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  1. Where TNA should go with the Storm vs Roode feud

    Wasson everyone Lucha_Libre here discussing how I feel THE TNA rivarly everyones talking about should go. It will start from Thursdays Impact going to Lockdown - which will be the blowoff.


    Bobby Roode come out. He says that although hes happy for Storm, he never got a rematch for the title that he was screwed out of by that son of a bitch Angle. Storm comes out ...
  2. Blog Wars Episode 3: Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling Part 2

    This is 2nd part of the best tag teams list. Due to character restraints I had to put Dr. Death's response in a separate blog. As I said before please place your votes on this blog.

    Dr. Death(C)

    Top 5 Tag Teams in Wrestling History
    This time we'll focus on the Top 5 Tag Teams in Wrestling History. As you all know there will be certain criteria to meet, ...

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  3. 1-2-12: Examining the Possibilities Part-1

    Hey there, EWN. Name's BigDawgXIV. Long time WWE Fan, Long Time EWN reader, 1st blog I write, so forgive me for any mishaps I may commit.

    Anywhoozies, The EWN has been clearly buzzing over who the F*&# is gonna return to the WWE in two days time.I will examine the possibilities and voice my opinion on how can each be best utilized by the WWE. (Or How Would I Book It Cause WWE Bookers ...
  4. One Word To Describe WWE...PREDICTABLE

    I've watched WWE since the 80s and to be honest, every time I watch it these days I really ask myself why? I literally fast forward through 80% of the shows, and the parts I watch are just in hopes that something interesting is going to happen (which never does).
    This weeks Raw was so predictable its pathetic. Did anyone, even for a second think that Jericho wasn't going to win that Battle Royal? ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  5. John Cena doing Ace Ventura is as bad as it gets.

    I love Ace Ventura, I love Old School Jim Carrey.


    It has NO PLACE on Raw or any WWE show. God knows Cena must have a million corny promo's under his built down the years. Corny, boring, dull, same old same old 10 year old friendy promo's - Classic Cena Promo Basically.

    His biggest career failing/character failing is the fact he simply can't, or stubbornly ...
  6. A Blog Dedicated To: John Cena

    Hello readers. My name is CenationRulez1097 and I am here to entertain the vain that I proclaim the same fan as me. No, I am not trying to be a poet or anything, just here to make this site a little more entertaining. My first blog on this website will be a dedication blog, dedicated to John Cena. It's almost been ten years since the Wwe proclaimed one of their best artificial
    ( really valuable ...
  7. PPV's the WWE should drop and bring back

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I wanted to talk about a huge issue within the WWE as of late and that's been the large number of PPV's. With Raw transitioning into 3 hours, the upcoming WWE Network and such, there have been concerns of how their going to fill in that 3 hour slot and make the PPV's interesting.

    As many folks will agree, WWE has too many damn PPV's. I truly feel ...

    Updated 07-05-2012 at 11:39 AM by knox

  8. Wrestlemania 30 And What WWE Could Be Building Toward

    As if it could not already be stated enough, John Cena is this generations Hulk Hogan. Wins most of his matches, sells the most merchandise in the company, and is the "Poster-Boy" of the company.
    How Cena and Hogan Came To Be

    In January of 1984 at Madison Square Garden, Hulk Hogan knocked off The Iron Sheik to become the then WWF Champion. Afterward, the world was ...
  9. How the US and IC Titles can save the WWE

    If the non fan watched WWE programming for one week, they would leave with the notion that there are two titles and they have no difference. The average fan knows that there are multiple titles, The World Heavyweight Championship is quite important, and the WWE title is king.

    These are observations that have been thrust upon fans as this era of wrestling has taken shape. When WWE ...
  10. Coffee Talk: What's So Great About...

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. It's been quite a while since I posted as I've been very busy with school and work and my daughter. I am proud to announce that, school is finished and in a week, I learn whether or not if I am a college grad at the ripe age of....well, let's just say, too old. I've basically pulled all A's and a B this semester so unless I completely ...

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