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  1. Wrestlemania 28

    Hello Wrestling Fans ! Im BiG-NeL and this is my first blog Feel free to comment on gimme your feedback .

    20 Man Battle Royal Dark Match 10 Raw Wrestlers & 10 Smackdown Wrestlers - Alex Riley vs Curt Hawkins vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew Mcintyre vs Jack Swagger vs John Morrison vs Primo vs Zack Ryder vs Santino Marella vs Jtg vs Heath Slater vs Jinder Mahal vs Johnny Curtis vs Justin ...

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  2. Wrestlemania 28: Mick Foley vs The Undertaker

    Hey guys, hope all is well. Recently rumors have been flying around about who the Undertaker will face this year at Wrestlemania. I'll be honest, 90% of the time I believe every wrestling rumor I hear and I don't see why Taker & Foley won't happen 2012 in Miami.

    I'll make this short and sweet as to why this should happen. I know I'm jumping the gun because Foley hasn't even signed ...
  3. State of the WWE roster: Who are the next Wrestlemania headliners?

    WrestlingNerd here once again. Today I'd like to chat a little about WWE's roster. It's sort of alarming right now and I hope Triple H is really good at what he's doing up in the talent development department (his new job), because by the looks of this roster, WWE needs a bunch of new stars to be developed pretty quickly. I'm going to take a look at the top stars of both brands and add my own analysis ...

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  4. The Hardys...why the hate??

    We all know the recent troubles the Hardys have been in lately. Everyday there is some news about either Matt or Jeff Hardy and it's usually not good news. Jeff as we all know has been dealing with issues regarding his drug addiction and his felony drug case which could land him in jail for a long time and Matt has recently been fired from TNA and was also arrested on suspicion of driving impaired. ...
  5. Wrestling Hot Topics

    Hello all! This is my first blog and I'd like to start by telling you a little about myself and why I'm writing this blog. I'm 25 and have been watching wrestling my whole life as long as I can remember. I grew up on Hulkamania and was ushered into my preteen and teen years with the Attitude Era. I took a break from wrestling for a while (2005-2008ish) and am now back to watching thanks in part to ...

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  6. STATE OF THE 'E: The Brand Split Means Nothing!

    Okay, I know I'm in the middle of my FCW blog rant but, I have to take a break and talk about something that's been nagging at everyone since (majorly) the beginning of te year. It seems that the brand split is coming to an end. First they took away "Bragging Rights" which was a PPV designed to see which brand was better. Speculation was they took it away because of the poor sales it garnered ...

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  7. N.O.C, Raw the following night, WWE DVD's, and Wrestlemania 28

    Hey Guys just want to talk about a few different things involving WWE Live Events, Dvd’s, Wrestlemania, ROH Coming to CW network.

    First ill start with a Review of several WWE dvd’s I have watched over the last few days.

    The John Cena Experience: This is an excellent dvd to watch if you want to peek into the travel and hard work it takes to be at the level Cena is ...

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  8. TNA Making moves in the right direction

    Well this is my first blog, and the first time in a long long long time Ive wrote anything online that didnt involve twitter or facebook so here goes...............

    I've been into wrestling now for like 25 years, Ive seen wrestlers come and go, some outstaying there welcome and Ill touch upon that later on.

    I was a WWF Mark back in the 80's early 90's then late 90's became ...
  9. Something a little different?

    Okay so this is my first little blog here, long time reader however and so I thought I'd have a little overview of wrestling in general today and the main 3 North American Companies, ROH, TNA and , of course, WWE.

    I'd like to start by comparing their styles. ROH are easily the most talented wrestlers, even without Daniel Bryan and (presumably) the Kings of Wrestling, these guys know ...
  10. Was That A Poot 5: Los Guerrero's, The Family Of Warriors

    Hey guys The Poot-Hair here with yet another sphincter clenching adventure on your computer. My last blog had the "Was That A Poot" title taken out of it(and not by me) so let's see if this one does as well *shrugs*. Anyway onto this blog's subject matter which is Los Guerrero's The Family Of Warriors.

    This blog may end up being shorter than some of my others but I wanted ...

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