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  1. Cody Rhodes' Loss to the Big Show: A Step Backward

    With Cody Rhodes losing the Intercontinental Championship to the Big Show at WrestleMania 28, many people think that it will move Rhodes into the World Heavyweight Championship picture. But in reality, that is not the case in my opinion and here's why.

    Even though a babyface currently hold the World Heavyweight Championship (that being Sheamus), it does not necessarily mean that Rhodes ...

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  2. The Legend of Andy Kaufman

    It has now been 30 years since Andy Kaufman walked into the wrestling world and grabbed it by throat. Over the last three decades, Kaufman's legend has only continued to grow. Weather it was him challenging women to matches for his prestigious 'Inter-gender World Championship,' or getting the crap smacked out of him by Jerry 'The King' Lawler on the David Letterman show, Kaufman was in your face.
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  3. The Importance of Lockdown.

    The Importance of TNA Lockdown

    So lets have a look at the Impact (excuse the pun! ) TNA Lockdown COULD have on the rest of TNA’s Year and on its history.

    The event is heavily promoted around “Home Grown” talent and could become a turning point in TNA’s struggle for Status

    The Lockdown Pay Per View
    Lockdown has always been a huge event in ...
  4. Blog Wars 18: Top 6 Managers/Valets

    Welcome back to Blog Wars! Sorry for the wait but this episode will be an exciting match up. First off, I'd like to annouce that Blog Wars is an official sponsor of the EWA. As the sponsor I will do a small column at the bottom of the blog introducing 1 talent to the masses each week. Now before I begin I'd like to say that on the 20th episode of Blog Wars I will change my format some. Top 5 ...
  5. Re-booking history: Owen Hart in 1998

    Hello blog readers from coast to coast and all over the globe! I welcome yet another original edition of re-booking history! Like always, I will be putting my spin on past angles, feuds, and also wrestlers who I felt were incredibly misused. Today, I'm going to be booking Owen Hart in 1998 which was during the mid Attitude Era years. I'm going book Owen Hart step by step, putting him in feuds that ...

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  6. Booking Roode's title reign and other TNA titles toward Bound For Glory!!

    Who should face Roode? Leave guys who he has faced already out of the picture. Have Roode face various wrestlers who Dixie thinks can take the belt off of him which the plan is to wait til Bound For Glory.
    Sacrifice: Roode vs RVD in a ladder match with the theme Roode will put the belt on the line while RVD will put his body on the line. That has been RVD's reputation throughout his career. ...

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  7. How to Regain a Loyal Fan

    2) Bring back HONOR to my championships.

    As I sit here and think about how to bring honor to my championships, all I can think of is 18 seconds. The World Heavyweight Championship match at this year’s WrestleMania. This very match was the OPENING match for WM 29. Forget the story lines that the writers were concerned about. Forget creating a sense of automatic investment into the Pay ...
  8. Blog Wars 19: Top 6 Entrances

    Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars!!! Destruction was not able to do a blog for this round because of tech. difficulties and other obligations so this week we have 2 brand new guys here to fill his empty spot. This week it will be RavenEffect vs Giddy in what is sure to be a classic. Here is this weeks list

    Top 6 Entrances
    Criteria: No special one night entrances, ...
  9. $hazBlog: Booking The Divas Champion (Part 2/2)

    What's going on guys! Here is the 2nd and last part of my booking of the Divas Champion!

    Please read the 1st part:


    Raw: Kharma comes out with a bag, and she grabs a mic. She says that she has finally done ...
  10. How to Regain a Loyal Fan pt. 5 - Don't insult my intelligence as a fan

    Do you know why so many fans have remained loyal to Paul Heyman? The man always put us first. Look up his first reaction to Sabu “No Showing” an event. The man always made sure we knew the truth behind the injuries to his performers. The man fought without conviction when he felt as though they weren’t giving US the best wrestling program possible, even when faced with network executives
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