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  1. top 10 Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts

    This is a list of the Greatest WWF/WWE Debuts. Not much more to say here so we will get right to it.

    Since EWN only lets me put so many videos and pics up only the lower portion wil have video footage.

    10. John Cena Debut on SmackDown.
    When Kut Angle challenged anyone in the back, No one expected that a young muscled up wrestler with generic and ring ...

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  2. Why WWE is PG and What The IWC Doesn't understand

    I read Blog after Blog. Artical after Artical. All giving their Theory why the WWE went PG. But the truth is, the answer is right in front of are face.

    Lets Get the facts on why WWE is PG
    WWE became PG in mid 2008. That was the First Raw PG show for WWE.. WWEs ratings around 2005 were around high 3's and sometimes (very Rare) they hit a 4.0. They ranged around 3.7..... Ratings ...

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  3. Top 10 Funniest Matches in Wrestling History

    What makes wrestling so entertaining? Well, for me, it's how it can make me laugh. It's becoming rarer and rarer these days - but when wrestling is funny it's about the hardest I'll laugh at anything. What makes a match funny? It could be any number of things. Sometimes a match is meant to be funny, sometimes it's not. Perhaps the managers or commentators will add something. Ideally it's a mixture ...

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  4. TNA 10: Top Ten Moments

    TNA 10: Top 10 moments
    In this blog I will be counting down my top ten moments in TNA history, I believe myself to be fan of both WWE and TNA and more importantly professional wrestling as whole. I proudly say I have watched TNA since the first PPV from Huntsville, Alabama (mainly because it was on free television here in the UK). I stopped watching a few times but always kept up on the storylines. ...
  5. PG era is Advantageous for Fans and WWE

    Why the pg era is good for wrestling fans and the WWE.
    So today I thought I'd take on an issue relevant to wrestling fans but many in the internet wrestling community, in my opinion, blindly hate with out realizing the benefits of it. The pg era, as a whole does have it's down sides but in this blog I will focus on the good things about the pg era. Trust me there are plenty of positive things ...

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  6. Educating the noobs (TNA vs ECW myth)

    I saw a recent comment on the news section where someone stated (in a negative and smarky way) that TNA is smaller than even ECW was under Paul Heyman.

    I never do these blogs but felt compelled to do a quick one and list some comparisons to try and educate some of the newer Wrestling fans who (by the fault of WWE's monopoly and twisting of history) don't know any better.

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  7. Is CM Punk The Biggest Hypocrite in Prowrestling?

    First off I like to say Iam a admire of CM Punks work, I Love his in ring ability's and I think his promos (Before becoming John Cena's mini me on the mic) were Stellar and some of the better prowrestling promos I have ever seen. But I really believe CM Punk is one of the most Hypocritical people in entertainment today.

    Lets look at the whole Chris Brown Twitter war going on... CM Punk ...

    Updated 05-19-2012 at 04:10 AM by THE_CRIPPLER

  8. WWE must change Smackdown format

    The WWE enters this fall with no new hit ideas outside of Nexus, which to this writer is getting stale with all the beat downs and making the WWE top elite look weak.

    WWE Smackdown will switch networks from the MyNetworkTV to Sy-fy. It seems since the roster split back in 2002 WWE has been searching for answers for the Smackdown brand. But until they decide to seriously give Smackdown ...
  9. Cena Vs Barrett: The Future

    So I was impressed with RAW last night and the Nexus looked good. I wouldn't shun them away quite yet if I were the WWE. Here's what I was thinking of last night...

    Alright so Cena Vs Barrett.. somehow they should let Barrett get the win, Cena is forced to join the group.

    Now let's get real, if that happened, would the fans accept it? Would Cena accept it?
  10. The Short Comings of WWE

    Ok so before I get to the big reveal here are some questions you should ask yourself:

    1. Do you watch RAW and/or Smackdown every week? Every other week? As often as possible?

    2. Do you pay for the ppvs thinking or knowing they will be crap? Did they prove you wrong?

    3. Do you buy Smackdown vs RAW games every year knowing you'll only play it a few weeks ...

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