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  1. The Best NON Wrestler in the World

    Whether you are a casual fan bouncing back-and-forth or a diehard enthusiast of the world of professional wrestling you have probably witnessed a lot of ups and downs in the industry. Gimmicks change and wrestlers come and go but one thing stays the same as far as the promotion and drive of those who make it happen—every conceivable idea is fair game and thrown up on the wall to seewhat
  2. The Royal Ramble: Top 20 Moments in the History of Raw's 1000 Episodes!

    From here on out, every blog I write will be called The Royal Ramble by Trick! Please follow me at @TRICK1042 on twitter!

    Before I start, once again I'm going to say this list is in my opinion and if you don't agree tough sh*t! If anything I say offends you, well then grow a pair and move on to the next blog. OR!!!! you can read my old blog and here is the link! ...
  3. Alternative Universe 2 - SummerSlam 1987..?

    Summerslam. Often see as the number 2 of the big 4 PPVs, just after Wrestlemania in importance. But it was actually Survivor Series that appeared in the WWF calendar first, way back in 1987. The first Summerslam appeared the following year in 1988, main evented by the tag match of the Mega Powers against the Mega Bucks.
    Even today with the arguably over satuation in the PPV market, Summerslam ...

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  4. Hornswoggle as the Anonymous RAW GM: Are you serious, bro?

    On tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW, the Anonymous RAW General Manager made his return after nearly a one-year absence. And after a little more than two years since his debut, his identity was finally revealed.

    During the time the Anonymous RAW GM ruled Monday nights, I, like most members of the WWE Universe, was curious as to who the Anonymous RAW GM was. Could it be "Stone ...

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  5. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review

    I see what you did there, WWE.

    This may be the shortest blog entry I ever write, and it isn’t out of laziness. No, it is out of the fact that Raw provided no more than ten minutes of worthwhile programming. I wish that was an exaggeration, but alas it is not. Kicking off with a, frankly, shocking moment of a marriage proposal (or two) was not a strong start in my eyes. It actually ...

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  6. My top 10 favorite wrestling theme songs

    A blogger recently had a top 10 list for theme and finishing manuevers. Decided to respond with my own selections for each category. These are just based on my personal favs in which I believe are the best. My formula for themes is rather simple: Songs that get me pumped mixed in with songs when fans go nuts when they hear it. Do moves in a different blog as it seems that I rambled a bit too much. ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  7. What to expect on RAW's historic 1000th episode?

    This Monday, Monday Night RAW celebrates its 1000th episode at the Scottstrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri that will feature surprises, past WWE legends, and once-in-a-lifetime matches.

    And so without further delay, here's what to expect on this historical episode:


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  8. Impact Wrestling 8/16/12 Segments & future plans

    1. Austin Aries comes out first, and says that everyone was calling his title win a fluke. But he doesn't think this is the case. Especially considering the fact that he beat Bobby Roode twice. Austin, then says it doesn't matter who is the winner of "The Bound for Glory" series because either way he is going to walk in to "Bound for Glory" champ and walk out the same way. This ...
  9. The Royal Ramble: The WWE Continues to Drop the Ball!

    Before I begin, I wanted to say a few things concerning this blog. These are my personal opinions and everyone else is entitled to their opinion as well in the comment section below. I might say a few things during this that a lot of people probably won't agree with but to be quite honest, is that going to bother me? Hell no! Give me your thoughts at the end and let's spark a few things. Now let's ...
  10. Talking Smack: Sheamus Gone Wild

    When the second best match of the evening is a Diva’s tag match, that means you’re probably watching Smackdown, which means it’s time to start Talking Smack.

    The Standout

    Speaking of talking smack, the standout this week was me. I win this award for being able to sit through this entire week’s episode and still have the strength ...

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