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  1. Factions and Tag Team that should be! PART 1: FACTIONS

    Hey guys!

    After watching CM Punk’s New Nexus take shape on Raw, and the rise of Wade Barrett’s new group, the Corre, on SmackDown – I’ve been bit by the faction bug!
    For quite a while, I’ve been thinking up Factions that I would like to see form on WWE TV, as well as potential tag teams to give new life to the near-death WWE Tag Team Division of today.

  2. Possibility of Sting to WWE

    Before I go into Sting debuting in WWE i would like to state that in my opinion I'm leaning towards the mysterious 2.21.11 being The Undertaker (but please be Sting).

    There is an article on titled. "Dont Expect Sting in the WWE." In this article two quotes are used to back up the article's title. "I am older and have a family. The schedule would not work. ...

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  3. How do you improve a billion dollar business??

    The WWE obviously is a well oiled machine as its has a long and successful history, outlasting many of its competitors; but my question to you is how can it become better?

    Any business should look and improving and my personal opinion is the wwe could;
    Firstly, remove the split roster policy and have one giant roster for both Raw and Smackdown! This wouldnt only improve the watchability ...
  4. WMania '11: A Letdown; WWE Aims for 2012

    Simply put Wrestlemania 27 was a major let down. After all the hype for weeks, especially around The Rock's role at Wrestlemania, we, as fans, assumed big things were going to go down on the big night. It never really happened. What is clear, is that The Rock's involvement in the last few weeks has been a launchpad for the bigger picture - Wrestlemania 28 - the main event match versus John Cena. ...

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  5. Adam Joseph Copeland (Edge) - A Celebration

    Hi all,

    The world of “Wrestling” Entertainment constantly blurs fantasy with reality to keep fans guessing whether something they’ve just seen was a ‘work’ or not. Sometimes this can be done to well, Taker after this years Mania for example and sometimes disastrously (Jarrett/Angle). Sometimes we just don’t know when storyline ends and reality begins which is why I initially ...

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  6. Fixing the Tag Division in the 'E

    I have spent the last 9 weeks studying for the Illinois BAR exam, so my posts and blogs have been put on hold. But I have given myself a couple of nights off before getting into the stretch, so here goes...

    Like many of the fine wrestling aficionados that frequent this site, I enjoy and miss quality tag team and tag matches in WWE. So I'm going to to come up with a few cost-effective, ...

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  7. STATE OF THE 'E: The WWE Championship And What It Means To You

    I know I haven't had a blog in the last week or so but the thing is, I've been very busy. I've started A:




    And A Podcast:

    So, that explains ...
  8. STATE OF THE 'E: A Summer To Remember

    Quick website whoring:

    One of my first blogs was "A Spring/Summer To Be Leary Of" and I focused on the problems of Spring and what they could do to fix their problems leading into the Summer. They fixed all of that and have been producing some of the best television around.

    Now, I said a few weeks ...
  9. Was That A Poot? Blog 1: Making Wrestling Believable Again

    Okay guys this is my first blog here on ewrestlingnews, so have patience with me as I get used to posting here. My name is James and I'm from Alabama (insert dueling banjo's them here) but for entertainment purposes I go by Poot-Hair. Why Poot-Hair you ask? It's a long story full of crying and snot wiping. Let's just say it took alot of soap to wash the dirt.....and poo off my soul. With that ...
  10. What the WWE truly needs

    What's up everyone? This is longtime EWN browser and lifetime WWE fan (and superstar of the Smackdown videogames) kingez, aka Zac Funari (you may have seen me post in the comment sections before). The purpose of this blog is to share my opinion on what the WWE truly needs to be awesome again. I'm a wrestling fan, so I like the wrestling product no matter how crappy creative has gotten. And lately ...

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