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  1. Zack Ryder is The Big O....OVERRATED

    I'm sure I will get a lot of negative feedback for this but I am going to post it anyway. Over the last few months we have been seeing the rise of Zack Ryder, he has gone from never being on TV (apart from the odd jobbing here and there) to being a regular on pretty much Raw and Smackdown, having arena chant "We Want Ryder" and got his first singles championship match on PPV. Now you can't ...

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  2. Why I feel the Crowd is not into the WWE as Much as they Used to be - Part One

    Hello, and welcome to my second blog Why I feel the Crowd is not into the WWE as much as they Used to be where I will discuss key components to what went wrong, why I don't blame the fans, and how it can be fixed and no, it's not PG.

    First off and most important is the Music for each wrestlers entrance, that is what truly sets the tone for each wrestler a like, and gives fans ...
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  3. The Most Famous Wrestling Tragedies in History, Part 1:

    As the title of this blog states, we will have separate parts since the list of tragedies in Pro Wrestling is very long and will not fit into just one blog. Now that this is clear, lets start.
    Over the decades there has been numerous wrestling tragedies. Some are only known in the wrestling community, with some hitting the mainstream media due to the people involved or the circumstances of ...

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  4. Turning John Cena heel: For and Against (Part 1)

    Hey guys, first time blogger. Don't tear into me if you disagree with my opinions.

    Today, I'll be looking at the idea of turning John Cena heel. Why it should be done, and why it shouldn't.

    Why it should be done:
    In thinking about the subject matter, many reasons appear in my head.
    Firstly, like Hulk Hogan in '96, turning Cena heel will generate so much ...
  5. My TNA: Changes, Released Wrestlers, and Title Divisions

    Hello there everyone! For those who do not know who I am, my name is Kyle Dunning and I am a Co-Admin of the official EWN Facebook page.

    I have been watching wrestling since the Attitude era, and I like to say I am pretty knowledgeable about wrestling, I know a lot of the facts, seen the majority of the classic moments, and the worst moments in pro wrestling.

    In the present ...

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  6. The Highs and Lows of the WWE in 2011

    Okay I know 2011 is not over yet, but its as good as. Last year I posted the Highs and Lows of 2010 and it got pretty decent responses, so I thought I would do it again for this year. Feel free to post your ideas for other Highs and Lows to.

    The Highs
    The pushes and breaking out of younger talents. Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett spring to mind, and this year showed ...
  7. WWE Forthcoming

    John Cena's "heel" faction

    Cena's heel turn should be very subtle, as in the way he is already kind of a heel now in some ways. He should get to a point where he is basking in the heat that his good guy gimmick creates. One thing to tip him over the edge. End Rey Mysterio's career. He already acts like a good guy, but he should end "his friend" Rey's career ...
  8. 2011 TNA Final Destination Review

    Hello there everyone, this is my second blog, the first one I explained what I would do if I could change TNA Wrestling for the better, and I had many really positive reviews, thanks for that!

    Onto the task in hand, let me begin with TNA Final Resolution PPV.
    (I rate matches from 1-10 Stars)

    RVD vs Daniels - This was a weak match, RVD looked slow and was lacking ...

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  9. Highs and Lows of the WWE right now.

    I have been a WWE fan for many years now, and in my eyes it has gone downhill over the last few years, they continue to do things right when it suits them, but they repeatedly fail to live up to many fans expectations. I will dive right in there and start off with what they are doing right.

    What they are doing right.

    -For some time, the WWE failed to listen to their fan ...

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  10. WWE Deja Vu, Triple H, CM Punk

    Hey guys, Renevious here. I don't blog nearly as often as I used to, but there's a subject out there that's really starting to give me a severe case of the red ass. And that's all this talk about the Undertaker and Wrestlemania 28. Now I've been a huge fan of the Undertaker since the debut of his character 21 years ago, so all this talk about who he's going to fight and whether or not the streak will ...

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