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  1. What I love about Professional Wrestling - Fantasy World

    The real world is filled with good guys and bad guys. However the line between good and evil is often blurred, and it can be difficult to tell them apart, unlike the many stories we have read, watched, written, and played out in many fictional scenarios.

    You have Batman vs Joker, Superman vs Lex Luthor, ...

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  2. Superstar CM Punk: "CM Punk leaving was years in the making!"

    Recently, WWE superstar, CM Punk decided to leave and take some time off. Makes the Stone Cold comparisons even more valid. However, how long he is taking off is anyones guess. Some say he won't be back. I've been waiting for some time to share the story of how I became a Punk fan(pre-pipebomb) and why at the beginning I hated CM Punk. Leave that and talk about his future in this blog on Superstar ...
  3. Wrestlemania Fun Facts

    Keeping with the theme of my Wrestlemania Blogs, Today I'm doing some facts and tidbits about the last 28 Wrestlemanias. So lets get started.

    Most Matches at a Wrestlemania PPV

    Wrestlemania 4 has produced the most matches in Wrestlemania history with 16 matches. The One day Single ...

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  4. The Commandments of the WWE IWC

    If you were to lurk on any of the dirt sheets, you would think the IWC is a bunch of hypocritical, indecisive lunatics who are just never happy. Which is not true at all, we are happy sometimes, it just lasts shorter than a New York minute.

    The truth is though, there are some rules to make most (but never all) of the IWC happy. So instead of being all serious and boring, I'm going to ...
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  5. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era - The Dudleys Vs The Hardys Vs Edge and Christian

    As great as the Attitude Era was the tag team division wasn’t essential viewing prior until late 1999. The New Age Outlaws were a brilliantly charismatic pairing but inside the squared circle they were obviously lacking in wrestling ability. Other teams like the APA and the Hollys weren’t particularly thrilling to watch either. The Undertaker and Big Show as well as The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection ...
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  6. What Really Grinds My Gears? Twitter me this. Twitter me that.

    Episode 8 - Twitter me this. Twitter me that.

    "You know what really grinds my gears? That freaking social media. Am I supposed to spend all of my days, tweeting, facebooking, and myspacing (Oh i went there ... once), my fingers into oblivion? Well I could gladly do that very much, but not during the wrestling!"


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  7. What is wrong with the IWC?

    Hello again
    This is now my second blog and somewhat a continuation of my previous blog which I recommend to many people.
    You see my posts do not seem to reach a large portion of the IWC, of course, but I think they should because it seems like the IWC does not recognize it's flaws in relation to the WWE product and it's a shame becausethey are supposedly the "smart" fans. ...
  8. They Earned it! The Rock Earned it!

    I have read this statement over and over again...a garbage statement from the IWC that really bothers me. "The Rock winning the WWE title would ruin the prestige of the championship." I have read that statement over and over in multiple different ways. And all I can think is, the IWC has really forgotten the superstars, and specifically The Rock that made the WWE title prestigious in the ...
  9. Blade's Experience: Superstars who should be demoted

    Welcome to another edition of Blade's Experience. I am your host Assassin Blade with an excellent idea in mind. I got this idea from a fellow blogger who enjoys reading Blade's Experience to write a blog of superstars who should be demoted from the top. Before I start, I will start a little column of Meme of a Day and a new column expressing my views of fellow blogger's blogs. For the millions and ...
  10. My Delusion: The New Four Horseman

    ok well ever since Ric Flair left TNA and made his return home to WWE i've thought to myself, i'd love to see Ric create a new Four Horsemen. i have many reason for wanting this, 1 being aside from nWo and original DX, Horsemen were my favorite faction and considering the last time the group was reformed it included Chris Benoit, now i know different people have different opinions on him, i'm not ...

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