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  1. The Rock: Overrated

    Hey guys, I'm StratZ- 1st time blogging here on EWN. For my 1st blog, I'm gonna do it over The Rock being overrated. These are my opinions, but wouldn't be surprised if people began to start bashing :/

    The Rock Returning to the WWE

    Everyone was hyped for The Rock to come back to the WWE! Everyone was ready for him to start wrestling again and perform for the ...

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  2. WWE's Fault with Darren Young.

    Darren Young is one half of the Prime Time Players, a heal tag team that would do the job every week. Then one day from the airport from TMZ, Darren Young announced that he was a homosexual. Then everything changed. The entire tag team turned face. Fine. Darren Young's fist singles victory was against Antonio Cesaro. That is where I cross the line. I felt like WWE has really treated this the wrong ...
  3. Dear Murderer,

    A NOTE FROM R(ob): I am approving this blog as a counterpoint to the "Dear Chris Benoit," blog that was approved last night. This will be the last Chris Benoit blog approved for a while. Thank you. Keep this civil, I will be watching!

    Dear Murderer,

    Oh, you might be wondering why I started this letter out by writing "Murderer", but you see Chris ...

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  4. What Has The WWE Become?

    WWE: Do You Remember What It Was Like, 10, Even 5 Years Ago? It Was Amazing, Right? Do You Feel The Same About It Today? No, You Don't. Who Is To Blame? Bad Writers? Creators? Vince McMahon? Linda McMahon? Who Do you Blame? I Blame Them All.

    Bad Writers/Creators. You Guys Call Yourselves Writers? How? You Guys Haven't Come Up With A Seriously Good Storyline Since About 2006. You Guys ...
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  5. The Future of WWE

    Ok so currently the WWE have John Cena at the top of the WWE tree but eventually even the 5 year olds who adore him will realise hes an average wrestler at best. and with injurys mounting up with HHH,Taker,Mysterio & Jericho probably taking time off to tour with Fozzy whos going to step up and become the next big thing?


    Sheamus has had an impressive ...
  6. John Cena's injury a blessing in disguise

    I hope you all are having a good day and I hope you all enjoy what you read. As usual, I encourage you all to leave comments down below after reading this blog.

    So I can remember feeling a bit disappointed when I heard the news that John Cena injured himself here on ewrestlingnews. Not only will this probably affect the storyline he has with CM Punk and Nexus (a storyline I was looking ...

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  7. Time for a change

    What if the 2-21-11 is not Sting and turns out to be another dud, will this be the final nail in the casket of Vince running the WWE, because the storylines are getting worst by the show and the potenial is there for some very entertaining stories and matches, but Vince is more concerned with sponsors and money then the fans who are the ones that should matter. We the fans are being taken for granted ...
  8. Sting. You're a dumbass.

    Yeah, you read it right. Get ready for one hell of a rant in this blog. I am holding nothing back. I'm sure everyone here has read the news that Sting has re-signed with TNA and will be possibly return on this upcoming TNA iMPACT! This blog will be addressed that.

    So let me get this straight. Sting; a legend in the industry of wrestling just seriously passed up an opportunity to join ...

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  9. Dream Card: TNA Slammiversary 2011

    TNA heavywieght championship
    RVD(c) vs Samoa Joe
    This is a dream match for any true wrestling fan! Plus I love to see Samoa Joe kick RVD boring ass! Im not one of the marks that complains alot but RVD is not entertaining on the mic or the ring just so dull, given the right opponet he can perform but its average at his best and i want to see him beat sting at Sacrifice and go into Slammiversary ...

    Updated 04-21-2011 at 09:59 AM by Frank

  10. Taker will lose at Wrestlemania 28 (Part 1)

    You have to understand the mentality of the Undertaker. Go back and watch some interviews from 2001-2003, when he was able to do some since he was in his biker persona. He wants the youth to step up and take the business to new heights - and he wants to be a guy that can usher that new era in.

    The man is a legend in wrestling and always will be, no matter what happens in the future. ...

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