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  1. Is CM Punk The Biggest Hypocrite in Prowrestling?

    First off I like to say Iam a admire of CM Punks work, I Love his in ring ability's and I think his promos (Before becoming John Cena's mini me on the mic) were Stellar and some of the better prowrestling promos I have ever seen. But I really believe CM Punk is one of the most Hypocritical people in entertainment today.

    Lets look at the whole Chris Brown Twitter war going on... CM Punk ...

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  2. WWE must change Smackdown format

    The WWE enters this fall with no new hit ideas outside of Nexus, which to this writer is getting stale with all the beat downs and making the WWE top elite look weak.

    WWE Smackdown will switch networks from the MyNetworkTV to Sy-fy. It seems since the roster split back in 2002 WWE has been searching for answers for the Smackdown brand. But until they decide to seriously give Smackdown ...
  3. Cena Vs Barrett: The Future

    So I was impressed with RAW last night and the Nexus looked good. I wouldn't shun them away quite yet if I were the WWE. Here's what I was thinking of last night...

    Alright so Cena Vs Barrett.. somehow they should let Barrett get the win, Cena is forced to join the group.

    Now let's get real, if that happened, would the fans accept it? Would Cena accept it?
  4. The Short Comings of WWE

    Ok so before I get to the big reveal here are some questions you should ask yourself:

    1. Do you watch RAW and/or Smackdown every week? Every other week? As often as possible?

    2. Do you pay for the ppvs thinking or knowing they will be crap? Did they prove you wrong?

    3. Do you buy Smackdown vs RAW games every year knowing you'll only play it a few weeks ...

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  5. TNA: 47 Easy steps to become the #1 Wrestling Company

    I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Chris Jericho's new book. And I decided that it would be good to have book or blog that list the steps for TNA to become the #1 Wrestling company. Here they are

    1. Get rid of Hulk Hogan
    2. Get rid of the Karen/Jarret vs. Angle storyline
    3. Get rid of Vince Russo
    4. Get rid of Jeff Hardy
    5. Get Ric Flair out of ...
  6. Why do People Hate TNA wrestling? Hogan/Bishoff?

    Why do so many people "hate" TNA wrestling? Is it because of the welcoming of the Hogan-Bishoff regime? I mean, before Hulk and Bishoff step foot into grounds of TNA, the company had a "low-budget" appeal. Their wrestlers entrance video were so budget. And It seem like they were just waiting for their next "major acquistion" to step foot into their company. Jeff Jarret ...
  7. Why CM Punk Must Not Appear on Monday Night RAW!

    Credit goes to the WWE creative team for seizing the opportunity to go against convention and, for at least one night, embrace the chaos theory that makes wrestling so special when pulled off so flawlessly. We were outwitted time and time again, just in the span of five minutes. From the Montreal Screwjob that didn’t happen, to the Cena grandstand that didn’t pay off, to the Alberto Del Rio angle ...
  8. The Dusty Finish: SummerSlam Fallout Thoughts

    SummerSlam is billed as the biggest party of the summer, and last night that is exactly what the WWE gave us. For a PPV that I was skeptical about due to the fact that only four matches were announced by the end of Monday Night Raw last week, I walked away very impressed. We the fans got treated to three big returns (one really big one) and three title changes. Let's take a look at why I'm on the ...
  9. CM Punk As A Heel

    How yall doing bloggers? This is Cross back in action coming live off my toilet seat. Hey, when a man has to go, he has to go. Regardless of what lie I just told I wanted to start this off with a quote that I saw in the wrestling forums which I thought was really good.

    "CM Punk's character change, wrestling-wise, makes no sense. He was beating top contenders clean for 6+ months,

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  10. Monday Night Blog Brawl#1

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the most exciting show that has debuted on EWN since the EWN Championship. Welcome to Monday Night Blog Brawl. Ever since my latest blog being the EWN Championship where we saw TGO pull it out against some stiff competition, I have been thinking a lot about another creation. Well without further anticipation, welcome to the inaugural Monday Night Blog Brawl.

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