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  1. Marketing Royal Rumble XXVI and Making it Memorable

    Alright hello out there to all wrestling fans far and wide.
    I am the one and only T-Hughes35 back today with my latest entry, Presnted by:

    Today I would like to talk about an idea that I have that can really be turned into something big by WWE and leave a really big impact on it’s fan base. This can be something that can really show not only us wrestling ...
  2. Booking my WM 29 card

    This is my well thought out WM 29 card featuring almost everyone on the roster. I assume/hope that this show will be straight wrestling with no concert or nonsense like the last couple of years. Its 4 hours long, so these matches should get time. C'mon its Wrestlemania 29. While i know that many of you reading this may think this is unrealsistic, WM 29 is in about 100 days and with time and good build/storylines ...

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  3. Top 10 non-Royal Rumble matches in history

    The Royal Rumble match has overshadowed the undercard that has put on spectacular bouts over the years. It is time to list the top 10 matches in the undercard aka the 10 best non-Royal Rumble matches in history:

    10.Yokozuna vs Undertaker casket WWF title(1994)-I'd say Taker losing this match and the moment afterwards will end up when his career is over still a top 10 moment in the history ...
  4. The sad road to Wrestlemania

    We all know that the main event of the Chamber is Rock Punk and that Rock is going over to retain the title. Even though I was against the Rock winning in the first place, WWE is going to remain predictable. For those that said Punk didn't draw, his PPV buyrates were good and TLC, the one he was not one and headlined by Cena did quite poorly. Thus, Punk was legit as champ and his reign will one ...
  5. What is a champion?

    I’ve been an avid wrestling fan since my childhood. I’venever seen titles change hands as much as I’ve seen within this month. Alsosince when does a champion lose on a frequent basis?
    My focus is going to be on the WWE and no disrespect to ROHand TNA championships I’m also a fan of them also.
    Do the WWE titles have history and prestige? Haven’tlegends held these belts and defended ...
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  6. Placing Your Bets On The Shield

    The Shield are the best thing in wrestling at the moment. After arriving in the WWE last year, they made waves with their invasion style gimmick. It’s an easy gimmick because it’s not hard to get over. The challenge of it is keeping it over. You need to keep it fresh and its success really relies on its participants.

    Their first match didn’t happen until months after their
  7. The Ultimate Wrestlemania XXX Card

    Hello all, this will be my personal booking for WM 30 based on storylines that are happening now and potential future storylines. I tried to make it as realistic as possible and tried to include almost the entire roster. I excluded Big Show and Mark Henry from the show because I feel their days are over and they're going to retire shortly.

    Preshow: Over the Top Battle Royal (Divas title) ...
  8. BLOG #100: My top 10 Dream Matches

    To make blog 100 the biggest of any blog yet, I decided to give my top 10 dream matches of all-time. This isn't a normal top 10 list though. I set a rule here, I can't use the same wrestler 2x on this list( Austin vs Punk along with Austin vs Hogan. Just 1 Austin dream match). I also left off dream matches that have happened aka Ric Flair vs HHH has happened which means no prime bs. I bet this ...

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  9. Top 10: Worst Main Events in WrestleMania history!

    Wrestlings Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, the biggest event yearly since 1985. Every show has a main event to end a show. We all know that is the last match which is the match everyone wants to see. This year we have WM30, which looks to be a bad main event which got me thinking. Is it the worst Wrestlemania main event of all-time? Which got me looking back at the main events of the biggest show, Wrestlemania ...
  10. Be a Star? Is Vince the biggest "Bully" of them all

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I just have to touch on this whole situations with talent being cheated out of their money which is a complete mockery to the business. I'm very upset about this because eventhough we aren't affected, these guys are still human.

    Let me address Vince McMahon. Vince can kiss my ass and I mean that. I'll continue to watch Raw every week but it sickens ...

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