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  1. STATE OF THE 'E: Dissecting The FCW Talent (Part. 01 - 06)

    This will be a multiple part blog taking a look at the "TOP 10" up and coming talent in the WWE Developmental brand: FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) this has been an idea I’ve been toying with for a little while now. So please, lets’ take that look. FCW has been THE ‘E’s talent farm since 2007. Then it was the 2nd talent system behind OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) but, in 2008 ...

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  2. Was That A Poot? Blog 2: TNA, Will January Be Too Late?

    Hey guys it's the Poot-Hair again and after the relative success of my first blog I decided to give it a second go. If this works out pretty well I plan on writing a weekly/bi-monthly blogs on anything I deem blog worthy

    First and foremost let me say that I am not a WWE, TNA, or RoH mark. I am a Pro Wrestling mark. I mark out for all the drama, suspense, and in-ring action that we've ...
  3. Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle (Bound for Glory)

    Sunday September 11th we saw at TNAs PPV No Surrender, Bobby Roode defeated both Gunner and Bully ray to become the winner of the BFG series making him the Number one contender and main event at BFG for the world Heavyweight Championship against the current champion the Olympic gold medalist Kurt angle.

    For a while maybe even when i first started watching TNA in 2006/2007 i saw major ...
  4. Things the IWC Need to Understand

    This Blog will focus on oppions the IWC has on Different Topics in wrestling..
    This will deal with complaints they have on the wrestling business, Popular oppion that is just said cause it is popular without even any thought in to it and also on things the IWC doesnt seem to understand.


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  5. The Odds and Ends of TNA and WWE

    What’s up Splashers! In This edition, I take a look at the differences between TNA and the WWE. Now before anyone gets the wrong idea of me being just a WWE mark or a TNA mark, you got the wrong idea. I am a wrestling fan, which means I am bias. With that said let’s get down to business.

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  6. WWE Management: In and Out of The Ring.

    Wassup Splashers! With the Hell in Cell right around the corner, everybody seems to be talking about it. Also since my Night of Champions Picks was a dead flop, I decided to give this one a pass and talk about other things.

    On WWE Managment:

    For most of you WWE fans, the answer seems ...

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  7. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era - Mankind/Dude Love/Cactus Jack/Mick Foley

    This blog is about a wrestler who wrestled at the very top and was suggested by both Knox and Sahu. Hope I did him service.
    One of the best main eventers of the Attitude Era, this character was one of the most hated heels/ most popular faces from 1996 to 2000. Somewhat of a cult hero in the wrestling world, he was not the most agile or technically gifted of wrestlers but always put ...
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  8. Blog Wars Episode 2

    Welcome back for the second edition of Blog Wars. I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback on the last show. I like to be the first to congratulate Dr. Death on being the first IWC Blog Champion. But lets see if the champ can win the first title defense against Knox. And now since so many people are talking about Wrestlemania XXVIII main event between the Rock and John Cena this weeks list ...
  9. The State of Wrestling...Is the End Near?

    This is my first real attempt at a blog in a public forum. I welcome any comments and I will be posting regarding WWE and TNA leading up to Wrestlemania. I cannot promise that I will be posting after Wrestlemania though.

    I've watched Wrestling for a long time. And while I've seen the emergence of many superstars, and dealt with changing times and different eras. I've never thought I'd ...
  10. THE ROCK VS JOHN CENA. Why Cena can't win.

    Just imagine The Rock whopping Cena's candy ass all match and then Cena does his incredible 5 moves of doom or whatever garbage that is and pins him 1,2,3. Much like he does most wrestlers that are better than him. There's no passing of the torch here............just a shockingly awful disgrace. In fact in my last post I said that Rock already passed the torch to Cena 7 years ago when he left. That ...

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