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  1. The Rise and Fall of the WWE

    Okay I wrote this Blog entery before Elimination Chamber so some things have been changed from the original.

    Wassup it's the TurtleMan here with my very first blog here, I've been muddling this around in my mind for a awhile now and I figured I would write a blog about guys in the wwe who got a push and then lost it for whatever reasion.

    First up......

    Drew ...

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  2. WWE: Failed Top 10 World Title retains

    What's up blog readers! Now before, I did a 'WWE: Failed Top 10 World Title wins' blog but now, I'm going to a 'WWE: Failed Top 10 World Title retains' blog. I'm going to count down the World Title retains that should have changed hands. Lets get to it!

    #10: John Cena retains against Orton at Summerslam 2007
    Now I'm a fan of John Cena and a defender of his but he shouldn't ...

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  3. The Rock vs John Cena; More then just a match.

    So we ALL know it’s going to happen, the video packages, the satellite promo’s, the live promos everything. It seems like most of raw is used to hype up The Rock vs John Cena match at Wrestlemania, which to me… is fair enough. However, as a fan of WWE and TNA, does this match really deserve all the hype it’s getting? Yes. Yes it does.

    I come from England, and live in Newcastle. ...
  4. WMania 27, Vince Senile? PG vs Attitude, Fanbases.

    Hey Guys!!! 7 Days till my yearly trip to Mania week!!! If you have never been to a mania week and enjoyed the events i would encourage you to do so if you are able to. And i'm uploading over 100 pics from mania 27 last year on my profile so go check that out!

    Ok so the first thing im going to address is the "Vince Is Senile" comments that i see quite a bit. Here ...

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  5. The 5 Most Underrated Tag Teams of All Time

    Hey guys, hope all is well, Knox here. I'm blogging on tag teams this week. Lookout for "The 5 Worst Tag Teams of All Time" as well. Hope you enjoy this small series. For this blog in particular I'm touching on the most underrated teams. The majority of my list will consist from the 80s which is before I was born but I still know a little bit of something from that time, hope you enjoy. ...

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  6. My Opinion on How to Fix the problems in the WWE

    There is a few things I don't understand about the WWE, I seen so many sure fire things that will be a instant success that the WWE seems to put more effort in to making it fail than they do to make it work... Here is a few Ideas I have that I think could make The WWE better creatively and financially.

    This might not appeal to everybody, But now That Smackdown talent ...

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  7. The Top 5 Babyfaces in the WWE Today

    It's very hard to be the good guy (or gal) in the WWE today. Unless your name is either John Cena or CM Punk, babyface Superstars and Divas hardly don't get any mic time. But nevertheless, there are always babyfaces who stand out in the WWE and so without further delay, here are the top five good guys (and gals) who generate huge pops in the WWE today.

    Honorable Mention

    BRODUS ...

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  8. The Perfect Wrestling Video Game

    This Christmas i was VERY excited to play WWE 12 because it was my first wrestling game in a while. Instead, what i got was a horrible thing called "predator engine" and a game where online users abuse 2 moves and win cheap. Also, the fact that no other mode in that game is playable is beyond me. That's when i realized how a perfect wrestling game would be.

    BTW: This is not ...

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  9. My Dream Champions of WWE Today

    These are the people that I think deserve to be champions. I based this on their in-ring ability, status (popular or not), their mic skills, and I also think back to when these people did hold these championships and thought if they were good the the championships or not. Here it is:

    WWE Champion: The Miz
  10. Brogue Kick Who...ligan?


    I feel the need to share my thoughts and feelings regarding Sheamus, his career thus far, and his current role and future in the WWE.

    Now I'm not a big fan of Shaemus, and never really have been, so I apologise now if my comments come over as rather negative, and welcome anyone reading this blog who is a fan of his work to let me know where I've got it wrong. ...

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