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  1. Sudden Impact: World Title Match & Fallout From the Wedding

    Hey Wrestling Fans. Savior here with another edition of Sudden Impact, where it's all TNA all the time. Again, I don't have much bad to say about WWE.

    I know it's tough with Royal Rumble fever and Rock vs Punk coming up in a few days, but let's see what TNA has to offer. We have the fallout from the wedding and a World Title Match with Daniels & Hardy. I know the show was taped, ...
  2. SID: The Man Who Rules The World

    This is the Great Blueski blog. And this time I’m going to talk about but the man who rules the world (as the title of the blog probably already gave away lol)... SID!!!

    So I was watching old tapes the other day and I came across Wrestlemania 8. We’re talking the golden era of the Great Blueski’s childhood here. The double main event Savage vs Flair for the gold and Sid vs Hogan ...
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  3. The Miz-Road To Stardom!

    Just to get this out of the way like alot of people I have seen on this site I am a big fan of The Miz. I respect him and I look forward to his future and this blog is simply to inform everyone of the reason in which I feel this way.

    Mike Mizanin was born on October 8th, 1980. I like to refer to this as the day Awesome was born lol. But seriously he lived his life and ended up on the ...

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  4. John Morrison vs The Miz on 1/3/11 RAW

    You know the drill guys. Read, comment, and enjoy.

    I don't know about you guys, but that opening Falls Count Anywhere contest between John Morrison vs. The Miz was great. Fantastic. It definitely was a PPV quality match. It had a lot of good spots in it and some good, suspenseful near falls. I literally marked out when Morrison missed his starship pain and crash through a table. That ...

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  5. WWE/TNA: There's Nothing Worse Than Wasted Talent

    Welcome back faithful readers. I've been doing a lot of thinking on what to write about next, and I feel like it's necessary to redo a subject that I touched on once in the past. This is obviously the matter of who's being wasted in the respective wrestling brands. Now due to the ever changing storylines in wrestling, I may end up having to write about this on a fairly regular basis. Since RAW and ...

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  6. R-Truth: Pros and Cons of being #1 Contender

    So apparently we have ourselves two number one contenders for the Miz's WWE championship. One of them being -- John Cena. Are we surprised? No. However, the next one is definitely a surprise. In fact, he is one of the last people I expected to contend for the title. R-Truth. His win has caused a huge uproar in the IWC with a majority of the internet fans trashing him for his win. Well in this blog, ...
  7. #2 WWE: Did you smell what The Rock was cooking?

    I did. Gold. Pure gold.

    Yesterday I posted my first blog here touching on the subject of TNA/Impact Wrestling and my opinion on the product as a whole and I don't think it's fair to write about TNA (which I've only just scratched the surface of what I really wanted to talk about) without comparing it to WWE. TNA after all, are a wrestling company, something they try to mark on every ...
  8. The Importance of Being a Mid-Carder

    One of the things I missed about the attitude era is the fact that no matter where you were on the card, you still had as much of a chance to get over with the audience as any of the main eventers. Anyone that is a wrestling fan knows all about people like:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Tazz, Sabu, RVD, Kane, DDP, Randy Savage, Sting, Ted Dibiaise, The Rock, Ultimate ...

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  9. Fans Should Buy Money In The Bank and Destination X in 2011

    Alright. Time for another blog by Wrestling_Deluxe_08. All I ask is that you leave your comments down below after reading.

    Time for a dose of reality. It seems to me that a huge majority of the fans here in the IWC/YWC do nothing but constantly bitch, moan, and complain about what they see on WWE and TNA. They cry about TNA (Impact Wrestling) not showcasing the X-division anymore ...

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  10. Breaking The Streak - CM Punk vs. Undertaker?

    I used to think that the Streak should never be broken. It's that one untouchable legacy in the WWE today... or at least it was.

    CM Punk is poised for a push of epic proportions. This current angle is one of the best things that I've ever seen on a TV screen and clearly a lot of people agree. They can't even keep his merchandise in stock. If they carry out this angle properly, CM Punk ...

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