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  1. The Greatest Athletes to Wrestle in the WWE

    The following is my list of the greatest athletes to ever wrestle in the WWE. Now for this list, I have 2 simple rules: (1) the entrants must have wrestled at least one singles match in a WWE ring (no WCW or NWA) and (2) they must have a recognizable reputation in wrestling. This was very difficult to objectively rank, so, as usual, enjoy the content rather than go nuts over my order. Most of these ...

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  2. Opinion of Top Wrestlers From 1990- and Up

    I want to take the time and share my Top 10 Wrestlers since I have been watching Wrestling. I am 27 years old and grew up watching WCW and WWF back when the Monday Night Wars were in full force. This list is purely my opinion and I welcome any comments below. I will start from Least Favorite to Favorite. This list goes by success and just plain fun/exciting to watch on tv.

    10. Mick Foley-

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  3. Punk's major Work?

    Is it just me or is this Punk situation fishy?

    I've had this suspicions ever since it was reported to be Punk vs. HHH on WM30. No matter how I see it on TV, it doesn't look to be leading to a match between them. It's more likely Daniel Bryan vs. HHH than Punk.

    And then Austin, who really didn't appear on any WWE TV since Tough Enough, all of a sudden is one of the stars featured ...
  4. Booking Challenge: TNA Lockdown 2014

    Lockdown is in March this year which is why I'm doing this booking challenge. TNA Lockdown, 1 of the biggest ppvs of the year for TNA. 10 match limit max as always. So you know how this works, give your best card possible as usual. For those who don't understand the point of the booking challenge, please read the explaination right under this opening beside the *. For the booking challenge vets, here ...
  5. Top 10: Worst Main Events in WrestleMania history!

    Wrestlings Super Bowl, Wrestlemania, the biggest event yearly since 1985. Every show has a main event to end a show. We all know that is the last match which is the match everyone wants to see. This year we have WM30, which looks to be a bad main event which got me thinking. Is it the worst Wrestlemania main event of all-time? Which got me looking back at the main events of the biggest show, Wrestlemania ...
  6. Chris Benoit - The factual, Unbiased View

    After reading some very biased, and badly written blogs about Chris Benoit, I felt I had to write my own blog on this very controversial subject.

    I have been praised for my blogs, as they are informative, and I try my best to be unbiased in my views.
    I can admit that I was a big Chris Benoit fan when he was alive, he didn't need to be great on the microphone, he did not need a ...

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  7. CM Punk and Steve Austin The Epic feud of The Anti Heroes?hell yes or HELL NO!!!

    Whats up, people. I am doing blogs less, and less now a days starting from now it's my official return I am am going to lighten up this place again. Anyway the topic I have decided is about Austin, and Punk.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most iconic superstars in all of WWE/WWF. Austin has have classic matches, and feuds with the likes of HHH,Undertaker, Kurt Angle,Rock,HBK,Vince ...

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  8. Machester United's January Transfer Window: A Window of Opportunity?

    To my knowledge, this is the first sports blog to be posted on this site. Hopefully, it'll be the first of many, as this blog section should be used for more than just wrestling related stuff.
    This is also my first official blog on this site. I've participated in a few 'Blog Wars' in the past, but those weren't posted by me.
    So here goes.

    Moyes has been told that he'll get ...
  9. STATE OF THE 'E: All You Do Is Complain

    Good evening you sacks of beautiful human flesh. I have decided to give you a blog considering I haven't done one in many, many months. Now here's the deal, you guys are used to people giving you "Top 10" bullshit. I'm actually here to deliver you a blog. An opinion piece that has structure and some topic mixed in with my randomness.

    If you can't comprehend what I do, ...

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  10. The Royal Ramble: Top Ten Hell in a Cell Matches!

    As always before you start reading, please respect one another in the comments section and these are my opinions if you don't like it then tough sh*t, go complain in the comment box. Follow me on Twitter! @The_RoyalRamble

    The Royal Ramble has returned as promised! It's been a nice two weeks since the last blog I did and I have some big news coming soon in the next few weeks involving ...

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