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  1. UFR 4 - 'I'm Better than you...'

    UFR 4 – MVP vs. Matt Hardy
    Meant to do this blog a few months ago but never got round to it for a few reasons. My new keyboard came today and what better way to try it out then writing a blog. The problem I had with writing this blog was that it’s very hard to summarize this feud. Each of these blogs so far have taken well over 2 hours as I don’t copy and paste from Wikipedia and I watch ...

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  2. What if Sting joined the WWF/WWE

    Alternative Universe XII

    Hard to believe when you think about it. Sting, a big name in American wrestling but has NEVER stepped foot in a WWF ring. Even when the WWF acquired all of WCW assets in the takeover and the possibility was there, Sting never joined up. The reason he stated was that he had seen the way the WCW were treated during the ‘Invasion’ story (notably Rock’s
  3. Vanity Blog: Twitter and Wrestling

    Oh! Hello. How're yo--Wait! Is that...Is that a title for my blogs?! Aww yeah! people, 11 months into EWN I finally thought of a name.

    Speaking of EWN. I'd just like to point out that EWN is about to hit 500 blogs. Congrats to EWN for hitting a grand achievement, I feel this calls for a badass blog!

    So what topic will we discuss today? The upcoming battle of generations ...

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  4. What really grinds my gears? Episode 3 - Revenge of the Hulkamania.


    "Sigh, so it has come down to this. After so many years of watching wrestling, after watching so many great wrestlers, one of these guys just won't go away. I am talking about Mr Ego himself, the Red and Yellow Power Ranger, 'Thunderlips' in all his glory ... It can only be Mr Hulk 'Look at me I am still cool' Hogan.

    You would think that wrestling

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  5. What really grinds my gears? Episode 4 - A New Hope, that Russo stays away forever

    "You know what really grinds my gears? That Vince Russo guy, why doesn't he get with the freaking program? It's called a wrestling show, not a badly written soap opera. Why do we need this guy to turn, and that guy to turn, and this girl to twist and turn like a twisty turny thing? It get's old, it's not big and it's not clever! I'm just sat here with my beer

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  6. What really grinds my gears? Episode 6 - Suspension of Disbelief

    "So I'm sat there with my beer... watching the wrestling in my local bar... and some dude comes up to me and says... 'You know wrestling is fake right?'. I turn my head to look at this guy in the face... and I think to myself... Does he think I am incredibly stupid, or is it just him who is incredibly stupid?

    So I tell him 'Yes, of course I do,

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  7. WWE vs WWF: The Sad Decline of a Product

    First of all, I have to thank Madness' WWE v WWF blog for inspiring me to finally get off my lazy ass and write my first blog. I salute you.

    What I am going to write about may have been read to death by many of you and you may change the proverbial channel, but I hope that isn't the case.

    As we know, WWE just isn't the same. In fact, Vince McMahon has either lost his ...

    Updated 05-14-2011 at 05:25 PM by Frank

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  8. The big 5 PPVs for WWE, not 4!

    Ah Money in the Bank. Last night saw a PPV that had major storyline movements and kept the wrestling community wondering what will happen on the next Raw and Smackdown. I believe now that WWE have their 5th major PPV of the year, but i'll get to that statement after a recap of probably the PPV of the year.

    First off, we opened up with a great win for Daniel Bryan in the Smackdown Money ...
  9. My pick of should've been world champ by now

    My pick of should've been champs by now

    This is my first blog so don't be to hard on me if my blog has something you really disagree on

    Mark Henry

    This man debuted in 1997, the only titles he won was the european and ecw championship and only won them once (fast forward 14 years) for the first time in his life hes the number 1 contender for the ...
  10. Marks in glass houses (A WWE/TNA blog)

    So yesterday WWE had yet another dissapointing PPV. Many of us watched it even though we predicted how crappy it would be. That being said I can get to my points:

    Title Changes

    Let's see John Cena went a whole year last year without being the champion (or so I've read) so naturally WWE had to compensate by making him the champion for the 3rd time in 6 months this year. ...

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