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  1. Lesnar: Taping the leaks of the dam.

    Woo! LESNAR! YAY! Doesn't it feel great to say his name? Isn't it great to see him on TV again!? Dagger-Chest! On WWE Programming!

    How well do you people know me?

    Lesnar. Yeah, I like Lesnar. I'm not an MMA fan, but I really do like the man. While he's not the most technically sound wrestler, that was years ago. He could very easily be better--who knows? I'm queuing up Lesnar ...
  2. The Abdominal Stretch: Totally Revamped

    Hey Everyone. The Savior here with another addition of The Abdominal Stretch. Now, I want to start by saying that I'm totally revamping how I do this blog. Instead of picking three or four topics and ranting with an opinion, I'm going a little more interactive. The topics I bring will now be in question form, so that should really get the comments and the debates going. Let me know what you think. ...
  3. Is Ziggler The New Punk?

    What is up everybody! So I've been thinking about this for the last few weeks, and finally decided to write a blog on it. A little bit ago, I posted a thread titled Push/Depush where people would say 3 stars they'd have pushed, and 3 stars they'd have depushed. The common name throughout the push choices, Ziggler. To me, I feel 90% of the IWC favors Ziggler, and there is that 10% that despises him. ...
  4. What does the WWE want from Hulk Hogan?

    I'm looking down at my phone and then i hear something come out of my TV during Raw. I go to my brother and simply say:

    "What the fuck? Did i just hear Hulk Hogan come out of his mouth?"

    At this point, i was likely to say that WWE just bought TNA and was allowed to mention their wrestlers by name. I knew that was stupid it was just a joke. But with all seriousness, ...

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  5. Dear Bloggers...

    I want to thank everyone for leaving their opinions on the blog that I recently wrote. I want to thank [B]EwrestlingNews[/B] ( [B]Rob[/B]) for giving the okay to let the blog be published. As I know many of you go on this website and write blogs, I do not want to jepordize myself from being released as I call it from this website. I was thinking for hours of what to say, and thankfully I pitch an ...
  6. The Jericho Situation

    The breaking news of Jerichos suspension is both unfortunate for the WWE and sad for us fans. Although the desecration of any nations flag should be considered the most offensive cheap heat a wrestler can get lets put this into a bit of perspective. From the footage I’ve seen of the event Jericho grabs the flag from Punk, crumples it up and then kicks it out of the ring. When you compare that to ...
  7. Raw 3 Hours vs. Impact Live!!

    Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well with you folks. I just wanna talk about some things I'd like to see from both WWE & TNA heading into these very groundbreaking changes from both companies. Alot to be happy about but also alot to be worried about as wrestling fans.

    TNA Impact Going Live:
    This can be huge, I feel if we weigh out the changes on both Raw & Impact, Impact ...
  8. Top 5: What Superstars Deserve a Push?

    *****LIST CHANGED*****

    This is my third top 5 and looking at the comments, I decided to change something, because I totally agree. There are so many talented superstars on the wwe Roster right now. Too many that are underestimated. A lot of superstars have the talent to be champion material... okay, maybe not championship, but they can be bigger than WWE is making them. Here they are:

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  9. Top 10 heels of all-time!!

    I did the best on the mic both now and all-time. I decided to take it a step farther by acknowledging the best heels of all-time. Who makes the top 10 cut?

    1.Iron Shiek-A heel that spits in the face of America and what it stands for. During the 80s, they certainly took it personal. I was considering having Sgt.Slaughter share this slot with Shiek because it was the same gimmick, but I ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  10. STATE OF THE 'E: My Thoughts While No Way Out Happened

    Tonight, I decided to do something different with my blog. I'm going to chronicle my thoughts while the show is happening and just post it. It's part review, part thought process and all experimental. So, lets take a ride shall we?

    Good opening video.

    They're starting with Ziggler VS Sheamus? YES! YES! YES!... Shame we won't get a new Champ though.

    MATCH. ...

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