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  1. Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low Ki vs. Jack Evans

    Wow, just wow.
    I really cannot think of a better way to start my blogging than just reviewing this match. All the words, spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation I give this review can't describe how amazing this match was. I'll just give you guys a little back story beforehand though.

    I've struggled to watch TNA over the years. Trust me when I say I have tried, many times. ...

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  2. The Facts about John Cena - Good and Bad.

    Hello there EWN readers, it is very rare I decide to write a blog on here, and I have never made a blog directed towards one particular wrestler, but here goes.

    As I am the EWN Facebook Admin who makes posts aside from the news feed (Frank being the other admin), I check into the Facebook page daily and keep you guys entertained with pictures, videos, reviews of shows, and even ...

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  3. Christian in 2011 and 2012

    Happy 2012 peeps! With a calender comes new year resolutions.
    1 of mine is easily blog more. I really enjoy reviewing games, books, movies, sports and shows. So why not start now then!

    In this blog i'm going to talk about the WWE Superstar Christian and what type of year he had in 2011 and what may follow for 2012.

    So for those who didn't know. Christian suffered ...

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  4. Who Was Better: Triple H or Edge?

    I’m hoping this will become a series of blogs depending on the feedback this edition gets. Basically I will put across both points of view as well as their best five matches and I will leave it to your comments to decide who was better. When I pick who will be blogged about I will also pick their best spell in the WWE.

    This edition will look at who was better, Triple H during his dominant ...
  5. What really grinds my gears? Episode 13 - Commentary Calamity


    Episode 13 - Commentary Calamity


    Yes, this is about wrestling commentary. I am rather perplexed at the downfall of wrestling commentary, because it was such a big part of the shows. Can you imagine watching old school wrestling with no Jesse Ventura?? What about the Attitude

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  6. UFR 4 - 'I'm Better than you...'

    UFR 4 – MVP vs. Matt Hardy
    Meant to do this blog a few months ago but never got round to it for a few reasons. My new keyboard came today and what better way to try it out then writing a blog. The problem I had with writing this blog was that it’s very hard to summarize this feud. Each of these blogs so far have taken well over 2 hours as I don’t copy and paste from Wikipedia and I watch ...

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  7. What if Sting joined the WWF/WWE

    Alternative Universe XII

    Hard to believe when you think about it. Sting, a big name in American wrestling but has NEVER stepped foot in a WWF ring. Even when the WWF acquired all of WCW assets in the takeover and the possibility was there, Sting never joined up. The reason he stated was that he had seen the way the WCW were treated during the ‘Invasion’ story (notably Rock’s
  8. Vanity Blog: Twitter and Wrestling

    Oh! Hello. How're yo--Wait! Is that...Is that a title for my blogs?! Aww yeah! people, 11 months into EWN I finally thought of a name.

    Speaking of EWN. I'd just like to point out that EWN is about to hit 500 blogs. Congrats to EWN for hitting a grand achievement, I feel this calls for a badass blog!

    So what topic will we discuss today? The upcoming battle of generations ...

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  9. What really grinds my gears? Episode 3 - Revenge of the Hulkamania.


    "Sigh, so it has come down to this. After so many years of watching wrestling, after watching so many great wrestlers, one of these guys just won't go away. I am talking about Mr Ego himself, the Red and Yellow Power Ranger, 'Thunderlips' in all his glory ... It can only be Mr Hulk 'Look at me I am still cool' Hogan.

    You would think that wrestling

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  10. What really grinds my gears? Episode 4 - A New Hope, that Russo stays away forever

    "You know what really grinds my gears? That Vince Russo guy, why doesn't he get with the freaking program? It's called a wrestling show, not a badly written soap opera. Why do we need this guy to turn, and that guy to turn, and this girl to twist and turn like a twisty turny thing? It get's old, it's not big and it's not clever! I'm just sat here with my beer

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