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  1. WWE: Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match

    So the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules is a triple threat match between The Miz, R-Truth and yes.....John Cena.

    I would have preferred to see The Miz v Randy Orton v John Morrison. How has R-Truth managed to get a WWE title match? Don't get me wrong, he;s a good worker in the ring but he is not one of the potential top superstars. I remember at Vengeance PPV in 2002 with The ...

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  2. Impact Wrestling's Golden Ticket P1

    So these last few weeks WWE has been dropping in Ratings and they are getting ever so close to the 2.9 mark.
    Now I hate TNA lately as much as any other guy, but I know Damn well if they just make a few minor changes and market the company better instead of taking shots at WWE that they could without a doubt pull off 2.0 ratings.
    If you were to ask yourself if you ran TNA full ...

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  3. To TNA: A Letter of Concern

    To Whom This May Concern:

    TNA...Impact Wrestling...whatever you call yourselves these days - it's time. It is time to make a move. Stop sitting back and waiting for the fans and ratings to come. It's time to make a decision to make yourself competitive in the main-stream wrestling picture. You can be the one that brings wrestling back from it's recession of popularity and creative mediocrity. ...
  4. Capitol Punishment Review (Better than Concensus)

    So Ive been seeing different blogs and reviews on other sites about last nights Capitol Punishment PPV, and its been mostly negative. Ive never posted anything on this site, but I felt like the general consensus was off, and anyone who didn't see the show firsthand assumes they didnt miss anything special. Wrong. I may go on a bit of a rant but try to stay with me.

    So other than a few ...

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  5. Why do People Hate TNA wrestling? Hogan/Bishoff? PART2

    Well after I have read the comments that the last post received, I just needed to correct a few of them. HOGAN AND BISHOFF DID NOT DESTROY WCW. The merge between AOL and Time Warner is what caused the demise of WCW. AOL didn't want anything to do with pro-wrestling at the time. The only option Eric Bishoff had was to keep the company but there would be no TV deal, which would have been a pointless. ...

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  6. WWE's biggest mistakes, a recap...........

    After reading comments on this page from the readers about how TNA was so awful and WWE was the best thing since sliced bread. Let's recap some of WWE's greatest failures that we've lived through:

    1) The Montreal Screwjob: Enough has been said about this that it's way past old news, but before this we weren't seeing behind the scenes documentaries and how the matches were put together. ...

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  7. The Eternal Feud That is: Smarks vs. Marks

    Hey everyone. This is my first ever attempt at writing one of these so apologies if it is hard to read or doesn't come across with fully coherent arguments. First and foremost, I would like to just say that I fully appreciate and respect people who find the time to write one of these columns pretty much every week. It truly is a testament to the wrestling business itself and the passionate fan base ...
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  8. TNA Live Event impressions (Austin TX)

    Ok, so first blog, not going to break down match by match but did want to get out my general impressions on the TNA house show that I was at on July 28th at the Austin Music Center, in Austin TX

    First was the meet and greet, Don announced that there were 18 "Limited edition" Jeff Jarrett guitars for sale, and that if you bought one (For 175.00) that you would also ...
  9. Breaking down the future of the Undertaker

    Hello readers of this site. I'm the WrestlingNerd and I'll be making my first blog about the future of the WWE legend known as the Undertaker. Now, it's no secret that the Undertaker is nearing the end of his career and is in pretty poor physical condition. I'd say he has one good match left in him, but after that, it's fair to say that the gas has finally ran out of his tank. I don't see the Undertaker ...

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  10. WWE needs to get rid of commericals during matches

    I talk about commercials during matches and the solution to them.

    One thing that I still can't stand is those fucking commercial breaks during matches, it happens during almost all matches and I hate it. I'd rather have a 3 minute segment with hornswoggle than a commercial break between a match. I understand that breaks are needed but not when you are really interested in a match, it ...

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