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  1. Loose Cannon: Survivor Series 2013

    Welcome all to another edition of Loose Cannon. As most of the WWE Universe is aware, we are approaching a milestone PPV as Survivor Series this year celebrates its 26th annual event. Most feuds speculated to carry on to this PPV is Heyman/Punk final encounter and Orton/Bryan.

    Survivor Series
    18,000 in Attendance
    "How you survive?"

    Rumored: ...
  2. The Cena-Free Experiment

    Hey Everyone,

    I've been rather quiet on the boards as of late, but as always, I've been watching and evaluating.

    The post-Summerslam scenario was one of the most intriguing and hopeful landscapes I've seen present itself in recent memory. John Cena, the WWE's biggest asset, was knowingly going away on a multiple month hiatus. Part-timers like Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, ...
  3. Results from Japan: NJPW “Road to POWER STRUGGLE” 10/31/2013, Nagano Sports Park.

    ( Source: )

    (1) Tomoaki Honma vs. Yohei Komatsu
    â—†Winner: Honma (8:30) following the Kokeshi.

    (2) KUSHIDA & Sho Tanaka vs. Valiente & BUSHI
    â—†Winner: BUSHI (10:27) with the M/X on Sho.

    (3) Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Manabu Nakanishi & Yuji Nagata vs. Toru Yano, Takashi Iizuka & YOSHI-HASHI
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  4. Bringing Meaning Back To Tired, Old Titles

    Way back when I was a lad, each title meant something special and individual in it's own right. Granted, there were fewer, but each one represented a certain tier and level of accomplishment and herein I think, lies the answer.

    WWE needs to reestablish a level of ranking where certain guys are only involved in one scene at a time. For instance, if you are in a tag team, you should rarely, ...
  5. What's next for Wyatt?

    Welcome Back to Wrestling is Bischoff!!! In this blog I am going to dive into what I would like to see happen next with Bray Wyatt.


    Luke Harper and Eric Rowan recieve a tag title shot against Goldust and Cody Rhodes at The Royal Rumble. After a great match The Wyatt Family loses.
    Later on in the night, Bray Wyatt enters the Royal Rumble,(Bray Wyatt ...
  6. Jeff Jarrett gone, but not the end of TNA

    Jeff Jarrett leaves and everyone thinks that TNA is headed for extinction. Well first and foremost Jarrett has been mostly involved with AAA wrestling in mexico for the past two years. In reality he just re-started doing booking and behind the scenes work. Especially with Hogan and the Bisch departure. So what are you going to miss, since he hasn't wrestled in TNA regularly since 2011 and before then ...
  7. How to Handle Sin Cara

    Sin Cara has been misused. It seems as though the WWE doesn't know how to handle him. Here's what I would do. Sin Cara is backstage and showing some moves to Rey Mysterio. He is proclaiming himself as "The Best Luchador Ever!" Rey is just laughing. Behind them Hunter and Stephanie approach and Hunter is sipping a cup of coffee. When performing one of them he spills Triple H's coffee all ...
  8. STATE OF THE 'E: Long Term Effects Of Quick Fixes

    Welcome everyone to another edition of STATE OF THE 'E! I wish it were a positive and upbeat one but unfortunately I am not in the state of mind to provide you with that. I'm very pissed off. I understand The Rock being back "means something" to VKM but what does it mean to me? Horse shit.

    I'm sick and tired of VKM not relying on the people that are breaking their back for the ...
  9. Cena Gets Political: Closer Look On His Montreal Promo

    If you are from America and follow the current race for president, you HAD to have seen the clues from John Cena's promo last Monday night. If you could get the hints, John Cena was indirectly blasting Barack Obama.

    In this blog, i will break down exactly what John Cena said about our current president.

    John Cena: (to CM Punk) "For 300 days, you have been champion. For ...
  10. Top Ten (10) Future WWE Champions

    After watching smackdown last night, it got me thinking about this current youth movement going on in WWE right now. As I thought about it, I just could not help but think about the future and who I see becoming a world champion. Thats when I got this idea to create this blog. This is a list of the top ten WWE supertars I believe will be world champion in the future. There is no real reason for order. ...

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