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  1. The Royal Ramble: WWE Fails With SmackDown & Top Ten 30-Man Rumble Matches.

    Welcome back to The Royal Ramble! (on Twitter @The_RoyalRamble)

    I'm going to start off this blog a little differently than my past ones. This weeks episode of Friday Night SmackDown really pissed me off for two huge reasons. The first is that you have a very good show that the WWE put on and not to mention the title change, Punk ripping on Rock, being live in Miami and The Rock actually ...
  2. What really grinds my gears? The Death of WCW.

    "Remember that wrestling company back in the day? What was its name, WCW? Yes that was it. WCW seems to be a faded memory now, and a lot of wrestling fans, or should I say 'Marks', seem to think they knew what killed it off. It was David Arquette! No... wait, it was Kevin Nash! It was Vince Russo and Bischoff! It was Hogan! It was all the celebrities! It was

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  3. What really grinds my gears? Episode 10 - Broken Dreams

    Peter sat down at his desk. He was overcome with emotion, he leaned forward and put his head into his folded arms. Peter began to sob as the on-air light turned to red.

    Cameraman: "Mr Griffin? We are on the air."
    Peter: "I don't care." *Sniff*
    Camerman: "But Mr Griffin, this is you're tenth episode. It's

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  4. DanHero's 5 Things the WWE Should Do In 2013

    Whilst thinking of what the WWE should do with Punk and The Rock, I gave up with that, realising that no amount of internet hate will change a thing and focused on other areas in the WWE and what can be done. While most of these will be a long shot, I’ve included ways that they could work, as well as being written in by WWE Creative.

    1: Bring Back The Cruiserweight Division:
  5. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

    Hey everyone. I'm back with another opinion of mine. I know it is a little early, there will another match or two announced for this event BUT I would like to share with you my predictions for Elimination Chamber. I hope you all enjoy.

    [B]WWE Championship
    The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk[/B]

    A rematch from the Royal Rumble. It wouldn't be the Road to WrestleMania without a ...
  6. The Royal Ramble: If I Wrote the 1000th RAW! Part 1

    Before you start reading, I wrote this about I wanna say 3 weeks before the 1000th episode of Monday RAW aired. I actually wrote it on here but it was too long and it wouldn't accept it. I split into two parts and it never posted to this site for some reason I have no idea why. After receiving great reviews on it, I wanted to share it with you all. I'll even post a link to another website to prove ...
  7. The Royal Ramble: If I Wrote the 1000th RAW! Part 2

    And now the epic conclusion to "If I Wrote the 1000th RAW!"


    The bell sounds.

    The following contest is for the WWE Tag Team Championship!

    Out comes the Tag Champions Kofi
  8. Babyfaces vs. Heels: Why the WWE tends to favor the babyface?

    It's a forgone conclusion when it comes to getting pushed in the WWE. In the days of the TV-PG era, the babyface is usually the one who tends to be pushed more often than the heels. The reason of course is that babyface Superstars such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Ryback, and even Brodus Clay are getting more wins than their heel counterparts is very simple: the babyfaces are portrayed as superheroes. ...
  9. Top Feud in Wrestling Currently.

    What do you think of when you hear “best feud going in the wrestling business today”? Does the idea of CM Punk vs. The Undertaker come to mind? Is it Redemption vs. Greatness that you think about? Perhaps you think about Bully Ray vs. Hulk Hogan, S.C.U.M. vs. ROH, or CZW wrestlers vs. Law Enforcement Officials. No matter what comes to mind first, there is a number 1 feud that immediately pops into ...
  10. Why the Undertaker is important to Sports-Entertainment

    With WrestleMania so close, less than 2 weeks as I type this, I can't help but wonder the outcome of the match between the Undertaker and CM Punk. As a fan who has watched every WrestleMania to date, I have bad feeling about the outcome. I know what would happen in a perfect world, but there is no such thing. With the passing of Paul Bearer recently and the winning streak of Miami Heat coming ...
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