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    Hi CandieLand

    Firstly; thank you for the kind words about my writing. It is greatly appreciated.

    Secondly; thank you for taking part in the conversation.

    While I agree with your points completely on the points you raise; I just feel that these things seem to cloud the evaluation of Triple H as an in ring talent more than it does other game players (no pun intended) in the business' history.

    For example; I see the same people, in the comments sections of articles on this site, go on about how good it is to see Hogan back while taking every opportunity to bash Triple H. Hogan was as bad, if not worse, than Triple H when it came to that side of things. My overall point being that, when it comes to ability as a wrestler, we as a community don't seem to give Triple H a fair amount of credit because we let the other things cloud that; I'm all about fairness and balance as a person and do my best to see both sides of the coin. By writing this post I was just trying to say hate the man all you want (rightly) for the stunts he's pulled but don't let it colour those moments when he rose above his petty tendencies and gave us truly quality matches and great moments.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and engage with my blog; hope to see you taking part in future discussions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandieLand
    Amen TheGreatOne. I have never liked Batista; never!!!!. I thought his feud with HHH was good, but, for me, there was always something more interesting on the card when it came to the PPV's. WrestleMania 21 had many matches that made theirs look average; HBK vs Angle especially. At Backlash 05, i was more interested in HBK and Hogan teaming together and when it came to Vengeance 05, Angle and HBK stole the spotlight again. I know it gets a lot of acclaim, and in ways it deserves it, but for me it wasn't anything special.

    I think his matches with Undertaker where the best he's done and will ever do. I enjoyed their matches.

    Like you, i was also positive about his return; i was eager to see a Evolution Reunion. But WWE's perception of him was a complete oversight and it has lost steam as quickly as Batista in the ring. The much needed change in the main event at WrestleMania XXX was inevitable and wither it ends up a triple threat or a fatal 4 way (if by some chance HHH vs Bryan ends in no contest; then having them both in main event) nothing could have been worse than Batista vs Orton; i have a strong suspicion you would have been editing out your top 10 worst WrestleMania main events and putting it straight in at number 1.
    I would have which got me the idea of making the list. LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phantom Menace
    Not since Wrestlemania 14 has the build up to(the biggest show of the year) sucked soooooooooo much @$$!! The only match on the card that I might want to see is Triple H VS. Daniel Bryan & that isn't worth $60. Yes, I would prefer to have it on TV.
    couldnt agree more. Road to WM is worse then I could have ever imagined!
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    Ah, seen better. Didn't like the recent impact because it came really out of no where with some of these things. Bully is the special guest ref? He costs heels the match after being one of the top heels for a long time? Ok surprise factor, but why not plant seeds? Beat up Bully Ray and when Bully got his revenge same night? Why not next week to sell? The way he got his revenge was pretty soft if you ask me. Bully got beat up a helluva lot worse. All he did was sling them against the wall and punch or kick them a couple times.

    liked the upset by the new knockout.

    a lot of it just came out of no where like the knockout reunion as well. Don't like raining on parades which is why I was 2nd guessing commenting.
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