3. Answer me this about Cena and Rey

    (Authors note: This started off as thread but went off the handle and hope it makes a decent blog, thanks)

    Recently here on the forum i was reading one of the IWC superstar polls and noticed that Rey Mysterio has been going over a lot of the other IWC favorites. while reading the comments majority of the guys who voted were all in support for Rey for reason he can put on great matches ...
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  4. Top 15 Underused WWE & TNA Talent

    Hey guy Knox here, I hope all is well with you guys. I've been gone for a while as I've said before, school has been kicking my butt lately but none the less I have another top 15 list.

    I decided to do this list after hearing about Elijah "The Pope" Burke's issues in TNA with him claiming he's being underused. I'd say he's damn right so I thought I'd blog about 14 other ...
  5. Best Ways to Turn Face and Heel....and Those who Need It

    Hey fans of the squared circle, DK Wrestling Savior here with another interesting topic. This is one that I feel is out of the realm of the usual, just like my blogs about the fans.

    The list is interesting and I'm going to do what I can to not be so obvious with my list. I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to add fuel to the already sky high flames of the fire with the John Cena ...
  6. Road to Wrestlemania XVIII : Part 1

    Hello to everyone. In this blog I would like to talk about WWE would book WM 28 and some of my views that would make road to WM 28 look interesting.
    With three of WM 5 star matches set in stone (i.e. Rock vs Cena, Undertaker vs Triple H , CM Punk vs Chris Jherico) , I'm completely loving the build ups to all three matches.
    Rock vs Cena
    The aggression and athleticism ...
  7. The Thuganomic Rock Concert

    I didn't know what to expect when I heard that The Rock and John Cena would be going at one another via music this past week on Raw. I was pleasantly surprised when Cena came out with his 'Thuganomic' attire on (although still wearing his wonderman wristbands). He had a mean look on his face and it looked like he had gone back to the gimmick we all loved back in the day.

    Then came the ...
  8. Promo v Promo v Promo

    Hi All,

    I’ve definitely got the Mania bug now and extremely excited for not only what the night brings us fans but also what the fallout is afterwards and where it takes the business. I also do have a minor caveat as I felt similar feelings this time last year only to be rather underwhelmed by the show. But I’m pretty confident this one will be a classic.

    I thought I’d ...
  9. The Lost Gems, Vol. 1: Wrestlemania IV

    Hey guys, Renevious here. I want to start by thanking everyone who voted for me to be the reigning WBC Champion. It means a lot to me that you guys actually enjoy reading what I have to write. But now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I'd like to start a series of blogs talking about pay per views that haven't gotten the praise and recognition they deserve in the past. It's going to mainly be ...

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  10. Thoughts about Lord Tensai

    I think Lord Tensai is the destructive force the WWE needs right about now, he would add power to the WWE as well as bring in some Japanese style wrestling that he has picked up over the last few years.

    So as many people already know and have figured out, Tensai is in fact former WWE wrestler A-Train/Albert. When A-Train was in the WWE he was a dominating force but I always ...

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