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  1. Was That A Poot 8; Method To The Madness

    Hey guys the breezey butting, Ric Flair strutting (receding hair line included), child scaring, mullet wearing Poot-Hair here with another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. Yesss that's right my blogs are more entertaining than watching a Big Show vs. Khali Ultimate X match with a twinkie hanging in the middle.

    Now that the grand introductions are out of the way, let's ...
  2. The Royal Ramble: Weekly Raw Review

    It's Ramblin' Time!

    Welcome everyone, to the Royal Ramble! I am Trick the writer of the Royal Ramble! Follow me on twitter @TheRoyalRamble once I get out of Twitter jail. This is the first addition to my weekly review blog on Raw! Before I start, if whatever I say offends or pisses anyone off, well then grow a pair and move on! Happy 4th of July by the way! Let's kick things off ...

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  3. 6 things that tell me Angel Williams wants the WWE

    Let me say this first and foremost, I do not have a obsession with Angel going WWE-bound, nor would I be super excited if she did. However, I can't help but notice there are some little hints and clues left by her and other people that could indicate that the WWE would be her next goal. I'm not saying that I'm being correct or anything, they look very strange and coincidental. Let me explain them ...

    Updated 07-07-2012 at 12:14 PM by OneTimePosterShorry

    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. Ignoring Smart Fans Damages Your Product

    I just had a stray thought enter my mind while reading a couple of threads on the forums. I was looking at the Bray Wyatt thread and people were talking about how he's out for 6 months due to a shoulder injury, and how he can fill the time by building a stable and cutting promos.

    Let's assume Bray builds a stable, and gets guys to do his dirty work for him. Let's assume that it's played ...

    Updated 07-08-2012 at 09:29 PM by Frank

  5. Zema Ion: Potential has been shown

    Zema Ion has come a long way, hasn't he? He has been quite entertaining as of late and has developed a great character in his run with Impact Wrestling. Zema Ion has been getting heel heat as a cocky heel and hes playing it very well. I'm not going to fib, I thought Zema Ion was average at best when he first arrived in TNA. I thought his look screamed "JOBBER" which is something I thought ...
  6. Why has Rock Vs HBK NEVER happened. Even Now it'll be AMAZING for The Fans.

    They my have had their issues back in the day and were kept apart by Vince but that was an eon ago. It's probably the only true 'Dream' Match left that is actually possible and legit. HBK can do what Undertaker does and turn it on once a year at Mania because he is 'Mr WrestleMania'. Rock has an incredible ability to disappear for months/years and come back as if he never left. He's never been the ...
  7. Top 10 Countdown of the best Summerslam matches of all-time!!

    Summerslam is a big 4 ppv that WWE believes is the #2 ppv behind Wrestlemania of the year. I don't believe that is true, but Summerslam has had its good and bad moments as I've already covered. Now it is time to discuss the best matches in the history of the ppv. I'll give you my personal top 10 that I believe are the 10 best of all-time. Don't claim it to be fact, it is my opinion. I made a huge ...
  8. My 10 favorite moments in TNA history

    Some know TNA as Impact wrestling, but it will always be TNA to me. I began watching TNA in 2004 after coming home from school. Walking home at the time switched through the channels and saw wrestling. Wrestling with guys like Road Dogg, Jarrett, and so forth kept me hooked. In any case, instead of trying to sit here and proclaim the 10 best moments in TNA history because plenty of others could argue ...
  9. Dubs review: Fully Loaded 2000

    Hello guys. Today, I'm going to be reviewing a WWE old school PPV called WWF Fully Loaded 200. I've heared a lot of praising from this PPV and decided to give my thoughts on it. I'm not going to be too biased and I'm going to call things like I see it. How I rate the matches is simple. If the match is horrible, I'll rate it as bad, if the match is average, I'll rate it as mediocre, if the match is ...

    Updated 08-07-2012 at 04:52 AM by Dubs

  10. Who Betta' Than Kanyon: The Moral Debate

    Hey guys it's the Breezey butting, Ric Flair strutting (receding hairline included), child scaring, mullet wearing Poot-Hair here with yet another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. Yessss My blogs are more exciting that watching Zach Gowen with one arm tied behind his back climb a ladder to reach his fake leg on a rope. Now that the grand introductions are out of the way, it's time ...

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