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  1. Did John Cena and CM Punk Switch Roles? Nope. Not Even Close.

    I was just watching the Punk-CNN spot (what can I say, I'm a sucker for human beings who think beating women is wrong) when I noticed the only comment below it urging me to read a blog that tells the not-so-accurate tale of Punk becoming the new Cena, how he's already watered down and stale, and how nothing is different about the WWE title. Having read this blog already, I remember finding it annoying ...

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  2. Ring Ka King of Heels

    This post may contain Ring Ka King spoilers for Feb 25th episode – if you want to watch the episode first you can do so here

    Having just watched my first episode of Ring Ka King I thought I absolutely had to write a post concerning the program. I don’t usually dip my toe in TNA waters, every time I’ve tried ...
  3. Top 5.... Most Deteriorated Wrestlers in Wrestling

    Most readers are gonna read this list and think of Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, HHH, Mick Foley, Hogan and Flair but this blog isnt about Wrestlers who are past their prime or have accumulated injuries over the years that have effected their performances. NO. This Blog is about Wrestlers who were on the top of the world performance wise, Having Great matches and looked like they be the future of wrestling ...

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  4. Was Sting an Icon

    Hey guys Knox here hoping you all are doing well. I think the reason I have so many blogs is because sometimes I write a blog just after reading a headline on this site and not too long ago I read a headline and it said "Road Warrior Say's Sting Isn't an Icon". I don't believe I have to blog on a topic so obvious. If you wanna read that post, here's the link. ...
  5. Yes Sir,We Promised You A Great Event:WrestleMania 28 Discussed

    I'm Back!

    Big Plans For WWE Draft:This is pretty pointless since the Brand Split is over. But if I were WWE, I'd send the Miz and Cena to Smackdown, hopefully with Cena as a heel after beating Rock at WM, and a face Miz. Give Miz some much needed promo time, let him feud with Cena the way the younger guys feuded with heel Rock in 02-03.

    Basically ...

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  6. Building CM Punk's Legacy

    Hi everyone, it's me deadly here again. I want to talk about CM Punk and how he can improve and whats next for him.

    Jericho/Punk Feud
    What ever happens at Wrestlemania WWE say the Punk and Jericho feud will continue. Now that WWE have said this, many possibilities can happen at Wrestlemania and I'm going to go to say what I feel are the most likely.

    Jericho Wins ...

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  7. Thoughts on Randy Orton

    Hello my fellow blog readers. It feels great to post my 20th blog here on EWN. My topic today is going to be about Randy Orton, his current state in the WWE, whether a heel turn his good for him or not, his promo skills, and potential feuds I would like to see him in. By the way, if anyone has a comment that has been moderated, let me know and I'll be sure to approve it. Anyways, lets get started! ...

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  8. PART 2 - “The WWE Wrestling-Mark Consumer Lifecycle”

    Hi guys, Dr_Cuboid here to bring you Part 2 of “The WWE Wrestling-Mark Consumer Lifecycle”. Thank you for clicking on my post, but If you haven't already read Part 1, please go back and check it out first as it is a single blog.

    So lets start where we left off. I believe we are currently entering Phase 2 of the lifecycle, which I have termed the 'Middle Jimmy' Phase.

    Middle Jimmy.jpg ...

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  9. UnderFED and Hungry: Dolph Ziggler

    In the great abyss of data, information and sheer EVERYTHING that is the World Wide Web nothing stirs the cauldron of controversy and debate like some simple blogger offering an opinion. See…even reading this you suddenly have an opinion concerning my opinion about opinions! Does it ever end? All kidding aside what is a blog for anyway but to offer comments, opinions and share information? Agree ...
  10. The Best NON Wrestler in the World

    Whether you are a casual fan bouncing back-and-forth or a diehard enthusiast of the world of professional wrestling you have probably witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the industry. Gimmicks change and wrestlers come and go but one thing stays the same as far as the promotion and drive of those who make it happen—every conceivable idea is fair game and thrown up on the wall to seewhat

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