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  1. WWE & TNA: Pushing the New Talent

    One of the most talked about topcis among wrestling today is pushing the young and new talent of this generation. As most of you know, the WWE and TNA are the two wrestling companies who have been criticized heavily for not pushing enough of their new talent or pushing them in the wrong direction.

    In my opinion, the people who say that they're not doind a good enough job aren't getting ...

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  2. Why The Miz is not that awesome

    First off, I'll preface this by saying that it's not the Miz's fault. Period. Now on to his crucifixion!!

    I'd love to know what the WWE was smoking when they pushed the Miz for the WWE Championship as a heel. The guy brings absolutely no legitimacy to the table. A major portion of the heel's job is his innate ability to put over a face. Sure he gets his moment to smear it in the face ...

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  3. WWE vs IW best match ups

    this is who i would think using whole rosters would have the best matches. I made these matches based on Gimmic, wrestling ability, position in the company Or just think they could have a good match

    Note: Since there are more in WWE's roster could not use every1 on roster page

    Impact Wrestling VS. WWE

    Diva's vs. Knockouts

    Bella Twins vs. Mexican ...
  4. WWE Divas Division A Joke and How it Can Be Fixed

    Alright, this is my very first blog here, so i am going to try to make it a good one. The overview for this blog is explaining why i feel the "divas" division has not only fell in the recent years but overall, has become a joke and a bathroom break for most and how it could be fixed.

    I originally started watching wrestling back in the late 90s on and off, and actually ...

    Updated 09-14-2011 at 10:38 AM by Frank

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  5. Classic Pay Per View : Summerslam 2002

    Summerslam 2002 is without a doubt one of the greatest PPV's that has ever graced our screens. 8 matches, built superbly and delivered what they had to.

    Around 2001/2002 WWF(E) PPV underwent some subtle yet noticeable changes in their presentation. Standard signs with the names of the event were replaced by Interactive and frantic screens that displayed show names and served as extra ...
  6. The 5 Rockiest Relationships in Wrestling History.. Part 1

    This Blog is dedicated to unstable relationships between wrestling personailtys, This isnt counting outside the ring, this is for on air characters that is part of the storyline... Relationships that are constantly changing from Love to Hate, Family to foe, Friend to enemie...... Wrestling is a werid world where a person could have a blood feud with someone and even commit attempted murder on each ...

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  7. The Top 5 Most Important Men in Wrestling History

    These Men Changed wrestling. In different time spans, These men all have made a huge impact on wrestling and helped it evolve from what it was. In Different ways these 5 men changed wrestling and their influence still shows in todays product. These 5 Men Changed The business and American Wrestling has never been the same since, So without further ado, Here is the Top 5 most Important men in Wrestling. ...

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  8. he Top 5 Most Surprising Heel Turns in Wrestling History

    Now to remind you guys, This is'nt the best, This is the most surprising. some of the Heel Turns wont be the best or lead to very much but they are shocking and surprising... So Lets get to the List!.

    5. Steve Austin and Vince McMahon Joins forces.
    At Wrestlemania 17, In his home state of Texas, ...

    Updated 10-03-2011 at 09:58 PM by THE_CRIPPLER

  9. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era - Triple H Vs The Rock

    By 1998 Stone Cold had reached the pinnacle of the WWF but there were no main event heels to challenge him for his belt. The Undertaker battled him as a face throughout the summer and he would also combat Mankind and Kane, neither of whom were seen as top level heels yet.

    There was a secret race going on though. It involved factions, the Intercontinental Title and the Royal Rumble. ...
  10. Greatest Feuds of the Attitude Era: Chris Jericho Vs Chris Benoit Vs Kurt Angle

    In my opinion the year 2000 was the best of the Attitude Era years and I’ll explain why. The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Triple H, Mick Foley and Kane had dominated the main event scene since 1998 and while the product wasn’t becoming stale by any stretch of the imagination, there was certainly a key element missing.

    There was a lack of technical ability. But to the WWF’s ...
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