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  1. The DREW Review: What to do with Orton

    Hey everyone this is my first blog and hopefully it is enjoyed.
    Anywho Orton is getting stale its one of the many things I keep reading. This is the year I would love to see Orton have.
    Keep up with the current story with Orton and Sheamus teaming, having them lose to Big Show and Mark Henry in tag, and one on one matches and have Orton start showing his frustration more and more as ...

    Updated 04-16-2013 at 08:50 PM by DREW1986

    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. Top 10 moments in history of Extreme Rules!!

    It is time to take the top 10 moments to the Extreme!! When thinking about doing this blog, I was thinking about moments from One Night Stand post ECWs of course. Not realizing Extreme Rules really has only had 4 total ppvs at a time. So I'll try to do my best with what I have regardless. Keep it strictly Extreme Rules here. So what are the top 10 moments in the history of Extreme Rules? I thought ...
  3. DWO: How Wrestling Could Be #2 Turning Kofi Kingston Heel

    I felt that my last blog was lack-luster so descided to update my blog series of "How wrestling could be" by discussing how WWE could turn Kofi Kingston heel

    Kofi Kingston is a superstar with almost unmatchable athletic abilities, a good move set and a killer finishing maneuver. He has the ability to create magical moments such as innovative ways to stay in the Royal Rumble
  4. My Personal Wrestlemania xXx

    Ok first thing's first. This is my dream Wrestlemania line-up and it's perfect for me. I completely understand that a lot of people would hate my booking, but I felt like sharing as a lot of people have shared theirs recently.
    It's on the premise that WWE can hire anyone they want despite other commitments (say TNA for instance) and everyone involved is healthy and medically cleared to compete. ...
  5. Blade's Experience: Pokemon as WWE Superstars

    Welcome to another blogside of Blade's Experience. In this addition, I will do something know one else on the EWN or IWC has the guts to do. I will write a blog about Pokemon as WWE Superstars. Enjoy and please harsh critics are allowed alongside Grammer Nazi. Enjoy!

    Pokemon as Wrestler

    Pikachu as John Cena: One of the best wrestlers in WWE History and my personal favorite ...
  6. Blade's Experience: MITB 2013 Predictions

    Welcome to another blogside edition of Blade's Experience. In this blog, I will give you my prospective of his PPV which is highly hyped in the regards of the return of RVD and the comebacks of C.M Punk and Mark Henry. Enjoy and give me feedback in the comment section below.

    Money In The Bank
    24,000 in Attendance
    "Who Will Win!"

    1) Chris Jericho
  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! The Raw Review (#YYYTRR)

    After one near perfect pay-per-view and two great Monday nights, WWE took its flagship show to Iowa for what was sure to be another great show…

    It all started really well, with Daniel Bryan coming to the ring (in his new “Respect the Beard” t-shirt, which I MUST buy) and cutting another promo solidifying his role as a face. Up next was the emergence of the rest of the ‘All Stars’ Money ...
  8. EWN Championship Tournament: Part One

    Ladies and gentlemen, I will like to welcome everyone to the rise of something special. This is dedicated to bloggers that work there tails off to get to where they are today. How do I honor them you might say? Not with a trophy or medal; no that is old fashion rewarding. I wanted to come up with a vision; like no on else. A vision that took months to craft; years to make. Without further anticipation, ...
  9. Eight Simple Rules for Developing my Tag Team Division

    Hi all. Forgive the appalling title to the blog entry!

    I've spoken about the tag division before on here. It's something close to my heart, as some of my favourite matches and wrasslers have been superb tag workers and it makes me sad as hell seeing the tag division sitting in the toilet. I especially hate the way thrown-together singles workers get to go over established tag teams on ...
  10. Wrestling's Fan Predictions- Money in the Bank 2013

    Hi there, with Money in the Bank coming up in just a few days, I'd thought I'd write a blog and state what my predictions are the upcoming event. The last time I written one of these blogs was for WrestleMania 29 back in April, and my predictions were all spot on apart from two.

    This year I think that the Money in the Bank card has got some quality matches on there and looks like a very ...

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