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  1. Undertaker-Triple H III ideas

    This is my first blog so I'm a little nervous. I have been watching wrestling for about 26 years. I just love it...and this time of year is our elite time when the stars are supposed to align and give us the best show of the year.

    There is a lot of talk going around about the rumored Triple H - Undertaker III match at Wrestlemania 28. Some people want to see it...some people don't. ...
  2. $hazBlog: Wrestlemania Dreamcard

    So this is my Wrestlemania Dreamcard, with the current superstars in the WWE. I know most of the EWN are getting abit fed up with all these Wrestlemania blogs and shiz but I like reading and I enjoy reading blogs about other people's opinions and thoughts. So I chose a Wrestlemania dreamcard instead of predictions, so I get different opinions.

    Note: This is NOT a WM 28 Dreamcard so please ...
  3. $hazBlog: Booking the WWE Tag Titles

    With only 4 tag team's: Uso Brothers, Epico and Primo, Tylor Reks and Curt Hawkins (who always feature on NXT/Superstars) and Hunico and Camacho (not a tag team but this would be an addition), I don't know how far the WWE will be getting with their tag division. Looking back on YouTube, the tag division was the real deal with the likes of Edge and Christian, Hardy Boys, Dudley Boyz, etc.

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  4. $hazBlog: WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

    What's up guys, Shaz11 here with my predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber

    May Contain Spoilers!!!

    1. Beth Phoenix (c) vs Tamina - Divas Champion match
    Hopefully this match gets a good 10-15 minutes, these divas can actually wrestle. So Tamina is finally getting a push! HELL YEAH! Obviously Beth is gonna win this, I think Kharma will come out after the match maybe ...

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  5. My tips for WWE storylines and gimmicks...

    First rule of wrestling and building a star, its so much easier to build up a face then it is a heel! With that said...

    Lets start with the big one, John Cena! You have got to turn him heel and you're doing a good job building things after the lip lock with him and Eve but please don't drop the ball! Have Eve and Cena end up becoming a on screen couple, kind of like Macho Man and Sherri ...
  6. Death in Prowrestling

    This is a much different blog than my usual "Top 5" Countdown that has been imitated alot lately. This Blog is about something thats been on my mind for such along time. Its about death in prowrestling and how it is handled by the media, Fans, Wrestling journalist and the general public.

    The recent death of Whitney Houston got me thinking. It seems that when a musical artist ...
  7. 5 Greatest United States Champions (1990-2012)

    My third in the series that I'm going to do and again since i never started watching wrestling to 1990 it's from then to now so once again here we go.

    5. Lex Luger
    A former 5 time United states champion and the longest reigning champion combined at an amazing 948 days luger had some decent match's for the title but the main reason he is on the list is because of the 948 days total. ...
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  8. WWE: The Misused and the Forgotten...

    Yo, Yo, Yo...

    The plan of my blog is simply to discuss who in my opinion, has been misused and forgotten in the WWE, when they simply should not have been.

    I won’t pick out too many names, but I’d like to analyse some of my personal favourites who didn’t quite measure up for whatever reason, and whoevers fault it may be.

    Perry Saturn

    Perry Saturn ...
  9. WWE: Santino Marella, 'The Resting Giants'

    Had to make a pun at the accent...

    I'll get to the point -- The WWE caught me a bit by surprise.

    Let me start by saying that I haven't had a lot of mark out moments over the last few years. No, I think a better way to word that is: I don't have those child-like fan moments where I'm watching a match and I'm completely invested into it where I'm getting really excited ...
  10. The Problems with The Rock...

    Alot of People are pointing fingers at wrestlers like Cena and Wrestling fans and saying the reason they insult the Rock cause they are jealouse cause he made it in another line of work or are angry cause The Rock left Prowrestling.... See my problem with The Rock isnt so simple and im gonna explain why.

    I'm not angry cause The Rock left Prowrestling at all, I understand he found a much ...

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