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  1. The Retiring Stars of WWE: A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    Hey Splashers, It's that time again For the Rick Starr Blog Splash.

    As many of you know by now, Edge has officially announced his retirement from professional wrestling last night on RAW. As much as this was a shock to all of us, many of us should have seen it coming as he has been openly stating for the past several months that he was seriously thinking about retirement. If I recall ...

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  2. Their best years: Bret Hart, CM Punk, and Christian

    Hello everyone. Welcome to another "Best Years" blog. As usual, I'll be listing three wrestlers and telling you guys what their best year was along with giving reasons as to why I feel that was truly their best year in professional wrestling. Now this could mean they were put in more money feuds that year, they were putting on amazing promos nonstop that year, and/or they put on the best ...

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  3. Did John Cena & Cm Punk Switch Roles?

    Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well folks. I'm here today blogging on the recent character development and changes of Cm Punk. Before every starts reading, let me be honest....THIS WILL BE AN ANTI-PUNK & PRO-CENA BLOG. I'm just throwing that out there to all the "Punk-etts" out there. Now lets begin guys.

    Cm Punk: The Catalyst of Change?

    So Punk made a ...
  4. My Top 10 Finishers and Theme Songs

    My Top 10 Finishers and Theme Songs

    Hi, everyone. I have not posted a blog in quite a while and the blog i'm doing today isn't the type of blog I would usually do. This is more of something, that I enjoy in Wrestling and I thought would be fun to do.


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  5. Silly Brit: WWE 50 Greatest Finishers DVD Review

    Hey there!

    Apologies for the lack of blog or general activity, I was making my way back from Tulsa, Oklahoma on a long holiday back to sunny old England and then back off to Devon! Been busy but I'm here. And rather angry it might be said.

    WWE released the kinda-anticipated 'WWE 50 Greatest Finishing Moves' DVD: a collection of the best finishers, as voted for ...
  6. Loose Cannon: The Missing Link- Chris Beniot

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to an edition; the first edition of Loose Cannon. As many of you know me as, I am the host of the EWN Championship, Monday Night Blog Brawls, and Loose Cannon. Hopefully I do not pisses people off by this type of this blog, as many people have many different views of Chris Beniot. I am not going to go too much into depths with types of blogs, since most of them about this ...
  7. Who TNA should hire to be a part of EV2.0

    So this is my first blog in which I will talk about who I believe should join EV2.0 against Fortune (The few wrestlers from ECW who can still go). First of all the main person I feel should be put with EV2.0 is Too Cold Scorpio. He is one of the very few ECW wrestlers who are still as good as they were before and is an incredibly talented performer.

    Next is Kid Kash who wrestled a Dark ...
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  8. To PG or not to PG...that is the buisness

    There are times when (d)evolution in the industry, whether good or bad for loyal fans, has to happen. Many people complain that the state of Professional Wrestling, namely the WWE has retracted itself from the "attitude" era and is a more kid friendly product. People have to understand that what Vince McMahon is doing is planting seeds down the line for the newer generation of viewers brought ...
  9. Change for the best, TNA?

    We all know by now that TNA has taken a turn for the worst. Dixie and friends continue to hire old washed up wrestlers who only contribute by name value (if they have rights to that name). And it sounds good theoretically, but when you give these stars the amount of money that Dixie gives, she in turn loses money. We all know this and we all know that TNA needs to stop hiring has-beens. Guys like ...
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  10. The real reasons why I don't watch WWE anymore

    1. Moving JR to Smackdown, then getting rid of him in general: He was one of the reasons (other than Bischoff at the time) why I was watching Monday Night Raw. He was able to tell a story from A-Z by calling a match with King. Late last year, Jim Ross was forced to leave the announce booth after being struck with another Bell’s Palsy attack, and ever since then Vince McMahon decided it was ...

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