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  1. Booking Kofi to the top of the WWE

    Kofi Kingston made his return recently with a new look and all that. However, does anybody find him exciting, intriguing, or even interesting? Same role, same position for the past several years in the midcard chasing championships he has won with the same old smile and the boom boom boom. I was thinking why don't Kofi turn heel for the first time in his career. Make a huge impact while doing so on ...
  2. WWE Mashups Collection From WWE's Youtube Page

    I am making this blog for one reason and one reason alone. That is to bring your attention to a recent trend just started on the WWE's Youtube page. WWE has recently started reaching out to fans to make content on their channel and it's bringing the channel some much needed freshness that's helping it prosper and grow. One of my personal favorite content on the channel is the WWE mashups. It's a collection ...
  3. Diva Divison Disappearance.....

    The Diva’s Division, which was once held in high regard, hasbecome an afterthought in an industry where it had once flourished to newheights and expectations. It is ashamewhen you think of how entertaining the division once was in the past and now has floundered to the bottom of the creative wheel, with seemingly no desire ofmaking a comeback. In the attitude era, the women were introduced ...

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  4. Booking Challenge: Survivor Series 2013

    The booking challenge is back! This time it is time to book Survivor Series 2013. 1 of the big 4, however Survivor Series really hasn't felt like a big ppv for some time. It is without question #4 of the big 4, but I bet some would argue it isn't even #4 overall. Some may say it is behind Extreme Rules or MITB. So bascially, I'm trying to give you motivation to give your best card here. For those ...

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  5. Tons of New Japan news!

    Several people have mentioned that news/results don't belong in the blogs section. With their thoughts in mind from now on I'm going to compile the weekly news and put it in one, maybe two posts per week. That way the news will still be on the site, but won't clutter things up sorta speak.

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention yesterday that Hiroshi Tanahashi was elected into the 2013 Wrestling ...

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  6. 40 Man Royal Rumble match 2014 Entrant list

    1) Del Rio
    2) RVD
    4) Sin Cara
    7)Big Show
    12)Leo Kruger
    20)CM Punk
    22)Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    23)Kofi K
    24)Big ...
  7. How WWE Lost Its Fans

    First, Let’s look at the past year that Daniel Bryan has had.

    -He was a one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. That team, Hell No, was more over with the crowd than any team currently on the roster.
    -After the Shield’s debut, Daniel Bryan was the first superstar to claim a win against them when Bryan made Rollins tap
    -Daniel Bryan’s popularity had risen even more ...
  8. WWE Network : Not over the top?

    The WWE Network is right around the corner and its getting ready to launch and change the way we experience professional wrestling forever. Its over the top and revolutionary. It is changing the way we watch WWE programs. So here's your whats in it guide to The WWE Network. "WHAT"

    It's over the top, its the new WWE Network. I can't wait to relive all those great moments wrestling ...

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  9. WWE and TNA need major changes!

    I think WWE is going in the right step by bringing back The Rock. The Rock is one of the most popular wrestlers that is still relatively young besides Stone Cold. Steve Austin needs to come back to Raw and not just do Tough Enough. They really should use Stone Cold on Raw along with The Rock. Have a match between the two of them. Also would love to see a match with Stone Cold vs. John Cena. ...
  10. Different Matchcard for WM28

    Hello awesome wrestling fans. Hope your doing well. A thought came to me and said what if Wrestlemania 28 was based on matches that not just made sense but would completely unpredictable from what the WWE is going to do. This are matches that have not been rumored and/or rarely mentioned. So here we go. I am not saying this is my dream card, but some of these would make alot of sense.


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