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  1. 6 Ways Women's Wrestling Can Be Saved

    WWE: Maintain good pace of Divas Matches

    If there's one thing that WWE is doing right, it's allowing Divas matches extended time not only on the new 3-hour RAW, but on the 2-hour Smackdown. What I've seen from the past two months is just the right amount of time for them and they get more ring time on occasion than Clay, Barrett, Tensai, etc. But if Divas matches went on for any longer ...
  2. Prestige - A forgotten art form of Pro Wrestling.

    Hello there EWN Readers. It has been a number of months since my last blog, which was the Chris Benoit blog back in May, but I have returned to talk about something which is more important then ever for the wrestling industry.

    It all comes down to one word... Prestige.
    What is Prestige? Well for those unaware with the term, let me explain it to you.

    Prestige is ...

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  3. TNA X-Division: "It's not about weight limits, it's about no limits!"

    What made the X-Division special? Who made the X-Division stand out? Was the X-Division title at one time the most prestigous title in TNA? I hope to answer those questions and more with this blog dedicated to a division that we all love. It is a cruiserweight division, but the difference X-Division has is big men over the weight limit can compete for the title. I started watching TNA in 2004 when ...

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  4. How to Regain a Loyal Fan - Pt X

    Raw is now 3 hours each week. Unfortunately it has more time spent in commercial break than it does on action in the ring. The thing that gets me is that I don’t understand how people can still call WWE a “wrestling program”. To me, WWE (minus NXT and FCW) is what I have been trying to distance myself from for the majority of my wrestling fandom; A Male Soap Opera. I love the, to quote Shane Douglas, ...
  5. WWE's Best Rivalries in the PG Era.

    Hello all, Rob here again, and this time I'm going to be listing my opinionated top 5 list of the most personal rivalires, and storylines taking place in the PG Era. I cannot stress the "opinionated" part enough.

    5. Punk Pipe-Bomb Heard Round The World
    Everyone should remember this for years to come. Punk's shoot on the McMahons, John Cena, and The Rock catapaulted him ...
  6. Why I want Samoa Joe to face Austin Aries at Bound For Glory

    Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries for the TNA World title is the match I really want to see at Bound For Glory this year. To some, this may be just another main event match for the TNA World title but to me, this can mean so much more and can be one of the best feuds they've ...

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  7. Dubs review: TNA No Surrender 2012

    Since TNA's No Surrender PPV looks pretty promising and this is the final PPV before Bound For Glory 2012, I thought I'd give it a review. The card is pretty solid and I can't wait to see who will win the Bound For Glory series. I'm writing this as the show progresses so I'm ...

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  8. The Politics of Wrestling

    Can't we alljust get along?

    With the elections fast approaching, I see a country divided. People vehemently arguing their cause, fighting so desperately to prove why their side is right and the other side is wrong. Never before have I seen a population so divided. Wait, yes I have, I'm a wrestling fan.

    For years the wrestling world has been greatly divided, but why? Why ...
  9. What If: Wade Barrett

    Hey guys! Here's the 2nd blog to the series "What If." Today I'll be doing the blog with The Great One, glad to have him on here. We're going to be talking about Wade Barrett today and just giving a lot of thought on what would've happen if Barrett won the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. Let's get started!


    Orton, Barrett, & Cena

    Angle: ...
  10. Sting's 10 biggest moments in TNA

    I have been a bit harsh towards a child favorite of mine: Sting recently on the forums. Have felt bad about which is why I decided to make a blog dedicated to Sting's TNA career focusing on his 10 biggest moments in TNA. That along with the fact, he is getting inducted into TNA's HOF in October. This is a perfect scenario along with th timing of this blog.

    10.Sting takes back control ...

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