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  1. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions

    Hey everyone. I'm back again with another post. I know I said I would steer away from Ozfan's Opinions for a little bit but with Extreme Rules just around the corner, I thought I'd share my predictions with you. Hope you all enjoy. WARNING!: CONTAINS RAW SPOILERS

    [LEFT][B]WWE Championship match
    [B]CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho
    [/B]This match is a Chicago Street ...
  2. Top 5 SummerSlam PPV's

    WWE is Gearing towards a huge SummerSlam this year so I thought I get a early jump on the posters and put my top 5 SummerSlam PPV's.... Now this list is judge on a whole, Not just a match. Examples, SummerSlam 1991 had a Classic Bret Hart vs MR Perfect IC title match but SummerSlam 1991 didnt make the list cause the rest of the card left alot to be desired. Same Goes for Summerslam 1995, The ladder ...
  3. WWE On NETFLIX Review: The Ladder Match 2 Crash and Burn Vol 1. Part 1

    Today I'm going to review Current WWE DVDs provided by NetFlix.... This will be a review but I will be very vague in reviewing each match, You want see a Move by move review of the match, Just will talk about each match and give it a star rating. So I will begin the Review now.

    This is Volume 1 so we start off with Christian who is are host telling us that the Ladder match was actually ...

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  4. Blog Wars 20: Top 5 Wrestlers Successful Outside of Wrestling

    Welcome back to the 20th episode of Blog Wars. Last time Giddy pulled out a win to become the Blog Wars Champion, this week defends against Pauadrian in a unique topic.

    Top 6 Wrestlers Successful Outside of Wrestling
    This week they will be picking the 6 most successful wrestlers outside of wrestling. As long as it doesn't involve getting in the ring then it counts. ...
  5. The Abdominal Stretch: Has WWE Gone Over The Limit?

    Hey fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with another edition of The Abdominal Stretch. The theme for this week is, and appropriately because of this upcoming PPV, has WWE gone Over the Limit? Let's take a look, shall we.

    Has The WWE Gone Over The Limit With...

    Paul Heyman And The Legal Mumbo Jumbo

    I had the pleasure of missing Raw last week. No, ...

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  6. The Top 3 Most Underutilized WWE Low Card Talent

    Before I begin, I would like to point out that this blog features my opinion on the most underutilized low card talent. If popular favorites like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger don't appear in this blog, that's b/c they aren't low card talent.

    I'm talking about people who either job on a regular basis and can only be found on Superstars and/or barely featured on RAW and/or ...

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  7. UFR 2 - Kane vs The Undertaker

    Hello, this is the 2nd UFR blog and this time it’s on the Undertaker/Kane which took place in 2010. I’d quickly like to point out that this blog series won’t just be looking at Brother Vs Brother feuds.

    Background to the feud
    On the June 4th episode of Smackdown, Kane revealed that he had found his brother in a vegetative state over Memorial Weekend and vowed revenge on whoever ...

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  8. Top 10 most deserving to be in the HOF, right now!!

    Right now is the key words in the title for you folks reading this out there. Right now is used in the title because I know several people will take shots at me for having guys such as HHH, Taker, Rock, and so forth not on this list. Why don't I have them on the list, there are others in the 80s and earlier who deserve to get in before them. That is why guys like Warrior and Nash turn down the honor ...

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  9. Top 10 that changed the wrestling biz!

    I came across an old magazine that listed top 25 that changed the history of WWE. I decided to share my top 10 that changed not just WWE, but wrestling history as well. Again this is just my opinion:

    1.Wrestling off the mat-matches too long, attendence down, and so forth forced one promoter named Toots Mondt to change the wrestling biz forever by having time limits, fueds, fan favorites, ...
  10. Was That A Poot 8; Method To The Madness

    Hey guys the breezey butting, Ric Flair strutting (receding hair line included), child scaring, mullet wearing Poot-Hair here with another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. Yesss that's right my blogs are more entertaining than watching a Big Show vs. Khali Ultimate X match with a twinkie hanging in the middle.

    Now that the grand introductions are out of the way, let's ...

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