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  1. Differentiate SmackDown! from RAW

    While the tone of both shows are very different with Monday Night RAW being more Hollywood and SmackDown! being more of the Wrestling based show of the two I'd still like to see the WWE make these shows completely different with every aspect, the only things that stand out from the shows from a visual point of view is the colour of the ropes and for me I don't think thats good enough.

  2. Breaking down TNA Wrestling

    The view from over the water here in the UK regarding the current status of TNA is that the product is on the move generally in the right direction. Without discussing the financial state of the company or who controls the two hours of Impact & the hour of Reaction are pretty watchable.

    It's rather annoying for me that TNA themslves created a 'comparison' problem to the WWE by ...

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  3. Creative Writers In Big Promotion Pro Wrestling.

    I am new to this site, but have been a long time Pro Wrestling fan, and now its time to vent.

    Something that has been irritating for me for quite sometime is the lack of "creative writing" in both WWE and TNA. I understand that Pro Wrestling is now a part of sports entertainment, but what is going on is ridiculous. I would say that the WWE is by far more superior in story ...
  4. The Gathering of the Flock for 2011?

    Today is 1/27/2011, and I am being hopeful for WWE this year. Tonight's RAW was exactly what we needed, and now seeing Punk truly taking flight.

    I will get to that more in a bit, but first, why this is what we are needing. Yes it started about Cena, but it evolved to again, being about the belt. And with the Rumble coming up where all the drama is being tossed into one big ole match ...
  5. From Stone Cold to Ziggler: Where is the Entertainment?

    How I look back at the RAW IS WAR days, and looking at Raw now, I can not help but miss the good ol' days if you want to call them that, as I miss Good Ol' JR. I believe most would at least agree (hipefully) with me on that point. I can even remember the specific days of the old RAW, lets just say, 3/22/99. Stone Cold comes out with a Beer Truck and Sprays down the Corporation! I mean, that could ...

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  6. The Passing of the Wrestling Torch

    Cool Ethan Super Blog #1
    I am new to the IWC, but I read probably hundreds of threads, and definitely thousands of posts to decide whether there was a point in me creating an account and having my voice heard, I decided there was a point. This is my first blog.

    I have heard some reference towards the torch and passing the torch in wrestling. This is an interesting concept ...

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  7. STATE OF THE 'E: The Nexus Of CM Punk

    July 17th, 2011 has come and gone. CM Punk has officially left the WWE with their Championship. In the last 24 hours CM Punk has been parading the belt all around Chicago, celebrating with friends and family alike. He's made Twitter comments about where the belt is... in his 'fridge by the way and then he took it out and has been galavanting around again with it, even taking it to a Cubs VS. Phillies ...
  8. Does Sex and Profanity Make Wrestling Better?

    Thank you for reading my first blog post! Please go easy on me with the criticism because I am a newbie. My love for wrestling has run deep since I was a child and has been pretty constant except for a breif hiatus from 2004-2008. I loved the late eighties when most people thought it was unscripted (I won't call it "fake") , the ridiculous characters of the early nineties, and of course ...

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  9. John Cena: Honoring One Of The Best Sport's Entertainers

    Hello Ladies & Jabroni's, CenationRules1087. Recently, in the January 2011 Wwe Magazine, they have an article named the Class Of 2002: Honoring The New Rookies! One of those fellow rookies that enter the World Wrestling Entertainment business that year was John Cena!!! In this blog I am going to honor the extraordinary career of The Champ himself~ John Cena. Please comment after reading ...

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  10. The Sting/WWE solution

    The conclusions I've come to regarding Sting and his desire/lack there of to join the WWE are as follows:

    1) Sting does not want to work a WWE schedule
    2) Sting HAD resentment towards the WWE for the lack of respect they gave to the WCW wrestlers during the brand fusion
    3) Sting regrets not being apart of at least 1 Wrestlemania
    4) Sting has a strong loyalty for Dixie ...

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