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  1. Monday Night Blog Brawl #2

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Monday Night Blog Brawl. Last week, we saw countless vignettes from yours truly and TheGreatOne speech. This week will be another swerve as it will be a dedication to Video games and WHC. While fasten your seat belts as the #1 show for the fans, from a fan, and forever for fans will begin momentarily. Welcome to Monday Night Blog Brawl #2.
  2. Loose Cannon: The Missing Link-Missing Chris Beniot

    Ladies and gentlemen; welcome to another edition of Loose Cannon. In the last edition of the show; a small conversation broke out between Skunk and many other EWN members who have read the last blog. I will take a look at those comments coming up but for now; I want to clarify with everyone once again that this blog is not to justified Chris Beniot actions the following days before the double murders ...
  3. What really grinds my gears? Episode 12 - Vanilla Midgets

    Episode 12 - Vanilla Midgets

    Usually I would go into a Peter Griffin style rant here, over the particular subject matter, and have some fun for the sake of having a lighthearted beginning to my blogs.

    However this time I am not in the mood. This subject has somehow slipped through my thought process til just recently, after reading

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  4. My favorite WWE feud of 2013

    Forget The Rock vs. John Cena. Forget CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar. And last but certainly not least, forget Punk vs. The Rock.

    In my opinion, my most absolute favorite WWE feud of 2013 involves two up-and-coming young WWE Superstars.


    Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow first teamed up together on the August 27th, 2012 episode of Monday Night ...
  5. 6 ways TNA can be better than WWE

    6 ways TNA can be better than WWE

    With the WWE’s tag team division in pretty good health and WWE Total Divas a success on the E! Network, it isn’t as simple anymore, when asking the question: What does TNA do better than WWE? To simply site the tag team and knockouts division as examples. The fact is that WWE is really good shape at the moment, it covers many different bases, larger ...
  6. WWE Summerslam 2013 Review

    Bray Wyatt vs. Kane: This was the worst “Inferno match” ever, which is saying something because they have all been pretty horrible. The stipulation is just one of the many wacky Vince Russo on LSD concepts that just will not perish. The fire blistering in the air after every bump became a very irritating nuisance, and I am not sure if the fire played a massive factor in this contest feeling disjointed ...
  7. In Defense Of: The Ultimate Warrior

    I decided to start a blog on defending Wrestlers that the IWC to tear to shreds. The IWC are a weird bunch, We will completely overate some wrestlers and undeservingly bury another. So today I will be defending a man who has been a punching bag for Internet wrestling fans since the Internet was invented and that is the one and only Ultimate Warrior.

    One of the complaints people have with ...

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  8. In Defense Of: Sid

    I wrote my in Defense of Blog a few days ago about The Ultimate Warrior and surprisingly I found out that a lot of people feel the same way about the Warrior as I do. The Warrior is no ones favorite wrestler but certainly doesn't deserve the criticism he gets for his 1 WWF Run... Today I'am gonna blog about another controversial figure in wrestling and that is Sid/ Sid Vicious/ Psycho Sid/ Sid Justice ...

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  9. Sudden Impact Special: Was Something Different This Week?

    Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. I haven't posted in a while and it would seem a lot has happened. We had their Wrestlemania equivalent PPV this past Sunday, as well as a lot of developments such as Hogan leaving, cancelling Impact on the road, and a return to Universal in Orlando. There's a lot to talk about, so I'll give my thoughts on their attempt to ...
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  10. Top 10 matches: Kurt Angle's career

    When you are known as a "Wrestling Machine" like Kurt Angle, you know it is going to be tough to make a top 10. A top 10 featuring his 10 best matches. 1 of the greatest in ring performers of all-time. I did moments first because the matches I believe would be harder. So I went back to the vault, looked at DVDs featuring the matches that are on the this list. We can argue back and forth ...

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