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  1. To Many Title Reigns Making Titles Worthless

    I remember when HHH won his tenth WWE Championship. It was just after the title had been made vacant after a triple threat match between edge and beniot. HHH walked out of the elimination chamber as a 10 time Champion. Now say what you think about him I for one am not his biggest fan, I also think he works a lot better as a heel than a face. (Don't get me started on the DX reunions) but for all that ...
  2. The Chris Benoit Tragedy- A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    It's been over three years since Chris Benoit Murdered his wife and son, and then took his own life. Now many feel that this is a touchy subject, but this blog does not just do the nice and easy does the hard ones too. I was a huge fan of Chris Benoit for many years, and I still have a WCW 4-Horsemen T-Shirt which I still wear. In my opinion one of the greatest moments in WWE history was ...

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  3. Has Hulk Hogan helped TNA?

    Ever Since Hulk Hogan “and Friends” walked into TNA in 2009, many have wonder if it has been for the better or for the worse. I will admit when I first heard that when Hogan and Bichoff was coming to help Dixie Carter run TNA I honestly thought they would do great things. In the following weeks, those high hopes, began to get backed up with more reality as some big names began to show ...

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  4. The Last of an Era

    With the Undertaker's recent return and the subsequent confrontation with Triple H, it brought to the fore an often overlooked fact. Triple H spoke of himself and the Undertaker being the last of an era. While those words are true, their meaning rings a little deeper for the Undertaker, for he is the last of the gimmick wrestlers.

    Back in the late 80's and early 90's the wrestling ...

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  5. The many Faces (and Heels) of Wrestling Alignments

    We all know it as one of the mainstays of wrestling psychology. How feuds are fueled and matches booked is down to the alignment of the wrestler: Is he or she a Face or a Heel. Somewhere along the line we also got the classic Tweener.

    But in modern wrestling there is more to it than just these three options, there are nuances that get lost in the shuffle if we just talk about «faces ...

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  6. Rock vs Cana: A Year in the Waiting: A Rick Starr Blog Splash

    Well Splashers they can knock me down, but they can't kill me! Here I am once again to give you me 2 an 1/2 cents! And most likely I'll take back to 2 cents for myself, and you can keep the change .

    I watched WrestleMania 27, and I can't say I was that thrilled about it. Sure it had some great points, however it had a lot of dry points as well. I thought the Snooki Mixed tag match ...
  7. Please Stop With All the Pay Per Views

    Ladies and Gentlemen, something tells me that I’m not the only fan out there who thinks this abundance of pay per views needs to stop. I’ve been watching wrestling since very close to the same time as the first Wrestlemania, which means I’ve seen lots of things change over the years. Back then pay per views were a BIG deal. I mean hell, the WWF didn’t even come out with ...
  8. State Of THE 'E: A Spring/Summer To Be Leary Of

    We all know the goings on of THE 'E. They're currently in panic mode. One of their "go to" biggest stars just had to retire out of the blue when he was hoping to have a couple more years left in the tank. With them not having a great lineup on Smackdown!, they shifted into "Draft" mode. We can all see it coming. I know people are pointing Cena to Smackdown!. Seriously? No. He's ...
  9. Current WWE vs WWF

    This is gonna be my first official post here, the names Mike Madness and I just wanted to get your opinion on a few things.

    A lot of people bash the current WWE and in my opinion they have a good right to. Most people when bashing the WWE will turn to the Attitude Era as the way wrestling use to be, and should still be. Like many here, I have been a wrestling fan through the Attitude ...

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  10. Over the Limit: The State of WWE's PPVs

    Last night, a VERY flat crowd witnessed a below average PPV. The only saving grace was the Cristian vs. Orton match. This was the only match that had any, real, high spots. Even then, the stagnent silence upon Ortons victory should have been louder than any cheer to Vince. But once again, there were absolutely no suprises from the WWE again, last night.

    There have been very few surprises, ...

    Updated 05-23-2011 at 04:31 PM by Frank

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