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  1. OO: Ozfan's Opinion - Royal Rumble match Winner Possibilities

    Hey everyone. I am back to share with you on my thoughts on who are the front runners to win the Royal Rumble match in just under three weeks. I hope you all enjoy.

    [B]Big Show -[/B] If you don't know already, Big Show lost the World Heavyweight Championship to Alberto Del Rio on SmackDown! just hours ago in a Last Man Standing match. Most likely Big Show will have his rematch at Royal ...
  2. Blade's Experience: WM 30: A Spectacle You'll Never Forget!

    Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. This blog will be my opinion of how to book the Wrestlemania card. Please leave feedback below and Grammar Nazi are always allowed.

    Wrestlemania 30
    Mercies-Benz Superdome
    86,734 in Attendance
    "You will never forget this night!"

    Pre-Show: 15 Man Battle Royal: The superstar that can survive this ...

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  3. The IWC Shouldn't Be A Place Where Great Ideas Die...

    It’s been a while since I wrote on the How to Regain a Loyal Fan series. Being that I am OCD of sorts, I don’t like the idea of leaving this unfinished. However, I made a bit of an error in my 12 critical points and even writing the title to this blog made me cringe a bit. If you want to know what they are, simply follow the links to my other blogs to understand what I laid out over a year ago. ...

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  4. My road to Wrestlemania......Part 1

    Hi guys, just a quick note to you all this is my first blog on here. Im from England and have been a wrestling fan since the late 80's, Mainly brought up on a healthy(mostly) diet of WWF/E with the occasional sprinkling of NWA/WCW, and the very modest amounts of ECW, TNA and ROH as a side dish.
    Now I have bored you with that, I will begin my blog proper. It is about a way in which I would book ...
  5. Why Daniel Bryan Joining The Wyatt Family Can Create GOOD TV!

    Before we begin, I want readers to know I've also made a vlog of this very subject. If you prefer to watch the video, it is down below at the end of this paragraph. If you prefer to read, then feel free to continue reading onward. Regardless, let's talk about the shocking news of Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family on the last RAW of 2013.

    I'm not going to lie. I love this new development. ...

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  6. Wrestlemania 29: The Main Events

    The three main events of Wrestlemania 28 were marvelous, with the highlight being Triple H vs The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels as the Special Referee. It'll be hard to top that, obviously, but here we go:

    Let's start with the first of the three main events, which still would have massive drawing power, but not as much as the next few. CM Punk loses his ...

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  7. What if there was a wrestling show in the afterlife?

    Alternative Universe 8

    Over the years many of our childhood favourites and heroes have sadly passed away. Most of them tragically far, far too young when they head for the squared circle in the sky.
    As a tribute to the wrestlers that have left us, I’ve decided to try and book a fantasy card made up of those guys.

    Slam in the Clouds
  8. What really grinds my gears? Episode 11 - The Next Generation

    "Episode 11?? I thought we finished this garbage on the last episode?"
    "No Mr Griffin, we just didn't have anymore material to give you."
    "What are you talking about? I could complain about wrestling all day! I demand to see the guy in charge!"
    "I am the guy in charge, and you sir, are an idiot."
  9. PG isn't the problem

    HELLO IWC!! TNA's newest creative writer (we all wish) back again.

    I recently (like ten minutes ago) read a post entitled "I miss the good old days". The post was about the Y2J/HHH 2000 match when Y2J won the WWF title but HHH had the referee reverse the match. The post commented on the fact that the crowd erupted when Y2J won and then criticized the WWE's PG product.
  10. WrestleMania 27 Card and Predictions

    TV-14 (Something I will blog about later, which i feel very strongly needs to be brought back)

    To start it off i would like to see
    1) Kaval(IC champ) vs Daniel Bryan(US Champ)--To Unify the titles
    Winner: Daniel Bryan

    2)Money In the Bank(Traditional 6-Man)
    --John Morrison, Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston,Drew Mcyintre, Christian

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