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    Nice list. I pretty much agree with it all, with the exception of the John Cena/Miz match being #1 Worst WM Main Event. I don't care about fan reaction because fans are idiots. The build to the match was decent. At the time, WWE lacked top guys...(they still do even though I'm not gonna go there right now)...and it was Miz's turn. He got a decent pop when his music hit and he cashed in. It was one of the better cash ins. The match itself was overshadowed by The Rock, but overall, their match wasn't terrible. I wouldn't even have it on my top ten, certainly not #1. This year's will be #1 if you do this same blog next month.
    That is why it is ranked so high. Rock overshadowing the match because no one wanted to see Miz/Cena. They wanted Rock/Cena. The fact Miz won the match with The Rock giving Cena a rock bottom should say enough about my thoughts on it. I was a Miz fan during the period. The fact the build towards it was more back and forth with Rock/Cena during promos with Miz coming out every week telling us not to forget about him. Even Miz dressing up as The Rock 1 night just to get attention. It isn't about just in ring, it is about the buildup also along with the reception from the crowd.
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