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  1. The many faces of John Cena

    Hey guys Knox here, hope everything is going ok with everyone. I'm blogging about Cena today. We all know about how Cena was just awarded the WWE Title for the 10th time and it caused an uproar.

    Personally, I'm a huge Cena fan. I value the guy's work ethic. When he was a heel in 2003, he was my favorite ever, I mean he rised to quick and probably deserved the WWE Title back in 2003 ...

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  2. Taking the venom out of Undertaker vs Sting

    Hi all, quiet day at the office and have been fervently trawling all posts and blogs and a few comments regarding Taker and Wrestlemania have got me thinking. It is fair to assume that Taker will make a comeback/return to the ring in the coming months leading up to ‘mania, and as usual the BIG question is ‘Who will try and end the streak?’.

    It is no secret Taker is in the twilight ...
  3. Post-Raw Ruminations 1/2/11: Why is Jericho Silent?

    Hello everyone! This is my very first blog for what I would like to call Post-Raw Ruminations! Due to the turbulence that has occurred with Jericho during Raw this past Monday, I feel that it is my duty to try to make some sense out of all of this to whomever shall read and comment! Of course, I could be completely off and my predictions would be dead wrong, however I do believe that there may ...
  4. Current Storylines and Where They're Going...

    Hey Everyone. DK Wrestling Savior here. I really need to change that name. Any suggestions? Nevermind. I'm just opening the floodgates of immaturity with that request.

    I'm going to do something a little different on this post. I won't be posting this weekend with Smackdown and TNA thoughts so I wanted to touch on the current storylines in the WWE. I will also be speculating on how I ...
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  5. Top 5 Wrestlania Matches that Almost happened.

    This is the Top 5 Wrestlemania matches that almost happened but plans were scraped for a variety of Different Reasons....... I know the First thing that comes to readers minds is STING vs UNDERTAKER. That match isnt on the list cause Sting was never under a World Wrestling Entertainmnet contract. That is more a dream match. These are matches that came close to happening but never did for various reasons. ...
  6. Thoughts on Cody Rhodes

    Hey blog readers. This is my second blog and I wanted to change it up a bit by giving my thoughts on wrestlers and their current positions in their respective company. I'm still going to be doing the re-booking history blogs but I would like to start to give my perspective on things. I'm going to give my honest opinion on them whether its a popular or unpopular opinion. Here we go.

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  7. WWE: Top 5 of Wrestlemaina's best themes

    What's up blog-readers! I'm feeling really good this time of the year as we are in Wrestlemaina season! Since its Wrestlemaina season with Wrestlemaina 28 coming up, I thought i'd be pretty cool to count down the top 5 Wrestlemaina theme songs of all time. Lets get started!

    #5: Wrestlemaina 26 theme song

    I liked this theme song. ...

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  8. Blog Wars 16: Top 5 Intercontinental Champions

    Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars. Last time akbar came out over RatedATB by a few votes to win the title. This week bearkg88 attempts to dethrone him and claim his first Blog Wars title. Here is this weeks list
    Top 5 Intercontinental Champions

    The IC title may not be as strong today as it was a few years ago, but this title still carries a lot of historic moments. ...
  9. Stone Cold's rise to the top: KOTR promo or feud with Bret Hart?

    Hey, hey, hey blog readers! I have been going through computer problems which is probably going to prevent me from doing blogs on a regular basis but luckily, I was able to cook up a blog for now. The topic of my blog will be about Stone Cold's rise to the top and what I think caused him to become the face of the Attitude Era between his epic promo he cut at the 1996 King of the Ring or his feud with ...

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  10. More Than A-Train and Brock Returned This Week

    Hello, Everyone.

    This is my first blog here, so please bear with my inexperience with how this is written.

    July 16th, 2001 : This was the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to save the WW(F) from the invading forces of the WCW and ECW. Besides the chaos in and out of the ring, this night also produced arguably the single, hottest live audience in wrestling history. ...

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