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  1. The Top 5 Babyfaces in the WWE Today

    It's very hard to be the good guy (or gal) in the WWE today. Unless your name is either John Cena or CM Punk, babyface Superstars and Divas hardly don't get any mic time. But nevertheless, there are always babyfaces who stand out in the WWE and so without further delay, here are the top five good guys (and gals) who generate huge pops in the WWE today.

    Honorable Mention

    BRODUS ...

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  2. The Perfect Wrestling Video Game

    This Christmas i was VERY excited to play WWE 12 because it was my first wrestling game in a while. Instead, what i got was a horrible thing called "predator engine" and a game where online users abuse 2 moves and win cheap. Also, the fact that no other mode in that game is playable is beyond me. That's when i realized how a perfect wrestling game would be.

    BTW: This is not ...

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  3. My Dream Champions of WWE Today

    These are the people that I think deserve to be champions. I based this on their in-ring ability, status (popular or not), their mic skills, and I also think back to when these people did hold these championships and thought if they were good the the championships or not. Here it is:

    WWE Champion: The Miz
  4. Brogue Kick Who...ligan?


    I feel the need to share my thoughts and feelings regarding Sheamus, his career thus far, and his current role and future in the WWE.

    Now I'm not a big fan of Shaemus, and never really have been, so I apologise now if my comments come over as rather negative, and welcome anyone reading this blog who is a fan of his work to let me know where I've got it wrong. ...

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  5. MITB Doesn't Earn Interest

    What's up everybody, Renevious here again. I hope all of you are doing well and thanks in advance for reading. This is probably going to be one of my shorter blogs, but I can't promise anything. We'll just have to see where the muses take me. Anyway, I'm here to talk about why I feel that Money in the Bank needs to go away.

    If you go back and look at my old blogs, I'm sure you'll find ...
  6. Uncooked: Raw Afterthoughts

    Ok guys, I said I would be back permanently in the last WBC, and here I am! I am tweaking the format again once more, so for those who are usual readers, please tell me what you think.

    The Bad
    *Anonymous GM is Horny
    *4/6 Matches were Squashed
    *AJ/Bryan/Punk Angle
  7. Be a Star? Is Vince the biggest "Bully" of them all

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I just have to touch on this whole situations with talent being cheated out of their money which is a complete mockery to the business. I'm very upset about this because eventhough we aren't affected, these guys are still human.

    Let me address Vince McMahon. Vince can kiss my ass and I mean that. I'll continue to watch Raw every week but it sickens ...
  8. The Way I See It - Top 5 WWE-to-TNA Wrestlers

    Hello, again. I'm going to do something a bit different this week. Instead of touching on the current happenings in TNA wrestling, I'm going to do a top five list. My list is going to revolve around the top five wrestlers that have jumped ship from the WWE to TNA. Now, I understand that a simple idea such as this can have many loopholes, so allow me to fix them:

    1.) I'm not including ...
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  9. Gentlemen's Corner: Promo's and Mic Time.

    Dear Sir's and Madam's,
    After a hiatus of 9 consecutive months, i present to you again: "The Gentlemen's corner".

    This time i would like to discuss a matter that is quite bothering me in multipile way's. The mic time on weekly (WWE) shows.

    Hooray, we got ourselves more time for the program!
    Since July we (might) enjoy the privilege of a three hour edition ...

    Updated 10-24-2012 at 09:13 AM by Beer_Villain

  10. The top 10 best moments in the history of Survivor Series!!

    The long awaited top 10 moments in the history of Survivor Series is here!! I went back and watched past Survivor Series to make this as legit as I can for all of you. Hope you enjoy this blog. Here is in my opinion the Top 10 moments in the history of Survivor Series!!

    10.Cena wins 1st world title 08-Cena coming off an injury he suffered at Summerslam in a match with Batista. His long ...

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