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  1. Daniel Bryan: This era's MachoMan (Wrestling wise...ish)

    by , 12-14-2013 at 03:49 AM (Danie Bryan: This era's MachoMan (Wrestling wise...ish))
    -Slam of the weak-
    Both use hinge joints, whether an elbow or a knee, propelling whether jumping side to side or up & down.

    -Work Whor'se-
    The Vastly growing popularity of a bearded wrestler, known for great matches (#steamboat)
    #For the record, hashtagging is only legible with comical irony...
    Its all chicken scratch otherwise..

    #the point ...

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  2. Why John Cena is killing the WWE Part 2

    To continue why john cena sucks and why he is killing the wwe, here we go:

    9) WWE continues to shove cena down our throats like he is so great
    I like watching wwe programming. The parts I hate are with john cena in them. When I do watch them, they just continue to shove him down our throats week after week with supercena 5 moves of doom, same lame promos or the crappy commentary ...

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  3. WWE RAW 10/15 Ratings Breakdown ~ The Deluxe Lounge

    Welcome to another addition of the Deluxe Lounge. Welp! Let's not waste anymore time. Let's -- FEED! YOU! MORE! -- numbers.

    The October 15th WWE RAW scored a 2.81 cable rating with 3.98 million viewers. This is pretty much the same rating we got last week. There doesn't seem to be any improvement in viewership what so ever. Let's take a look at what hindered the show this week.

    Updated 10-20-2012 at 01:40 PM by Wrestling_Deluxe_08

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  4. Is It Wrong For Fans To DESPISE John Cena?

    The following blog is a response to a column here on ewrestlingnews. It is titled "WWE's John Cena And Why He Deserves More Respect" which I will summarize quickly with the following quote down below.


    A man of great integrity, passion, dedication and a love for the sport he became accustomed to at an early age. His road to WWE and
  5. Is TNA the Whole F*in Show?

    Hey Everyone!

    Watched the Whole F*in Show over the weekend and it was in the Miz's language awesome. Best TNA show of the year so far.

    What Worked:

    1. Less Talking more Fighting - TNA has done what they should have been doing for months, let their wrestlers, wrestle. All of the matches were good but there were some surprising MVP's.

    2. Longer ...
  6. What is wrong with Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble?

    This blog includes numerous complaints I've heard and read about Alberto Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble and I am pretty much going to give you my thoughts on them. Feel free to comment about it below once you're done reading:

    So before I get started, I just want to say I am happy that Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble. Although he just got here, he is definitely worthy of winning ...
  7. Greatest & Worst Announcers Of All Time

    This will be contreversial and thats what I like. Guys these are my opinions but feel free to leave your opinion as well as feedback. First, I hope things are going well with you all, now lets get to it.

    When I think of an Announcer, I think of many qualities to look for. The ability to not over act, the ability to play their role (face or heel), humor and knowledge of the moves. ...

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  8. WWE Best Title Reigns of 2011

    Hello and I am back! Alot of you requested for me to do many years of pointless title reigns, but before I do that, I will do a most valuable title reigns so far in 2011. So here we go!!!

    10. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship:

    Remember how the internet blew up when Randy won the, that was fun to see. I have to admit though, Randy and Christian ...
  9. 10 Worst Moments in Smackdown History

    As some of you may know that I posted Best and Worst moments in Raw history. Did SD best I believe last week which led to this post. A reminder that this is just my opinion.

    1.Christian loses World title-Huge Christian fan waiting for the moment to finally come. Christian winning the big one in the WWE. Been waiting for it since 2005 when I thought it could actually happen. Orton and ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions

    HEY GUYS...I'm Arvin and i'm just a newbie here but I'm an avid wrestling fan....and i think this the time to express my opinion about saving WWE. We are all know that WWE was not entertaining as before and while i'm watching WWE every week, it seems too boring every week (except some segments with the main eventers) especially SMACKDOWN.

    I'm just sharing my visions and opinions ...

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