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  1. Loose Cannon: Night of Bloggers Challenge

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the last edition of the show, I gave my opinion on the Night of Champions card in which will be hopefully published when this blog is formulated. The EWN Championship saw four of the best competitors on the site battle it out to win the EWN Championship in which TheGreatOne claimed the price. In the following months since the event, ...
  2. My projected Night of Champions card


    After an unforgettable SummerSlam pay-per-view which saw Triple H turn on Daniel Bryan, the WWE will commence at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan on Sunday, September 15th for the Night of Champions pay-per-view.

    And so, here's what to expect:


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  3. Loose Cannon: WWE Battleground 2013 Card

    Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In my last edition; I explained how the Cruiserweight Division is vital to any promotion and how it should be taken advantage of. In the following blog; I will blog about the WWE Battleground 2013 card. As many of you presumably known; WWE Battleground is the new PPV concept that WWE has created alongside other countless PPV's that ...
  4. Superstar Chris Sabin: "shocked the wrestling world by winning the TNA world title"

    I know a lot of folks will quickly slam me for having Chris Sabin labeled "superstar". Cut me some slack here, this series is to talk about wrestlers and would like for readers to show Sabin a little bit more respect as well. Why Chris Sabin of all people? Well I'm not only a WWE fan, but I'm a fan of TNA even though the comments I have given on recent product hasn't been all that great. ...

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  5. WWE Outside the Box

    Welcome to the first ever edition of the WWE Outside the Box blog series with Anthony_Eckman and mr. onemanband. Think PTI, only with hair.

    We are very excited about this and hope you guys will enjoy it.

    Now this blog is going to be set up like this, each blog OMB and Anthony will each select two ideas for the blog that isn't what most people would blog on instead of ...
  6. What WWE is Missing: No More Authority Shenanigans

    WWE has always had corporate figureheads. I grew up watching Jack Tunney making the big decisions like announcing Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI. Others maybe remember Gorilla Monsoon. Most, however, I’d hazard to guess, will remember one corporate figurehead above all others: Vince McMahon.

    During the fondly remembered Attitude Era and especially during the Monday ...

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  7. My view: Hall of Fame "Celebs shouldn't be in!"

    Let's be honest here, TNA and WWE both have Hall of Fame ceremony's yearly. WWE inducting 6-8 while TNA just 1. In any case, why don't the Hall of Fames get respected? My issues with both company's Hall of Fames? Should active wrestlers be inducted? Should celebs get a spot in the Hall? Why do former wrestlers, fans, among others believe the Hall of Fames are a joke? Yes, I typed in TNA Hall of Fame ...

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  8. The Med Blog #2 A New Road To Wrestlemania

    The Med Blog
    Blog #2

    A New Road To Wrestlemania

    The road to Wrestlemania is getting near and nearer by the day. The annual build up to the greatest show in wrestling today. Year after year we have the Wrestlemania logo show up above the crowd on RAW and storylines building up to D day.

    Thinking of the build up shows prior to the big one, the Royal Rumble, ...

    Updated 10-14-2013 at 06:19 PM by Medplaya

  9. Loose Cannon: Survivor Series 2013

    Welcome all to another edition of Loose Cannon. As most of the WWE Universe is aware, we are approaching a milestone PPV as Survivor Series this year celebrates its 26th annual event. Most feuds speculated to carry on to this PPV is Heyman/Punk final encounter and Orton/Bryan.

    Survivor Series
    18,000 in Attendance
    "How you survive?"

    Rumored: ...
  10. The Cena-Free Experiment

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been rather quiet on the boards as of late, but as always, I've been watching and evaluating.

    The post-Summerslam scenario was one of the most intriguing and hopeful landscapes I've seen present itself in recent memory. John Cena, the WWE's biggest asset, was knowingly going away on a multiple month hiatus. Part-timers like Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, ...

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